Sunday, February 28, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Robin Steal - Somebody's Rubbing Me

Here on the Kick It blog we love featuring exclusive stuff you just can't get anywhere else! This track fits that bill. Newcomer Robin Steal puts a hurtin on Rockwell's classic "Somebody's Watching Me from 1984. Featuring vocals from Michael Jackson on the chorus this track is not new to the remix bizz. Robin puts a serious twist on this version taking pieces from both the original and the remix by Mysto and Pizzi made famous by the Geico commercials of late. An added "hallucinating" vox works its way through the track intensifying the delusional feeling. Clean drums and a huge build-up are sure to rock the dancefloor with some tripped out 80's feel! Plus it's only available here, you're welcome!

Robin Steal on Soundcloud -

Robin Steal - Somebody's Rubbing Me -

Free Mix - J2K - WMC 2010 Promo Mix

J2K has been with Kick It since it's very first release the "DEM" EP from Farace & J2K. He has been putting out quality tunes on the label since and his latest "The Way" is a Beatport exclusive which is getting good support. J2K is no slouch on the decks either and his latest mix is a proper example of that. Bringing us his 2010 WMC Mix, J2K pounds through 18 tracks in 57 minutes in smooth succession. Every track is a banger and it's full of my favorite tunes as well as lots of stuff available right here on The Kick It blog. It's a good mix to give you that summer feeling if like me, you're stuck where it's freakin freezing cold right now.

J2K WMC 2010 Promo Mix

1.  General Midi - Back For More (GMs Taste Of Trouble Mix)  00:00

2.  Diistortiion - Get Back Vs Champion Sound  4:07

3.  Plaza De Funk Ft Miss Trouble - Push N Pull  5:34

4.  Javi Gongora - Studio Number 8  7:31

5.  Napt - Fortune (12 Inch Dub Mix)  8:51

6.  Hardwaks - Destination Planet Bass Ft. MC FlipSide
(Electrixx Remix)  13:25

7.  Slyde - Miami Bitch (Slyde Re-Rub)  16:45

8.  Draax & Seavers - Rude Boys (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub) 19:45

9. Goose - British Mode (Jester Remix) J2K Re-Fix  22:47

10.  Subfocus - Rock It (Stealth Bomber Edit)  26:42

11.  Aggresivnes - Essence (Original Mix)  31:18

12.  Dub Pistols - Back To Daylight Ft. Ashley Slater
(Access Denied Remix)  35:11

13.  Unknown - Front To The Back (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)  40:07

14.  Subfocus - Could Be Real (Dane O Edit)  42:16

15.  Backbeat Soundsystem - Daily Grime 
(Rektchordz Club Mix)  45:54

16.  Beat Assassins - Put Em Up (Napt Remix)  47:22

17.  Quadrat Beat - Zoom (Farace Remix)  54:42

18.  Plump Djs - Be Good  56:53

J2K on Myspace -

J2K WMC 2010 Promo Mix -

Friday, February 26, 2010

Free Mix - Pyramid - Breakspoll 2010 Mix

So last night were the 2010 Breakspoll awards. Among the winners were Krafty Kuts for "Best Compilation" and "Best Dj", BSD for "Best Breakthrough Producer", and NSB Radio for "Best Radio Station"!! Well, even though Pyramid did not win any awards this year, their music is freakin awesome. Also the label that they are on, Funkatech, won "Best Label". Tunes like "The System" and "Wickedest Combination" are just ridiculous dancefloor destroyers!  "Redial" is one of their newer tunes and it is also some serious Breakbeat business!!! When it comes to clean phat sound, Pyramid are right on point. Last night we featured their 2010 Breakspoll Mix on our NSB Radio show, The Shoe Skool Sessions. Ripping through 16 tracks in 43 minutes the boys lay it down Tear Out stylee. Download it now for free and hear for yourself what all the hype is about.

Pyramid Breakspoll 2010 Mix

01. PYRAMID vs Wizard - War Of The Worlds (Dubplate) [00:00]

02. NAPT - Time You Realised [02:52]

03. Specimen A - Just Another DJ (Dubplate) [06:24]

04. Far Too Loud - Bass Association [07:57]

05. Specimen A - Hard Times [11:31]

06. PYRAMID - Redial (Dubplate) [14:13]

07. NAPT - Fortune (12 Inch Dub Mix) [16:26]

08. Far Too Loud - Dancefloor Destroyer [21:20]

09. PYRAMID vs Specimen A - Move ft. Bobby [24:45]

10. NAPT - Fuck Critics (Dubplate) [27:42]

11. PYRAMID vs Specimen A - No Games [29:25]

12. NAPT - Make My Day ft. Louise Marshall [33:21]

13. Far Too Loud - All Is Machine (Specimen A Remix) [36:57]

14. NAPT vs Kish Mauve - Lose Control (12" Dub Mix) [39:24]

15. Far Too Loud - We Want To Dance (Dubplate) [41:36]

16. PYRAMID vs Screwface - Turn It Up ft. Miss Trouble (Dubplate) [43:35]

Pyramid on Myspace -

Pyramid - 2010 Breakspoll Mix -
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Tune - Plump Djs - Be Good

