Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kick It Events This Weekend and New Release - Kech and Charlie Kane - Satan Stole My Y Fronts EP

Have we got a wicked release to talk about today! Before we get down to the tunas I just wanted to take a minute to mention where you can catch some of our artists this weekend. First up Farace and Wavewhore will be bringing the business to Summer Love at Eclipse in Jacksonville Florida on Saturday the 30th. Peep the teaser video below to get an idea of what's in store for the evening and we've also got a quick practice session vid from Farace for you to check out.

Summer Love Event page -

Secondly, Sneaker & The Dryer will be playing at a massive festival this weekend called M.E.M.F. Summer Jam. 4 days of camping and beats with over 60 Djs and artists that will be rocking partiers straight through to Sunday. Check out the links below for more information on the event.

Summer Jam Event Page -

Forum Page -

Now a little bit on today's featured release on Bleach Feast Records. As the Case of the Missing Y Fronts reached its conclusion, there could only be one explanation, that naughty horned wreaker of sinister mayhem Satan had em away. Sporting his new pair of pilfered budgie smugglers and strumming his infernal banjo of evil, Lucifer proceeded to hack into the questionable circuitry of a small studio buried in the catacombs of Marrakech and transmit this tech funk, bass soaked, acid drenched beast of a barnstormer to the devilish duo Kech and their kidnap victim, a slightly lost Charlie Kane who was last seen outside the camel market offering up basslines for a plane ticket out. Mrs. Satan then arrived back home, administered a hearty spanking to Beelzebub and consigned the Y fronts to the annals of musical history. 

What we're left with is a heaving, rolling Tech Funk banger entitled "Satan Stole My Y Fronts" that is going to pound speakers the world over. Meaty kicks and acid stabs are only the beginning as the shuffling hats and breakbeat fills drop you off for a quick breakdown with a killer vocal sample and then it's time for heads down bassline business of the psy kind. The energy continues to build for a good two minutes until reaching epic proportions on another quick break and then we're moving again. Personally I can't wait to drop this one this weekend!

Next we have Kech serving us up a relentless slice of menacing madness with "The Hackney Shuffle", a straight-up humdinger to the solar plexus. Sprinkled with pianos and extremely ragamuffin bizness this one is packed with grimey low-ends complimented by just the right amount of wobbles that will grind away at your eardrums and and resonate through your body. "The Hackney Shuffle" has got a great Old School vibe with a Nu Skool twist that will leave you wanting more.

Switching gears we have Dub Disco lighting up the sweet summertime vibes with the sub heavy and sun seared "Control Me". Funked out and groovier than a chica straight out of the 70's this is a good one to close out a set with and just let it ride.

Next up is Nick Wilde who brings us "Kickflip" which is a Techno late nighter with echoes of Funkytown crossed with a visit to the particle accelerator. Acidized bass and a kick/clap 4/4 mix with spacial pads and tripped out FX for a pulsing ride into deep space you may not return from.

Closing things out we have newcomer Leo who brings the old Spiral Tribe tune "Criminal Drug" back to life with a simple but slamming Dj Tool Remix. Get ready to move your feet and and bounce your head as this one is infectious. Ive posted three of the tunes for you below, you can check out the others on the Bleach Feast Soundcloud page. Have a wicked weekend everybody!!

Support From

Groove Armada - "Like the Dub Disco track and the Leo Remix, will play these."

Leeroy Thornhill (The Prodigy) - "This track builds great."

The Crystal Method - "Gonna play this for sure, nice EP."

Aquasky - "Hackney Shuffle is the best tune for me with Spiral Tribe coming in second. Has that rough Old School vibe"

Far Too Loud - "Satan Stole My Y's has a nice groove, perfect for deeper sets."

   Kech & Charlie Kane- Satan Stole My Y Fronts by Bleach Feast

   Kech - The Hackney Shuffle by Bleach Feast

   Leo Remix - Spiral Tribe - Criminal Drug by Bleach Feast

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free Mix and Videos - Sneaker & The Dryer LIVE - Space Jam 2

Holy cowbells Batman what a weekend this past one was! Tight Crew brought New England one of the biggest parties it has ever seen and in a venue that hasn't been used for over 10 years to boot! Can you say Gravitron and Burlap Sack Slide inside a venue, I can!

Sneaker & The Dryer had the pleasure of playing on the Mission Control stage at Space Jam 2 and as per usual they brought the fire to the feet of many a happy dancer. Supplying ninety minutes of bassline business working in everything from Electro House and Dubstep to Breaks and D&B, the S&D boys know how to do it in style! For those of you who were not able to attend the event yourselves we have two videos of Sneaker & The Dryer's set for you plus a the full recording you can download and please your own feet with! Don't forget to head on over to Sneaker & The Dryer's Soundcloud page afterwards for a slew of free tunes.

