Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free Tune & Videos - Sneaker & The Dryer

As is evident by the amount of posts on the blog in the past week, things have been a bit hectic for me. All is a bit settled down again for now and we're back with some fresh free business for you.

Sneaker & The Dryer have been hard at work in the studio on a regular basis and they have just released another free remix. This time S&D put their Broken House touches to The Stanton Warriors "Get Up". Heavy kicks and deep pads get things going as the well known guitar riffs filter in and then dropping in big for the first breakdown before Holt's vox come in on the downbeat. Zappy Electro bass fills in the low ends and a handful of edits keep things interesting before eight bars of ravey zaps in-between Ruby's wicked vocals bring the energy way up just ahead of the massive main break. Echoed vox and a funked up breakbeat combine with a peak-time build that will have the kids hands in the air on dancefloors near and far and then it's back to business with another round of lasers.

   Free Track - Stanton Warriors - Get Up - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix by SneakerAndTheDryer

We've also got two videos from Sneaker & The Dryer for you. The first is a teaser for the forthcoming original from S&D - "Tribute to Jack" which is due out later this summer on Kick It Recordings. "Tribute to Jack" will be released along with remixes from OLMEC and DJ Exodus so keep your eyes and ears open for it!

Secondly we have video from Sneaker & The Dryer's recent set at Elec Tric Tuesday's at Tammany Hall in Worcester MA. What a crowd for a local Tuesday night, the place went off. Have a look for yourselves :)

Sneaker & The Dryer's Podcast -

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