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New Release & Exclusive Interview - Damn Horns - The Freak Out

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At the beginning of the month we featured a whole bunch of good stuff from Damn Horns including two free tunes and a wicked mix in anticipation of his new release "The Freak Out" on Rocstar Recordings. Well, it is now available for purchase wherever you buy your digital music and we also have an exclusive interview with Damn Horns for you all to enjoy.

Starting things off for "The Freak Out" we have the original from Damn Horns himself. Super crisp yet dirty beats set things in motion combined with heavily edited vox for a super funky start. Heavy wobbling bass soon makes it's way into the fray as the driving groove reemerges to set your feet in motion. Raved out synths, Amens and a handful of bleeps and stabs keep things interesting straight through to the main breakdown which focuses on stretched out low ends and more bouncy vocals even sneaking in a bit of siren action for some added excitement, top stuff!

Next up we have the Beatmonkeys freaking things out with their island influenced Breakstep remix. Super sized bass and shuffling drums will have you rocking.

Finishing things of we have the ones like The Freerange DJs who turn out a wicked Drumstep rendition with a bit of Trance and Acid mixed in for good measure. Clean sampling and wiggling edits spice things up as you bounce to the bass and instead of a Dubstep section like everybody always does, you get a D&B bit in the middle, top tuna!

Support From

Bassbin Twins - "On first listen it sounds kinds perfect."

Nick Thayer - "The Damn Horns stuff has been smashing it in the clubs."

Peo De Pitte - "Phat as Fuck!!!"

RuN RiOT - "BIG bassline - boss tune!"

Far Too Loud - "Well fat and funky."

   DAMN HORNS - The Freak Out [Rocstar Recordings] by damnhorns

   Damn horns Freakout beatmonkeys mix by thebeatmonkeys

   Damn Horns - The Freak Out (FreeRange DJs Remix UNMASTERED) by =AVE=FreeRangeDJs

The Kick It 12 - Damn Horns Edition

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?
Oh, I like this Q. As a drummer and metal purist, I despised anything with a drum machine. REALLY. Until I heard The Chemical Brothers', ‘Where do I begin’. Changed everything. I was 17ish. That age where you’re done picking spots, flicking through FHM and being moody; when you’re done listening to Korn and thinking, “do you know what, I no longer relate to the insightful moaning’s of this miserable man.” Seriously, anyone listening to Korn beyond puberty needs to have a word with themselves.
I still listen to NIN though. Love NIN. It’s what first opened me to electronic production and beats. It’s amazing when in the right hands. Then Aphex Twin… Then got a pair of decks and started buying Finger Lickin’ records, Plumps, Soul of Man… All over the place these days, stylistically. Just did a podcast for It’s got all manner of club tracks… Ghetto Funk, Breaks, Fidget, Dubstep, Electro… I love mixing club genres. 

2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?
Probably a couple of Nu-Metal CDs that were on 3 for £20 at HMV. Back when people used to buy music. Deftones, Radiohead, Incubus... Most likely anyway.  In fact it may even have been The Prodigy ‘Experience’. But that might just be wishful thinking.
3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?
I had a Tomy My First DJ deck at 5 or something. I was scratching with mad skillz by 5 and half. But it took till I was 11 before I was dropping E’s and raving my nuts off at foam parties in Masquerades, Bracknell. I think Vengaboys were storming the clubs back then, but my favourites were 138 Trek and Flat Beat. Sign of things to come, no doubt.
4. – Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?
Az-Tech in Edinburgh. Couldn’t ask for better bunch of wronguns to wrecked with. The deep fried kebab was a nice touch too.
5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?
Hard to choose between warming up for Zane Lowe and Shy FX in Lincolnshire and playing alongside the likes of the Plump DJs and the Scratch Perverts at the Seville Olympic Stadium. They had the stadium covered, while I smashed it in the car park with new zubs in my Nissan Micra. Was epic, until security said “my tunes are too phat, you are making the Plumps sound like amateurs”. At least I think that’s what they said. They were speaking in Spanish.
6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?
Paul Van Dykes 60th birthday party. Shouldn’t be long.
7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?
Oh, it has to be my new single, ‘The Freak Out’ on Cut La Rocs, Rocstar Recordings. It’s so good that there have already been songs written about my song by the Beatmonkeys and the Freerange DJs. You can buy them also.
8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?
I’m going to give Breakdown a wee nomination for this. Massively into their tracks and most of them are free MP3 downloads too! Always supporting Peo De Pitte, Nick Thayer & Lee Mortimer, George Lenton, A. Skillz. Outside of electro-noise, I have been enjoying the classics by Del Shannon.
9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?
I’m about to release a collaborative bootleg with Pete Jordan called ‘Shakin’ and I intend to work with him more as he has an amusing laugh. I would enjoy working with NAPT because I share their goal of using our music to bring peace to countries at war.
10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?
I have an old Dell and Cubase. It’s held together with a UAD-2 Card and the Duct-Tape of hope.
11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?
You can’t polish turds. Not even dried out ones. And to do it your way, because making your own mistakes is far more fun than making other peoples.
12. – What does the future hold for Damn Horns?
I can’t see the future. I’ve come to accept that now. But I am looking forward to being a resident DJ when launch a club night in London later this year. Soon I’ll have my ‘mobile studio’ (a van) back, after it was confiscated by the authorities (long story) and will be putting together some more noises and annoying the neighbors. Not my neighbors though. YOURS.

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