Sneaker & The Dryer LIVE @ Space Jam 2 -
(Right Click Save As)

Sneaker & The Dryer on Soundcloud -

Tight Crew Website -

Monday, July 25, 2011

Free Tune - Vismets - Wasted Party - Just Banana! Remix

Well would you look at that, that shady bitch Monday snuck up on us again! Good thing the Kick It Blog is here to keep you moving with big tunas to chase those Monday blues away. Today we've got something a little different from our normal in the form of some Electro Rock & Roll.

Just Banana! are an Electro band coming from who would have guessed it, Paris France. Just Banana! was formed in early 2011 by F.M.R., Moules Frites and Vander and despite the fact that they have not been working together for very long, they have already started making an impact with their hard edged and trashy sound. Just Banana! released their "White Out" EP back in February of this year on Place Blanche Records which had a couple of big remixes to go along with it and I've included the video for it below because it's a grinding little track that really gets down and we could all use more girls pillow fighting in our lives!

For free business it's all about the Vismets "Wasted Party" the Just Banana! Remix which kicks off with heavily filtered guitars that quickly roll in and big natural drums that back them up. The Vismets' vocal bits ride over the top and continue through the 4 bar break dropping out just in time for the screeching bass to reach from out of nowhere and smack you in the face. Driving kicks and edits on the eights keep the pedal to the metal right through to the main breakdown. A bit of atmospherics and lots of distortion take over until the vox make their way back in and then it's business time again! Check out Just Banana! on Facebook and Twitter by following the links below.

   Vismets - Wasted Party (JUST BANANA! Remix) by JUST BANANA!

Just Banana! on Facebook -

Just Banana! on Twitter -!/JUST_BANANA

Friday, July 22, 2011

Free Tune - Jean Elan - Killer - Alex Mind Re-Fix

Who gets 770 downloads in 24 hours? Alex Mind does that's who. I saw this one come up for grabs yesterday but was already doing the Cut La Roc stuff so I figured I'd post it up today and bam, would you look at that, it will break 1,000 downloads by end of the day todayno problem, whoo doggie!

Alex Mind aka Pedro Alexander is one of the boys from Brazil doing things big in the Electro world. He consistently puts out wicked bangers that easily make their way through the charts but you're in luck today as Alex has been nice enough to give one of his latest works out for free.

Taking Jean Elan's "Killer" and transforming it from a heads down techy chugger into a massive Electro-House floor smasher, Alex proves why his name has quickly made the rise to the top. Super-sized kicks and trancey arps open things up and bring you into the first breakdown laced with heavy sub-bass that will rattle your fillings loose. The "killer" vox make a cameo as the intensity builds to maximum capacity just before the big bad bassline comes in setting sneakers a blaze and glow sticks in motion. Big edits and heavy filtering make for a super glitchy final break which is quick and down to the point keeping the energy up and feet moving. Grab "Killer" for yourself, have an awesome weekend and Kick It!!

   Jean Elan - Killer (Alex Mind Re-Fix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Alex Mind

Alex Mind on Facebook -

Alex Mind on Twitter -!/alex_mind

Thursday, July 21, 2011

8 Free Tunes - Cut La Roc

Wait a minute, did he say EIGHT FREE TUNES?? You got it right boys and girls, Cut La Roc has apparently lost his mind as he's uploaded a plethora of tuneage in the past few days and he is giving them all out for free!

Lee Potter, aka Cut La Roc, made his name in the hurly-burly Big Beat days of the late 90s. Signed to Skint Records, the same label as Norman ‘Fatboy’ Cook, he was responsible for pioneering the Big Beat sound worldwide alongside Midfield General, Bentley Rhythm Ace and Fatboy Slim himself. Cut La Roc held a four-year residency at the Big Beat Boutique in his hometown of Brighton and he’s Dj'ed all around the world several times, appeared on "Top Of The Pops", set a new Guinness world record for Djing with the most decks at once (nine!), and has recorded with vocalists such as Snow Patrol front-man Gary Lightbody.

It all started for Cut La Roc when he got into Hip-Hop in his mid-teens. He practiced scratch techniques for hours, becoming an expert battle champ, and when Acid House hit in the late 80's, Cut was exhilarated by its energy. He began to DJ in clubs, using his scratch skills to stand out from other DJs, and by the mid-90s had fallen in with the Skint Records crew. Big beat, the sound that coalesced around Fatboy Slim and the Skint brigade, was a perfect genre for Lee. Mashing together block-rockin’ beats, Amy l House, Sample Culture, Breakbeat and Drum & Bass, this was an exciting time for electronic music. Big beat is credited with converting a slew of indie-rock fans to the wonders of dance music, and its mix ‘n’ match ethos suited Lee down to the ground. 

As well as being resident at the Big Beach Boutique for four years, Lee Dj'ed all over America, Australia, Europe and the Far East. He put out first the "Mad Skills" EP on Skint, swiftly followed by the "Freeze", "Making It Hot" and "Fallen" singles. He was invited to mix an "FSUK" comp for Ministry Of Sound before releasing his debut album on Skint "La Roc Rocs" in the year 2000. 

