Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Tune Friday - 2 Free Tracks

Ah yes it's that wonderful day known as Friday again, the weekend has arrived. We've got a pair of bangers on hand for you guys today to get things started in the right direction.

First up newcomer to Kick It, Jad Barrett aka Bureau has put together a slamming remix of "Sunday Standards" that has luscious melodies and wicked bass work, the perfect recipe for a dancefloor killer. Progressively building throughout the track, Jad's remix starts out on a softer note as you work your way into the first breakdown which does a nice job of picking up the intensity in a short time giving you an idea of where things are headed. Big wobbling low ends are the name of the game when the beat comes back around. After another short break, Jad slips in a sweet little dub section with a big snare roll before taking it back to the 4/4 action where things get even livelier with some crazy synth work, if you like big dirty business then this one is for you.

   Sunday Standards ( Jad Barrett Remix ) Out Soon on Saucy Trax Records ( Uk ) by JAd Barrett

Next up we have a free tuna coming at you from the ones like Felguk! "The Funky Drama" the Felguk Edit is one of their prized gems that they play in just about every shet and it always rocks the floor. This is an exclusive edit Felguk did but never released and now in the spirit of Christmas, you can unwrap this baby on your next crowd and watch it work it's magic. A bit of a wobbling beat starts this one off backed by a big sweep to take you into the breakdown where the vocoded vox start to filter their way in and then it's time for the super squeaky bass to do it's thing. Dashes of synths play in-between the lows and Hip Hop-ish vocal stabs provide some added funk to the mix. If you can't get people moving with this one you might be broken, I'm just saying. Have a great weekend everybody!

   Free Track - Felguk - The Funky Drama (Felguk Edit) by The Kick It Blog

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