Well if you like Breaks and you don't know who the Plump Djs are, you have some serious issues. The Plumps are on Breakbeat giant Finger Lickin Records and have had many a top tune as well as having won mulitple awards at Breakspoll including "Best Album" in 2009. With over 30 singles released, 4 albums, and multiple remixes, the Plump Djs are a force to be reckoned with in the world of Breakbeats. They have toured all over and rocked crowds far and wide including their home the UK, Germany, Japan, and the US.

Today we are bringing you a real funkster from the legends themselves. Slappy bass and chunky breaks give it that Plumps feel. The vocal sample comes from the 1985 hit single "I'll Be Good" from Rene & Angela. Always a fan of stuff like this, the Plumps take a cheesy song and make it dancefloor worthy and bring it into 2010 with proper authority!

Plump Djs on Myspace -

Plump Djs - "Be Good" -

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Psure & Psyon - Tough Case - Quadrat Beat Remix - (TJFX Re-Rack)

Making waves in 2010 is TJFX. The New England native has been playing all over with partner Btz as Sneaker & The Dryer. As of late he has been getting his feet real wet in the production department and knocking out some kickin originals as well as some peak time re-rubs. His rework of "Ghosts N Stuff" with Rob Swire available below has been downloaded over 250 times off this blog and he's getting support from some key players. He's got 4 original tunes available on his SoundCloud page but this one you can only get here on The Kick It Blog!

 Quadrat Beat mean serious business when it comes to making Breakbeats. I'm always keen to get my hands on anything I see there name on. Hailing from Bristol, these boys have that proper phat sound we all have come to love. Their remix of "Tough Case" is no exception! It's a freakin banging ass tune with driving bass and and chilling vocals. TJFX turns up the FX with some ridiculous edits and reworking. Need to have something different for WMC this year, this one definitely fits the bill.

Quadrat Beat on Myspace -

TJFX on Soundcloud -

Psure & Psyon - "Tough Case" - Quadrat Beat Remix - (TJFX Re-Rack) -

Monday, February 22, 2010

Free Tunes & More

Happy monday Breakbeat bretheren. I apologize for missing a few days worth of posts. I will make up for it today! First off, let's talk about Breakspoll. This Thursday night are The International Breakbeat Awards. Kick It Recordings was nominated in a few catagories and Farace was asked to come play at the festivities. So, if you are over in the UK or heading to Breakspoll, make sure to get your butt over to Fabric and check out Farace while he's in town!!

Breakspoll Website -

New Release - J2K - The Way - Beatport Exclusive

Just out today as a Beatport Exclusive is J2K's "The Way". J2k does an excellent job of putting together a rolling club banger with this one. Zappy bass pulses in and out. The "Make you feel that way" vox is used sparingly, as to not be overdone. The half tempo breakdown in the middle is properly done. "On the flip" is the Tribal Funk Mix. Tribal drums are the focus of this mix with some sweet toms in there. This is a great tool to add to your kit! 

Free Tunes - Lucas Hart

Coming from Victoria, Canada we've got Lucas Hart. We try to provide a variety of music here on The Kick It Blog. Well, if you are looking for some more "Pop" remixes for your bag, check out Lucas' Soundcloud page. He's got 4 remixes up as well as 2 originals. "Because of You" has got a phat old school feel with a good "dose" of acid in there! Chunky rolling bass and some classic vox stabs fill it out.

Lucas Hart on Soundcloud -

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Featured Artist - Rektchordz - Teck-funk Constuction Kit

Rektchordz is one of my favorite producers right now. When it comes to Tech-Funk, he is laying down the business!! He's part of U&A Records. Home to the likes of Elite Force, Meat Katie, Dopamine, and Zodiac Cartel and also keeps a solid tour schedule. I voted for his remix of "Daily Grind" for "Best Remix" for the 2010 Breakspoll Awards. I also brought him over to the US for his first time this past summer and it was well worth and also I was glad to have done it! Recently Rekt has completed a sample pack for Zenhiser. It's filled with all kinds of good stuff so make sure to pick this up for yourselves. Here is what Rektchordz himself  had to say about the process and the product.