Assorted tracks and remixes of his had been signed to tons of compilations, and after he moved to Colchester and saw that the music industry was rapidly changing he set up his own label, Rocstar Recordings. Rocstar released Lee’s "Many Styles EP" and music by beat-freak luminaries such as Chad Jackson and DJ Whack before putting out Lee’s second artist album in 2007 "Nemesis". In 2010 Lee released his third full length album "Larger Than Life" and he’s accumulated a tidy roster of artists on Rocstar including the likes of Parker, Funkanomics, Pixel Fist, 601, Ben & Lex etc. and has also started the Rocstar DJ Agency to service the dance scene with DJ bookings. 

I don't have time to review all of the eight free tracks for you but let's just say that there is definitely something for everybody starting things off with the wicked "Cali" Cut La Roc Breaks Edit.

Heavy kicks and big snares get things started as the classic vocal samples from Roger Troutman intro the hi hats and bass edits. Looped vox roll you into the downbeat where you're greeted by a super funky groove that's ready to rock you. Chunky low ends and the 2-Pac bits drop you off back in 95 riding low and slow with a Hip-Hop beat. The tempo increase is smooth as butter and before you know it you're bouncing again! This one is sure to please crowds everywhere and it's yours for free, thanks Lee!

   'Cali' Cut La Roc Breaks Edit by Cut La Roc

Next up is "Wildcard" also getting the La Roc Breaks treatment. Heads down techy and driving is the name of the game here. Wobbling bass and talking edits keep things grooving as things get funkier and more funked up as you make your way into the haunting main breakdown.

   'Wildcard' Cut La Roc Breaks Edit by Cut La Roc

What's that you say, you love free stuff, well then I would head on over to Cut's Soundcloud page and see what I'm talking about!!

   'Switched' Cut La Roc Breaks Edit by Cut La Roc

Cut La Roc on Facebook -

Cut La Roc on YouTube -

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Release - KIR255 - 8-B1T - Powerpad - Remixes by Sneaker & The Dryer and Vize

We're back with our next release KIR255 and this time around 8-B1T returns to Kick It with another Breakbeat jammer. 

I’m not sure if you remember the Powerpad or not but I bet it wasn’t as much fun as this tune is! Grinding bass that warps in and out combines with funked up vox combine for a fresh and upbeat tune making “Powerpad” one that is sure to do well on dancefloors far and wide. 

Sneaker & The Dryer start things off on remix duties with a wicked rendition combining a bit of 4/4 with Breaks for a tough but club friendly tuna. Heaps of edits and change-ups keep things interesting leading you into the talking bassline just before the break.

Vize is also back again on this one and his remix shows why he’s becoming more well known day by day. Chunky kicks, snappy snares and vox edits work you through to the first breakdown.  Trancey acidized leads and pads compliment the re-worked bass from the original making this one release with three hard hitting versions!

Support From

Farace - "Honestly feeling each mix here! Really liking the funk in the Vize mix!"

Bill Vega - "Original for me, wicked heavy shizzle and rolling :)"

OLMEC - "Another great release from Kick it, tough beats with a great synth hook and the Sneaker & The Dryer remix takes the track to the next level!"

Diistortiion - "Solid release!! The original is a banger , will support for sure! Big ups to Sneaker & The Dryer as well for a real unique remix, total different vibe, solid production!"

Bass Reflections - "Solid release as always."

TJFX - "Bangin release!! S&D and Vize remixes are top notch!"

SK-2 - "Absolutely lovin' this!! All versions are killer but especially feeling the Sneaker & The Dryer remix and the original."

Reality Randy - "Dig all of them!"

   KIR255 - 8*B1T Powerpad by Kick It Recordings

Kick It Recordings on Facebook -

Kick It Recordings on Beatport -

Kick It Recordings on YouTube -

8-B1T on Facebook -

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook -

Vize on Facebook -

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Release - Karton - Bang Remix EP

Ah yes, it's everybody's favorite day of the week again, Monday. I kid I kid, I don't know too many people fond of Monday's  but when there are big beefy releases like Karton's new Bang Remix EP, it definitely can help the day get a little brighter, or bassier as the case may be :)

Hot off the heels of their explosive "Bang" EP which received heavy support from the likes of Skream, Annie Nightingale, Krafty Kuts, Freq Nasty and Tim Healey, Karton are back with a remix EP for the single taken from their forthcoming album "Find The Constant". Featuring the vocal talents of British Born but Melbourne based MC Fraksha, "Bang" does exactly what it says it's going to do taking Drumstep from the Australian clubs and bringing it to the world at large, taking the bassline movement and turning into a proper "song" and turning your undies inside out so that you can proudly say that you've been disemboweled by bass, this shit bangs!

Remix wise we have man of the moment Calvertron with a beyond massive Drumstep smasher while Two Fresh knock up a main room remix for the House and Bassline clubs. Sydney boy Filth Collins puts together my personal favorite while he treads the fine line between Drumstep and D&B. Mat Cant AKA Scattermish hires the help of Rubi Dan for some heavy junglist bashment and Royalston gets sublime on the Drum & Bass tip. Last but not least Cutloose from Brisbane throws down a dope as hell glitch hop mix to round things out. Welcome to Karton. The future is born and it bangs hard!

