Thursday, July 21, 2011

8 Free Tunes - Cut La Roc

Wait a minute, did he say EIGHT FREE TUNES?? You got it right boys and girls, Cut La Roc has apparently lost his mind as he's uploaded a plethora of tuneage in the past few days and he is giving them all out for free!

Lee Potter, aka Cut La Roc, made his name in the hurly-burly Big Beat days of the late 90s. Signed to Skint Records, the same label as Norman ‘Fatboy’ Cook, he was responsible for pioneering the Big Beat sound worldwide alongside Midfield General, Bentley Rhythm Ace and Fatboy Slim himself. Cut La Roc held a four-year residency at the Big Beat Boutique in his hometown of Brighton and he’s Dj'ed all around the world several times, appeared on "Top Of The Pops", set a new Guinness world record for Djing with the most decks at once (nine!), and has recorded with vocalists such as Snow Patrol front-man Gary Lightbody.

It all started for Cut La Roc when he got into Hip-Hop in his mid-teens. He practiced scratch techniques for hours, becoming an expert battle champ, and when Acid House hit in the late 80's, Cut was exhilarated by its energy. He began to DJ in clubs, using his scratch skills to stand out from other DJs, and by the mid-90s had fallen in with the Skint Records crew. Big beat, the sound that coalesced around Fatboy Slim and the Skint brigade, was a perfect genre for Lee. Mashing together block-rockin’ beats, Amy l House, Sample Culture, Breakbeat and Drum & Bass, this was an exciting time for electronic music. Big beat is credited with converting a slew of indie-rock fans to the wonders of dance music, and its mix ‘n’ match ethos suited Lee down to the ground. 

As well as being resident at the Big Beach Boutique for four years, Lee Dj'ed all over America, Australia, Europe and the Far East. He put out first the "Mad Skills" EP on Skint, swiftly followed by the "Freeze", "Making It Hot" and "Fallen" singles. He was invited to mix an "FSUK" comp for Ministry Of Sound before releasing his debut album on Skint "La Roc Rocs" in the year 2000. 

Assorted tracks and remixes of his had been signed to tons of compilations, and after he moved to Colchester and saw that the music industry was rapidly changing he set up his own label, Rocstar Recordings. Rocstar released Lee’s "Many Styles EP" and music by beat-freak luminaries such as Chad Jackson and DJ Whack before putting out Lee’s second artist album in 2007 "Nemesis". In 2010 Lee released his third full length album "Larger Than Life" and he’s accumulated a tidy roster of artists on Rocstar including the likes of Parker, Funkanomics, Pixel Fist, 601, Ben & Lex etc. and has also started the Rocstar DJ Agency to service the dance scene with DJ bookings. 

I don't have time to review all of the eight free tracks for you but let's just say that there is definitely something for everybody starting things off with the wicked "Cali" Cut La Roc Breaks Edit.

Heavy kicks and big snares get things started as the classic vocal samples from Roger Troutman intro the hi hats and bass edits. Looped vox roll you into the downbeat where you're greeted by a super funky groove that's ready to rock you. Chunky low ends and the 2-Pac bits drop you off back in 95 riding low and slow with a Hip-Hop beat. The tempo increase is smooth as butter and before you know it you're bouncing again! This one is sure to please crowds everywhere and it's yours for free, thanks Lee!

   'Cali' Cut La Roc Breaks Edit by Cut La Roc

Next up is "Wildcard" also getting the La Roc Breaks treatment. Heads down techy and driving is the name of the game here. Wobbling bass and talking edits keep things grooving as things get funkier and more funked up as you make your way into the haunting main breakdown.

   'Wildcard' Cut La Roc Breaks Edit by Cut La Roc

What's that you say, you love free stuff, well then I would head on over to Cut's Soundcloud page and see what I'm talking about!!

   'Switched' Cut La Roc Breaks Edit by Cut La Roc

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