Friday, February 27, 2015

Free Track - Fisso & Spark- Looking Forward

Just in time for those weekend gigs is a cerebral peak-time Breakbeat chugger from the Austrian duo Fisso & Spark! They deliver waves of euphoria and still maintain a perfect balance of edgy sounds and soulfully deep sonic textures inside their new release "Looking Forward"!!!

A short but sweet mix-in leads to a quick build up as Fisso & Spark drop listeners into bouncing and grinding bass-line goodness as catchy and mysterious vocals fill the sound-scape with a wide range of reverb and delay, "Looking Forward" is a must for any Breaks-head!!

With a beautiful vocal fueled breakdown, and a mix-out that is almost 3 minutes long, Fisso & Spark unleash a fantastic track, giving us one more reason to love these two producers, and leaving us "Looking Forward" to their next release!!!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Free Track - Kaleida - Think - Breaking News Remix

Breaking News drops a down low, beat bumpin, Breakbeat remix of Kaleida's "Think", releasing waves of sub infused euphoria on the masses, as beautiful vocals take us to a far and distant land!!!

Keeping things consistent with the original, Breaking News delivers a perfect remix, keeping all the atmosphere and feeling well kicking the flavor up a notch with bouncing and rumbling basslines! 

With a lengthy mix-in and mix-out, a powerful and haunting breakdown, and meat that is so groovy not one person in this world could help but dance to the mystic sounds that are held within "Think"!!!

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Free Track - Dwaine Whyte - What Are You Doing?

The one like Dwaine Whyte has just released a brand new thrasher on the world, bashing listeners in the face with his original D&B banger "What Are You Doing?"!!!

A medley of gnarly sounds and sonic textures are thrown at listeners from the first second of "What Are You Doing?", as a half-time mix-in pushes us to the intense and energetic meat that is held within!

Dwaine Whyte hits us with a grinding Complextro esque assault, as deep bass smoothly leads us to a short lived brekadown, we are quickly thrown back into "What Are You Doing?" as a hard and precise arrangement of drums and sounds form one nasty and killer track, Dwaine Whyte once again delivers a fantastic club crusher!!! 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Free Track - Polyrhythmics - El Fuego - Shanti Edit

Today we have a funky and uplifting edit of the Polyrhythmics "El Fuego" from the one like DJ Shanti! He delivers a horn driven dance floor igniter that is a perfect and groovy addition to any Breaks database!!!

"El Fuego" is a non stop, multi-instrument infused, Breakbeat jam, that will have anyone getting down to these modern yet classic sounds!!!

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Free Track - Krafty Kuts - Going Crazy

Bringing us some funk fueled heat tonight is the one like Krafty Kuts! Utilizing samples from the popular Gnarls Barkley tune, he unleashes a storm of deep and bouncing bass lines that chug dancers along on an over five minute long journey chalk full of Breakbeat goodness that has everyone "Going Crazy"!!!

With two mind bending breakdowns, and meat that stretches on for days, Krafty Kuts gives dancers and DJ's a like a bumping track that will set the floor on fire!!!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Free Mix - Flatland Funk Presents: The Pyramid Podcast Episode #2

Today Flatland Funk drops the second installment of "The Pyramid Podcast", delivering a storm of gnarly and banging Electro House dance-floor smashers!!!

With tracks from artists such as Wolfgang Gartner, Felguk, Shwann, Afrojack, Flux Pavilion, and many more, Flatland Funk makes sure that this installment of "The Pyramid Podcast" is big and bumpin!!!

The Pyramid Podcast Episode #2

01. - Wolfgang Gartner "Unholy" Charlie Darker Remix
02. - Dyro & Loopers "Jack It Up" 
03. - Felguk "Showtime" 
04. - Moti, Dzeko & Torres "Ganja" 
05. - Gregori Klosman & Askery "Control" 
06. - Julian Calor "Evolve" 
07. - Chuckie & Promise Land "Burn" 
08. - Ryan Riback vs Soundcheck "Eye Can See The World" Exodus & Dnnyd Remix
09. - Bingo Players "Nothing To Say" Kastra & Ryan Enzed Festival Bootleg
10. - Twoloud "The Biz" 
11. - Deorro Vs Adrian Delgado "All I Need Is Your Love" TAI Remix
12. - R3hab vs Above & Beyond "Ready For Sun and Moon" Henry Fong Bootleg
13. - Steve Aoki feat Flux Pavilion "Get Me Outta Here" Florian Picasso Remix
14. - Cosmo & Skorobogatiy "Painkiller" 
15. - Ozzy Osbourne, Yogi Nado vs Rave Radio "Mugatu Train" Kastra Mashup
16. - Holmes & Watson vs DDei & Estate "F...ED Up" DDei & Estate Mix
17. - Bonka "Hey Ho Pyramid" Bonka Mashup
18. - Firebeatz "Arsonist" 
19. - Dyro & Bassjackers "X" 
20. - Jacob Van Hage, Halfway house vs Makj vs Kernkraft 400 vs Bl3r "ID"
21. - 3lau & Nom De Strip feat Estelle "The Night" 
22. - Motorcycle "As The Rush Comes" Shwann Remix 
23. - Karim Mika & Daniel Foster "Crunk" Afrojack Edit
24. - Tom Swoon & StadiumX feat Rico & Miella "Ghost" 
25. - AWT "We Are One"