Support From

Don Diablo
Dodge & Fuski
High Rankin
Lee Mortimer
Oh Snap!
Nick Thayer

   Bang remixes teaser by Sound of Habib

Karton on Facebook -

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Free Tune - Ralvero - Drunk Tonight - Korbata Re-Edit

Just a quick post today boys and girls. I thought I'd drop you guys another free tuna so you can keep em rocking till the early dawn. This one literally was just posted minutes ago and it's from new comer to the blog Korbata. Putting his Breakbeat touches on Ralvero's "Drunk Tonight" ft. Whiskey Pete, this one is a fun party rocker with great booty vibes. Check out Korbata's Soundcloud page for a whole bunch of free edits and have fun tonight!!

   Drunk Tonight (Korbata Re-Edit) by Korbata

Friday, July 15, 2011

Free Tunes, Mix and New Release - Majiika & Rob Sparx

Party time, it's Friday!! Just in time for your gigs this weekend we've got a plethora of free tunes up for grabs and a seriously heavy mix from Rob Sparxx to get you where you're going.

Migration owner Rob Sparx has been djing and producing many styles of EDM since the late 90's. Adept at double bass, piano and guitar, Rob's instrumental skills show through in his productions. Having received support from the likes of Benga, Rusko, Kissy Sell Out, Diesel Boy and many more, Rob is continuing to push boundaries and he is back again bringing us a big collaboration with New Zealand producer Majiika entitled "Avoiding the Issue". 

Making proper use of pop superstar Collie Buddz' vocals, "Avoiding the Issue" is a bass laden, Reggae influenced mid tempo groover. Heavy and wicked low-ends massage your mind as Collie's vox sound out wishing you the very best in life. Turn up your bass knob as the dubby vibes ring out and stanky ganja smoke fills the air.

On the flipside is a deep, epic and wobbling remix from New Zealand's finest Dubstep collective - Truth. The vinyl is available now and the digital versions will hit stores on the 18th of this month.

   MIGRAT006 Majiika vs Rob Sparx - Avoiding the Issue VINYL OUT NOW!!! by Migration Recordings

   MIGRAT006 Majiika & Rob Sparx - Avoiding the Issue (Truth remix) VINYL OUT NOW!!! by Migration Recordings

First up for free tuna action we've got a super chilled out Dubstep groover from Rob Sparx with a hint of vocoder and and video game-esque bleeps abound. "Going Back" is super mellow but it will definitely get your head nodding to the beat, grab it for free below.

Rob Sparx "Going Back" -

If that hasn't got you covered we've got another SEVEN FREE tunes from Rob available. From funky and laid back tunes like "Serenade" to much harder bass ridden bangers like "Awesome Sounds", there should be something for everybody.

   FREE TUNEAGE!!! by Rob Sparx

Just in case that all was not enough for you, check out Rob Sparx's latest Promo Mix. Get ready for two hours of edgey filth and talking basslines.

Rob Sparx Promo Mix

01. - Majiika & Rob Sparx "Avoiding the Issue" Truth Remix 
         (Migration 006 OUT NOW!!)
02. - Brains "Blood Pressure" Matt-U Remix (Dub)
03. - Rob Sparx "Walk On" (Profound Audio)
04. - Digid "Final Stand" (Dub)
05. - Jinx "Shaka Sonics" Rob Sparx Remix (Forthcoming Platter)
06. - Sukh Knight & Shandy "Look At" (New World Audio)
07. - El-B "Money Walk" (Forthcoming Ghost)
08. - Alfie "So Good" (Forthcoming Tighten Up)
09. - Alfie "Treatment" (Forthcoming Tighten Up)
10. - Emalkay "Massive" (Dub Police)
11. - Flux Pavillion "Bass Cannon" (Circus)
12. - Culprate "Airline" (Dubsaw)
13. - Rob Sparx "Circus Freak" (OntheEdge)
14. - DIGID "True World" (Dub)
15. - PLS DNT STP"Future Ghetto" Rob Sparx Remix (Forthcoming Trillbass)
16. - Rob Sparx "Dope Fiend" (Dub)
17. - Rob Sparx Vs Shadow Conspiracy "Haarp V1" (Forthcoming Migration)
18. - Rob Sparx Ft. PLS DNT STP "Deva State" (Forthcoming Migration)
19. - Joker & TC "It Ain't Got A Name" (Dub)
20. - Rob Sparx Ft. Dee Ellington "Casino VIP" (Forthcoming Migration)
21. - Skism "Rave Review" (Never Say Die)
22. - BAR9 "Bigger Than" (Dub)
23. - Datsik & Excision "Swagga" (Rottun)
24. - Drumsound & Bassline Smith "R U Ready?" (Technique)
25. - Kid-Alt-Dub "Let Me C U!!!" (Formation)
26. - Rob Sparx "Bloodbath VIP" (Forthcoming Migration)
27. - Rob Sparx "Bloodstain" (Forthcoming Migration)
28. - Kutz "Elesticated" (Dub)
29. - Rob Sparx "Can't Find the Beat" (Forthcoming Migration)
30. - SKisM "Elixir" (Never Say Die)
31. - Rob Sparx Ft. Dee Ellington "Trying 2 Remember" 

