Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Free Track - Freefire Vs Wolfgang Gartner - The Undertaker Was The Champ

Yes that's right everybody, we've opened up the Free tune faucet and the beats are steadily flowing. Today we've got another massive freebie for you coming by way of Freefire out of the UK.

The electronically charged duo known as Freefire have been taking dancefloors by storm with their no-nonsense raucous sound. Blending the worlds of Breakbeats and Electro House into their own unique format, Freefire have made waves with tunes like their remix of Fast Foot's "Race My Music" and their Re-Fix of "Hey Sexy Lady" which you can also grab for free on their Soundcloud page.

With tracks out on labels like Plasmapool, Sick Slaughterhouse and now Le Castle Vania's own imprint Always Never, things are just getting warmed up for these guys and they've well made the point today with "The Undertaker Was The Champ". Combining Wolfgang Gartner's "The Champ", "The Undertaker" and "The Way it Was", Freefire have put together a dancefloor smasher that will have Wolfgang fans going nuts.

Punchy and crunchy drums with tweaked out synth snips get the party started as the "Undertaker" synths make themselves more known and then it's time for a quick dropout into "The Way it Was". When it all comes back, people are going to have no idea WTF just happened and I'm not sure I even do! All I can say is the energy is through the roof and the editing is nuts, if you want to know more, grab it for yourselves!

   Freefire vs Wolfgang Gartner - The Undertaker Was The Champ *FREE DOWNLOAD!* by freefire

Freefire on Facebook - www.facebook.com/freefire

Freefire on Twitter - twitter.com/#!/freefireuk

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