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Free Track - Billy Squier - The Big Beat - Bobby C Sound TV Remix

Bobby C Sound TV hits us with a rich and banging remix of Billy Squier's "The Big Beat", giving the track a massive overhaul, adding sub driving frequencies, and a myriad of dance driven sounds that give us one smashing remix!!!

A large mix-in kicks things off as we are quickly thrown into a gnarly saturated synth breakdown that is short and ever so sweet, as Bobby C Sound TV gets straight down to bumping bass-line Breaks business, "The Big Beat" transforms into a deep and gigantic drop!

Taking a quick breath with a second breakdown that still chugs dancers along Bobby C delivers a lengthy mix-out that makes "The Big Beat" a perfect track to add to your collection today!!!  

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Free Track - K - MAC - Put Em Up - Je Boogie Remix

Je Boogie drops a wicked Breaks remix of K-Mac's "Put Em Up", unleashing a storm of down low, sub driving, dirty dance goodness for all!!!

Utilizing widely sampled vocals in a new and extremely interesting way, Je Boogie sets the stage for a deep booty rockin good time, throwing listeners into a reverb saturated world, as energetic vocals take the forefront, smooth Breaks and pounding bass do the rest!

With a pitch building breakdown, a long mix-in and mix-out, and an all around wonderful atmosphere, "Put Em Up" is a perfect track to add to your database today!!!

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Free Track - Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing - Shokstix Remix

Shokstix is back!!! This time the Australian duo take a stab at Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing", delivering a Deep House groover that is a non stop funk fest of sounds and sonic textures!!!

Starting off with a down low 4/4 beat, Shokstix quickly starts to add in saturated basslines over the soulful vocals from Marvin Gaye as they build up to the atmospheric and crisp breakdown within "Sexual Healing"!

With a long mix out, energetic vibes, and straight up dance fueled feel, Shokstix yet again slam this remix out of the park, giving dancers a beautiful track to move to!!!

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Free Track - Casanova - Serotodopamine

Casanova hits us with a gnarly Big Room banger, delivering unique melodies, heavy action, and clean production with his new smasher "Serotodopamine"!!!

Driving vocals and a solid 4/4 beat lead up to an epic Trance synth build up, bringing listeners to an energetic first drop, Casanova unleashes a fury of pitch bent leads that are saturated with reverb and thick texture, as we enter an atmospheric breakdown "Serotodopamine" changes pace transforming into feel good rhythms and airy sounds!

With a short but sweet mix out "Serotodopamine" is one monster of a tune!!!  

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Free Track - SCRVP & Shwann - Fievre

Oh yes!!! The one like Shwann has just released some face melting fire, combining forces with SCRVP to bring us a bigger than life, balls to the wall, dance floor annihilator titled "Fievre"!!!

Not only does this tuna speak for itself, it is also being supported by Diplo, which says a lot! Kicking things off on the funkier side of things SCRVP and Shwann use crisp percussion and snares to set listeners up to the first breakdown of "Fievre", creating a wonderful mix-in before we are sent to half-time, down low, atmospheric goodness!

With triplet timed hard hitting action we are thrown right into the belly of the beast, being pulverized with sub booming hits, as a myriad of textures and sounds take our breath away, making "Fievre" a must have for every DJ!!!    

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Free Track - Access Denied - Goodbye

Access Denied has literally just released a warm and beautiful Chillout masterpiece with his new epic "Goodbye", an atmospheric, Electronica driven, uplifting track that will have lighters being lit up across the world as body's sway to the wonderful textures that are held within!!!

With a myriad of sounds floating around our heads, Access Denied utilizes a solid drum structure to hold us steady as strings, pianos, synths, guitars, airy sweeps, and percussion smoothly fade in and out as we are taken away in the glory that is "Goodbye"!!! 

Pick this fantastic track up today so you will be the first of your friends to groove too it!!!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Free Track - Virtual Riot - We're Not Alone - KWeRK ReWeRK

The one like Kwerk has just decided to give away his beautiful Breakbeat remix of Virtual Riot's "We're Not Alone", bringing solid vibes and happy dance action for all!!!