         (Forthcoming Fentplates)

Rob Sparx Promo Mix - Podcast

Rob Sparx on Facebook -

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Free Tune - Wolfgang Gartner - Space Junk - Blastaguyz Remix

Wow have we got a big one for you today. It may be the Blastaguyz first appearance on the blog but they are doing it in style! 

Now I know there have been more than enough "Space Junk" edits, rubs and remixes to go around but I felt this one was definitely worth posting. According to my inside sources, the Blastaguyz were born in hell and they now reside in Italy. Well that being said, apparently music is the devil's work because these guys really know how to hurt somebody and this time they are doing it with their remix of Wolfgang Gartner's "Space Junk".

Big beefy kicks and synth stabs lead you into the epic first breakdown which makes good use of the original keys and then teases you with a filtered beat before cracking you upside the head with the heavily re-worked bassline. A few quick sets of eight and we're back in another big break that's sure to get you some \0/ before wrapping things up with another round of heavy and wobbling bass.

The Blastaguyz have a whole heap of banging remixes and tunas on their Soundcloud page and I've posted their Facebook page below as well so go check em out.

   Wolfgang Gartner - Space Junk (Blastaguyz Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD ( DL LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION) by BLASTAGUYZ!

The Blastaguyz on Facebook -

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Release & Exclusive Interview - Damn Horns - The Freak Out

Hey what do you know, it's hump day already! That means two things, we're half way through the week and Broken Btz is bringing you the business for 2 hours with Sneaker & The Dryer on NSB Radio from 10am - Noon EST (3-5pm UTC). Every week you can catch the show bringing you nothing but the freshest and dirtiest bassline bangers and you can even lock in from your iPhone, so tune in and come say hi in the chat room!

NSB Radio Website -

At the beginning of the month we featured a whole bunch of good stuff from Damn Horns including two free tunes and a wicked mix in anticipation of his new release "The Freak Out" on Rocstar Recordings. Well, it is now available for purchase wherever you buy your digital music and we also have an exclusive interview with Damn Horns for you all to enjoy.

Starting things off for "The Freak Out" we have the original from Damn Horns himself. Super crisp yet dirty beats set things in motion combined with heavily edited vox for a super funky start. Heavy wobbling bass soon makes it's way into the fray as the driving groove reemerges to set your feet in motion. Raved out synths, Amens and a handful of bleeps and stabs keep things interesting straight through to the main breakdown which focuses on stretched out low ends and more bouncy vocals even sneaking in a bit of siren action for some added excitement, top stuff!

Next up we have the Beatmonkeys freaking things out with their island influenced Breakstep remix. Super sized bass and shuffling drums will have you rocking.

Finishing things of we have the ones like The Freerange DJs who turn out a wicked Drumstep rendition with a bit of Trance and Acid mixed in for good measure. Clean sampling and wiggling edits spice things up as you bounce to the bass and instead of a Dubstep section like everybody always does, you get a D&B bit in the middle, top tuna!

Support From

Bassbin Twins - "On first listen it sounds kinds perfect."

Nick Thayer - "The Damn Horns stuff has been smashing it in the clubs."

Peo De Pitte - "Phat as Fuck!!!"

RuN RiOT - "BIG bassline - boss tune!"

Far Too Loud - "Well fat and funky."

   DAMN HORNS - The Freak Out [Rocstar Recordings] by damnhorns

   Damn horns Freakout beatmonkeys mix by thebeatmonkeys

   Damn Horns - The Freak Out (FreeRange DJs Remix UNMASTERED) by =AVE=FreeRangeDJs

The Kick It 12 - Damn Horns Edition

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?
Oh, I like this Q. As a drummer and metal purist, I despised anything with a drum machine. REALLY. Until I heard The Chemical Brothers', ‘Where do I begin’. Changed everything. I was 17ish. That age where you’re done picking spots, flicking through FHM and being moody; when you’re done listening to Korn and thinking, “do you know what, I no longer relate to the insightful moaning’s of this miserable man.” Seriously, anyone listening to Korn beyond puberty needs to have a word with themselves.
I still listen to NIN though. Love NIN. It’s what first opened me to electronic production and beats. It’s amazing when in the right hands. Then Aphex Twin… Then got a pair of decks and started buying Finger Lickin’ records, Plumps, Soul of Man… All over the place these days, stylistically. Just did a podcast for It’s got all manner of club tracks… Ghetto Funk, Breaks, Fidget, Dubstep, Electro… I love mixing club genres. 

