Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Release - KIR263 - Memory Macine - Drive Time EP

Kick It Recordings switches gears for our next release with Memory Machine bringing us his "Drive Time" EP. Just released worldwide today it features four techy tunas that are perfect to drop the top to and let the groove drive with big synths and acid lines.

The title track for the EP “Drive Time” starts things off for us with hefty kicks and more LSD influenced synth work than you can shake a stick at. With big acid synths and massive indie style drums this one will hypnotize the crowd into a dirty frenzy!

The second track in the EP “Midnight” brings a bit of a darker feel and has a hint of Knight Rider tucked in there to lay down the deep grooves.

Third up is “No Reset” which maintains the overall vibe of the first two tracks, but brings in some added sexiness and a dash of Miami big room style!

Finishing things off is “Poolside” which goes perfectly with a Pina Colada in one hand and the hand of your lady in the other with its seductive vibe and island tones. Sunrise or sunset, this is the jam.

Support From

Marcus Gauntlett - "Some really nice tunes on this EP.... full support from me!"

Wavewhore - "Feeling "Midnight" on this one."

Fisso & Spark - "Wicked release, liking all the tracks but favorite one is 'Poolside'! Will play and support!"

Johnny Dangerously - "Production is top notch.... my choice tune would be 'No Reset'."

Llupa - "Really impressed with this EP - some great sounds, grooves and vibes. All the tracks bring something different and the progression within the actual tracks is great, always something new to latch your ears onto."

TJFX - "Loving this!! Memory Machine jogging my memory back to the 90's with this!! Love the Old School vibes!"

SK-2 - "Real quality vibes on this EP. Favorite track for me is "Midnight", lovin that solid Tech groove!"

   KIR263 - Memory Machine - Drive Time EP (Previews) by Kick It Recordings

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Memory Machine "Drive Time" EP on Track It Down - Drive Time EP

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