A soulful beat and deep saturated bass stabs set the stage for this wonderful tune, as Kwerk builds up to the first drop we are hit with the main hook of "We're Not Alone", then we are thrown into some hard and unique Breakbeat goodness!!!

With a large and atmospheric breakdown and a mix-out that is perfect for DJ's who actually like to mix, "We're Not Alone" is an amazing free track that starts off the year properly for Kwerk!!! 

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Free Track - Porter Robinson & Mat Zo - Easy - Farace & Dave Berg ReEdit

Farace and Dave Berg combine forces yet again to bring us a slamming, peak-time, Breakbeat remix of Porter Robinson and Mat Zo's "Easy", dropping festival esque vibes on the ears of the world!!!

Kicking it off with a crispy mix-in surrounded by swirling vocals, and a clean driving Breakbeat, Farace and Dave Berg quickly head into the first atmospheric build up of "Easy", dropping to all out Trance synth, deep bass-line meaty goodness as we are pushed along with our hands in the air into the massive and intoxicating breakdown!

With a lengthy mix-out containing all the groove of the beginning, these two producers have released a certified club smasher with their remix of "Easy"!!!    

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Free Track - Jayl Funk - We Got The Funk - Basement Freaks Remix

Unleashing a fury of funk filled fun, Basement Freaks hit us with a soulful and swinging Breakbeat remix of Jayl Funk's "We Got The Funk"!!!

Basement Freaks take Jayl Funk's 2010 release "We Got The Funk" to a whole other level, dropping sweet instrumentation over a crisp and thumping Breakbeat, driven by deep bass-lines and party infused vocals!

With only one breakdown, "We Got The Funk" is a lengthy four and a half minute journey that is a perfect track to kick off a night on the town with, shooting things into high gear from note one!!!   

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Free Track - Defkline & Red Polo vs Dancefloor Outlaws - Spinning Wheels - Martin Flex Re-Stitch

Martin Flex supplies a funky re-work of Defkline, Red Polo and Dancefloor Outlaws' "Spinning Wheels", it's saturated with flavorful vibes and a feel good atmosphere that will get everyone up and dancing!!!

A crisp Breakbeat and a vast amount of groove filled instrumentation begin "Spinning Wheels" off with a kick! Throwing listeners into a far out world flush with deep rolling bass-lines, Martin Flex soon introduces energetic vocal chops before giving us the full lyrics of this powerful track!

With only a couple quick stops Martin Flex provides no breakdowns in "Spinning Wheels", ultimately unleashing a continuous jam that just wont stop!!!   

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Free Track - Wicked City - So Good

Wicked City aka Krafty Kuts and Erb N Dub drop a super groove filled free tune on us tonight!!! "So Good" is a mid tempo, funk fueled, Glitch Hop crowd jumper that is a beautiful addition to any music database!!!

With energetic and elaborate vocals, a swinging and splashy beat, a funky medley of instrumentation, and superb production Wicked City makes sure that "So Good" will go down in any club like a charm!!!   

Here's a couple words about the guys over at Wicked City and their new release - 

"Wicked City is a live ‘Future Funk’ project originally started by Krafty Kuts and Erb N Dub. As the music developed so did the members involved. Dynamite MC, Skope, Steve Yamaha & Damein Soul soon joined the team. 

In the summer 2014 Wicked City remixed 2 Kill Paris tracks for OWSLA. Since then they have finished writing their debut EP and putting together their full live show.

So Good is a track taken from the forthcoming debut EP… Funky, Bass Heavy & crazy as studio and live production techniques…"

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Free Track - Julio Bashmore - Booty For Middle You - Iva Re-Bash

Iva hits us with a sweet and sexy remix of Julio Bashmore's 2011 track "Battle For Middle You", giving us a full on Breakbeat groover that is sure to have those booty's moving in no time at all!!!

With a short and funky mix-in, Iva quickly gets to business throwing listeners into a breakdown fueled by the iconic vocals of "Battle For Middle You", building up to a deep sub driven drop that is packed full of swinging percussion and flowing high hats, sending things over a sonic cliff of pure Breakbeat delight!!!

Iva knows exactly how to work a track to a DJ's liking, giving us a second atmosphere filled breakdown and a luxuriously long mix-out that sends "Booty For Middle You" into the 5 minute range, just enough time to enjoy this fantastic tune and play it again!!!  

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Free Track - Senor Roar - Stryker - Botnek Edit

Coming at us straight from Canadian duo Botnek is a massive Big Room edit of Senor Roar's "Stryker"! They bring the heat throwing dancers right into a gnarly track that is chalk full of energy and flavor!!!

With two epic breakdowns, sub driving bass hits, killer deep ridding vocals, and an all around atmosphere that really shines threw in the club, Botnek delivers a short but sweet 3 minute journey known as "Stryker"!!! 

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