2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?
Probably a couple of Nu-Metal CDs that were on 3 for £20 at HMV. Back when people used to buy music. Deftones, Radiohead, Incubus... Most likely anyway.  In fact it may even have been The Prodigy ‘Experience’. But that might just be wishful thinking.
3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?
I had a Tomy My First DJ deck at 5 or something. I was scratching with mad skillz by 5 and half. But it took till I was 11 before I was dropping E’s and raving my nuts off at foam parties in Masquerades, Bracknell. I think Vengaboys were storming the clubs back then, but my favourites were 138 Trek and Flat Beat. Sign of things to come, no doubt.
4. – Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?
Az-Tech in Edinburgh. Couldn’t ask for better bunch of wronguns to wrecked with. The deep fried kebab was a nice touch too.
5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?
Hard to choose between warming up for Zane Lowe and Shy FX in Lincolnshire and playing alongside the likes of the Plump DJs and the Scratch Perverts at the Seville Olympic Stadium. They had the stadium covered, while I smashed it in the car park with new zubs in my Nissan Micra. Was epic, until security said “my tunes are too phat, you are making the Plumps sound like amateurs”. At least I think that’s what they said. They were speaking in Spanish.
6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?
Paul Van Dykes 60th birthday party. Shouldn’t be long.
7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?
Oh, it has to be my new single, ‘The Freak Out’ on Cut La Rocs, Rocstar Recordings. It’s so good that there have already been songs written about my song by the Beatmonkeys and the Freerange DJs. You can buy them also.
8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?
I’m going to give Breakdown a wee nomination for this. Massively into their tracks and most of them are free MP3 downloads too! Always supporting Peo De Pitte, Nick Thayer & Lee Mortimer, George Lenton, A. Skillz. Outside of electro-noise, I have been enjoying the classics by Del Shannon.
9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?
I’m about to release a collaborative bootleg with Pete Jordan called ‘Shakin’ and I intend to work with him more as he has an amusing laugh. I would enjoy working with NAPT because I share their goal of using our music to bring peace to countries at war.
10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?
I have an old Dell and Cubase. It’s held together with a UAD-2 Card and the Duct-Tape of hope.
11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?
You can’t polish turds. Not even dried out ones. And to do it your way, because making your own mistakes is far more fun than making other peoples.
12. – What does the future hold for Damn Horns?
I can’t see the future. I’ve come to accept that now. But I am looking forward to being a resident DJ when launch a club night in London later this year. Soon I’ll have my ‘mobile studio’ (a van) back, after it was confiscated by the authorities (long story) and will be putting together some more noises and annoying the neighbors. Not my neighbors though. YOURS.

Damn Horns on Facebook -

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Free Tune - Gustolabs - Rocking Gold

NYC native Gustolabs returns to the Kick It Blog with another banging original. Born in Peru and having spent some time in the land of beaches and bikinis aka Miami, Gusto has now setup shop in New York City and he is continuously working with new artists from the area. 

"Rocking Gold" is Gustolab's latest offering and it exemplifies his varied styles and tastes in music starting off on a Trancey and Tech-House tip with a solid groove before making it's way into the first breakdown. Tripped out female vox and a filtered break carry you through to the business end of the track where a slamming and funked up Electro House onslaught attacks from out of nowhere. Big bass edits and plenty of change-ups keep things popping straight through to the finish. Check out Gustolab's Soundcloud page for a bunch more free tunas.

   Gustolabs - Rocking Gold (Original Mix) Download it here by GUSTOLABS

Gustolab on Facebook -

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Releases - Chrizz Luvly

Ah, another week begins anew with the birds chirping and the sun shining, gotta love the summer! I mean, who doesn't love camping combined with electronic music, I know it's my personal favorite!! If you've got some festival gigs coming up yourselves you might want to check out two of the latest monsters from Brazilian native Chrizz Luvly.

Having recently formed the Bruk with Rocket Pimp and Marie L, Chrizz Luvly has been putting out some serious bangers, whether it be alone or along with his bass-crazy counterparts. Chrizz recently applied his magical touches to Jay Saunders "Black Swan" and whipped up a furious display of musical wizardry that is currently sitting at #3 overall on Track It Down and has made it's way up to #2! Tough ravey Electro kicks and hard edged synths are first to let you know that this track means business quickly followed by a touch of Classical with a heavy dose of woodwinds softening you up for the massive onslaught you are about to endure. Duck and cover is my suggestion when the low ends hit beating you about the ears with wobbling and electric sub frequencies telling your ass to MOVE!

Following that up in proper style we have a brand new tuna from Bruk Featuring Marie L. entitled "Shine On". Again showing that Chrizz knows what he is doing when it comes to making beats and basslines, "Shine On" is currently #9 on the Beatport Electro House charts. "Shine On" picks up with glitchy bleeps and edits and a bit of a Trance feel mixed in as well for a misleading start to a raucous tune. Deadmau5-esque synths and big vocals from Marie mixed with a funked up breakbeat make up the first half of the breakdown giving way to massive warped out edits before it all comes together in a big way. Driving low-ends and Amen breaks will push your speakers to the limits but leaving you wanting more when it's all done. Head on over to Chrizz pages by following the links below.



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Saturday, July 9, 2011

62 Free Samples & Mixes - Monster Sounds

Something a little different today for all our budding producers out there, we've got free samples and mixes galore! Alongside exclusive sample packs from Aquasky themselves & their cut up House alter-ego Black Noise, Aquasky have dug deep into their Rolodex to bring you packs from top artists and producers from around the world in various cutting edge genres and styles, with the aim to release a pack every few weeks.
New York Rap Acapellas Vol.1 (the next release on the label) is a wicked collection of original vocal performances that can be used for any style of Dance music, from Breaks to Dubstep, House and D&B.

Loopmasters and Monster Sounds are very proud to present a fresh collection of royalty free Rap Acapellas from some of the best MCs in NYC! Many times in the studio you hit a wall when making a tune and the need for an MC to take the track from being great to being a remembered banger is so simple but tricky if you don’t know any decent mic controllers.

Monster Sounds label bosses Aquasky AKA BlackNoise, have been fortunate over the years to have befriended and associated with many great vocalists and here they compile the first of what will be many Rap Acapella packs for the professional and bedroom producer.
Their "go to" man for this pack was their good friend Dan Walker AKA NineLives The Cat.

Backing up NineLives are 4 other talented micsmen. Firstly we have Telle Gramz AKA Bathroom Sexxx, a high-wire lunatic MC from NinjaSonik based in Brooklyn. Telle adds the heat with his constantly evolving, next level vocal delivery and destructive content.

Next to the front is Pablo Pleeeez!!!, a multi-talented human being that can bring the flavor from any which way. With his new band Boy N Girl making waves in the NYC scene, this Brooklyn MC is forging his own relentless path.

Johnny Nelson has been a staple part of the Brooklyn scene for many a year and from the same winning bloodline as Telle Gramz and has been tearing stages with his hit single ‘Put Em In A Body Bag’. Johnny is a super skilled emcee that observes the territory ahead and wrecks it accordingly, definitely one to look out for.

Finally we have the mighty Anton Glamb who runs the successful night ‘Radical Outing’ in Brooklyn and is a major figurehead to the local scene as well as a friend to many around New York. As an MC, Anton brings a unique quirk to the expected, he is the unexpected!

The pack weighs in at 750MB and includes 484 Rap Samples recorded in pristine 24 Bit. You get 303 Loops between 96 – 140 BPM, and 181 Single Shot vocals. Also included are 5 ready to play patches packed with the vocal one shots for Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt soft samplers. Apple Loops, Reason Refill and Ableton Live versions are also available to purchase separately so head on over to the Monster Sounds page and check em out!


Black Noise ‘Warehouse’: March 18th
The Baker Brothers ‘Funk Sessions Vol.1’: April 8th
Sy & Unknown ‘Essential Hardcore’: April 29th
Organ Donors ‘Future Hard Dance’: May 20th
The Baker Brothers ‘Funk Sessions Vol.2’: June 10th
Monster Sounds Pro Series presents: East Coast Rap Pack: July 8th
Kelevra ‘Jackin Tech House’: July 29th
Lee Mortimer’s Bass House: August 19th
Funk Bass Vol.1: September 9th
Dirty South Rap Pack: September 23rd
Kanji Kinetic ‘Mutant Bass’: October 21st
Aquasky: November 11th
Colin Dale: December 2nd

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And of course as mentioned, we have a bunch of free mixes and samples for you! Starting things off we have a fun, funky and kicking Old School mixtape styled throwdown from the one like NineLives The Cat with his "Last Minute Thing" Monster Sounds Mix 2011. Dan Walker AKA the awesome NineLives The Cat resides in Brooklyn and has appeared on many great House and Breakbeat tunes over the years. With appearances on projects by Kelevra, Rennie Pilgrim, Diverted and as a guest MC on the recent Black Noise sample pack on Monster Sounds, NineLives is a non-stop lyrical powerhouse. Dan is also part of the helter-skelter punk thrash rap outfit The Deathset who are signed to NinjaTune and have been lucky enough to have had both Diplo and SpankRock adding flavors to their sounds. NineLives The Cat's tongue in cheek style is reminiscent of the Beastie Boys and Run DMC from back in the 80's and brings a touch of the past to the here and now.

NineLives The Cat "Last Minute Thing" Monster Sounds Mix 2011

1. - "NineLives The Cat Strikes Back" 
       NineLives The Cat Ft. "Bathroom Sexxx"
2. - "Three Point Mash Up" NineLives The Cat
3. - "Let Me In" NineLives The Cat
4. - "NYCDIY" Franci$co Ft. NineLives The Cat (Crooklyn Static Re-Rub)
5. - "Everytime I Need You Tonite" 
         NineLives The Cat Vs INXS Vs Illeist Collective
6. - "Girls" NineLives The Cat
7. - "Cat Nip Tuck" NineLives The Cat (Manmade Mash Up)
8. - "Crash Test Kitten" NineLives The Cat Ft. Kitten
9. - "Let It Blow" NineLives The Cat
10. - "Distressed" The Death Set (NineLives The Cat Remix)
11. - "We Don't Give a Fuck" Ninja Sonik 
         Ft. Johnny Nelson, NineLives The Cat & Trouble Andrew 
         (ZAP! POW! DIE! Remix)
12. - "Party Pooper" Ninja Sonik & Roofeeo 
         Ft. SBeezee, NineLives The Cat & Spankrock
13. - "Aint No Disco Music" Kelevra Ft. NineLives The Cat 
         (ZAP! POW! DIE! Remix)
14. - "That Girl Trouble" Costello Ft. NineLives The Cat
15. - "NYCDIY" Franci$co Ft. NineLives The Cat (ZAP! POW! DIE! Remix)

   NineLives The Cat 'Last Minute Thing' - Monster Sounds Mix 2011 - download! by Monster Sounds

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Next up we have the ones like The Organ Donors with a monstrous "Trance Fusion" club mix that will rock your woofers and your brain! The Hard Edge double act brothers Matt & Scott Harris, have fast become the most prominent force in the UK harder music scene. From their glory days on Nukleuz Records writing some of the biggest anthems of that era, including "99.9" and "4 Tribes" to "Tear Drop", "Super Mario Brothers" and "Turntablism" on Tidy Traxx to now remixing on the biggest Trance labels in the world like Armada & Reset! The Organ Donors have seriously raised the bar in their field at the moment, when somebody really pushes the limits and breaks through boundaries, they influence everyone in the scene! Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to get rocked!

Organ Donors Monster Sounds Mix 2011

01. - "Golden Coast" (Scott Project Rmx) Organ Donors 'Mash Up'
02. - "Rank 1" (Mr Sam Rmx)
03. - Elrich & Plaice "Bitter Sweet"
04. - Marc Simz "Forbidden City"
05. - Urry Fefe Love & Arabammassi "Autobahn"
06. - Liam Howells "OddBall"
07. - Steve Angelo "Rave N Roll" (Organ Donors Klack N Roll Facelift Mix)
08. - Organ Donors "Human Traffic" Teaser
09. - BK & Lee Haslem "Infectious"
10. - Technical "The Ritual" BK Remix (Organ Donors Quick Edit)
11. - Neal Thomas "The Virus" (Organ Donors Virus Slut Mash Up)
12. - Afrojack "Pacha On Acid" (Organ Donors Renegade Rip Up)
13. - Luca Antolini "Lost In Time"
14. - Luca Antolini "Harmony of Universe"
15. - Public Domain "Separate Your Senses"
16. - Public Domain "Separate Your Senses" (Neal Thomas Remix)
17. - Leon B "Night Breed" (Organ Donors Edit)
18. - Organ Donors "New Era" (Kamui Remix)
19. - BRK3 "FR33"
20. - Organ Donors "Moogerfoogin"
21. - BRK3 "C4UTION"
23. - Luca Antolini Vs Deadmau5 (Donors Wrong Chords Surgical Mix)
24. - Mark Young & Derek Jones "Dusk Till Dawn" ( Dj Activator Remix)

   Organ Donors 'Monster Sounds Mix 2011' - download by Monster Sounds

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Rounding things out we have the Bakers Brothers bringing the funk with their "Funk Sessions" Monster Sounds Mix. The Baker Brothers have been rocking dance floors far and wide with their hugely entertaining live show for nearly 10 years now and they are not slowing down! With seven albums and numerous other releases under their collective belt, the band have toured Japan and Europe extensively delivering an explosive and killer funked out show! The Baker Bothers recently sold out Soho’s legendary "Ronnie Scotts" and have supported legends such as Sly and The Family Stone, Jools Holland and John Schofield. Their infectious raw beats and bass lines underpin edgy and melodic horns paired with funky guitars. Over their consistently prolific career they have gained critical acclaim by the likes of Mr Scruff, DJ Muro, Keb Darge, Florian Keller and The Roots. The Baker Brothers have worked with guests such as Average White Band’s Hamish Stewart, Vanessa Freeman of Reel People and UK percussion legend Snowboy and they now bring you thirty-five minutes of the business.

Time to Testify PR from Yoshinori Kawamura on Vimeo.

The Baker Brothers "Funk Sessions" Monster Sounds Mix 2011
(All Tracks by The Baker Brothers)

1. - "The Mexican"
2. - "Maid Of Mars" 
3. - "Paste"
4. - "Feeding Freddie"
6. - "Space Funk"
7. - "The Young Patter"
8. - "Make Your Move"
9. - "All Baked Out"

   The Baker Brothers 'Funk Sessions - Monster Sounds Mix' 2011 by Monster Sounds

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62 Free Samples!!

   Free Samples!!! by Monster Sounds