"Last year I was approached by Zenhiser to put together a sample pack. Instantly I new that I wanted to bring more Tech-funk samples to the currently booming online sample collections. I went into it with an honest mind, with the goal of breaking things down into a realistic look into how I go about my Tech-funk productions. Every sound was made and processed to give it the contemporary Tech -funk feel and of course this covers a much wider spectrum than the genre specific sample kits. I hope you enjoy using these samples as much as I enjoyed creating them."

Recktchordz Sample Pack -

Rektchordz on Soundcloud -

Rektchordz on Myspace -

Backbeat Soundsystem - "Daily Grind" - Rektchordz Club Mix -

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Free Tune - Sugar Daddy-O - MYSL Edit & Free Mix - Shortround Winter Fresh

Last week we featured a Re-Edit from Move Ya & Steve Lavers. This week we're bringing you another one. MYSL put a little spin on CJ Bolland's "Sugar Daddy-O" the Armand Van Helden Remix.  Giving it a funked up breakbeat feel MYSL do a nice job of refreshing this tune. The track has some great change ups while retaining some of the good qualitys of the original and adding lots of new stuff to the foray. Download it now for FREE :)

Move Ya & Steve Lavers on SoundCloud -

CJ Bolland - "Sugar Daddy-O" - Armand Van Helden Remix (MYSL Edit) -

Next up we have a breaks mix coming at you from an upcoming New England based Breaks Dj. Dj Shortround has been hitting the local circuit and gaining popularity here in the North East. Download his "Winter MIx" and find out why.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Free Tune - Backbeat Soundsystem - Daily Grind - Rektchordz Club Mix

Well as another week in 2010 comes to an end we are closing things out with a big freakin bang! Recently we featured a killer mix from Tech-funk master Rektchordz. Well, Rektchordz' sound has changed a bit over the years and he has not always made the same type of tunes as he predominantly does right now. That being said, the style of  his remix of "Daily Grind" is also different. I have been giving this tune heavy rotation for a couple of months now and it is also my favorite tune of the year!! The original version is a laid back Reggae track coming from Backbeat SoundSystem. Backbeat are a UK based band described as Live, Hip-Hop, D&B, Jazz & Breakbeat, Funky, Sexy, Party, Reggae. Thats quite a descriptive mouthful but their music is really killer stuff and Rektchordz takes "Daily Grind" and pumps it full of power and emotion the Nu Skool way. He takes an awesome tune and just kicks it into the next dimension! If you'd like to vote for this for "Best Remix" as I did, head over to the Breakspoll website, today is the last day for voting!

Breakspoll Website -

Backbeat SoundSystem on Myspace -

Rektchordz on Myspace -

Backbeat SoundSystem - "Daily Grind" - Rektchordz Club Mix -

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Deadmau5 - "Ghosts N Whatever" - Robin Steal Pump Up Your Mau5e Re-Rub

Today we have another take on "Ghosts N Whatever" from Deadmau5. Robin Steal pumps up this jam with vocal samples from Technotronic's 1989 classic. The overall flow of the tune is maintained throughout the meat of the track but the breakdowns are total reworks. Stretching them out and addding some real glitch to them, the breakdowns are much more interesting. If you enjoy playing mixes that others don't have, then this one is definitely for you.

Deadmau5 Website -

Deadmau5 - "Ghosts N Whatever" - Robin Steal Pump Up Your Mau5e Re-Rub -

Friday, February 12, 2010

Farace Friday - Upcoming Schedule

Well, it's that time of week again. It's Farace Friday and today we are going to talk about Farace's upcoming gig schedule. As I've stated before, Farace not only makes some serious tunas, he's also an awesome fisherman. Just kidding, seriously though, he is a kick ass Dj as well. When it comes to rocking the floor and hyping the crowd, the one they call Farace, get's it jumpin in the place. His track selection is on point and he mixes in his on productions along with exclusive edits you won't be hearing anyone else drop. Farace has been invited to play at the 2010 Breakspoll Awards, one of only a few Americans asked to play this year. His 2010 schedule is getting quite busy so I've posted it below so you all can mark your calendars and get your butts out there on the dance floor to see him!!

Farace 2010 Gig Schedule
Feb. 25th - Breakspoll @ Fabric - London
Feb. 26th - Weberknecht Austria - Vienna
Feb. 27th - Dub Pistols, Farace @ Cafe Leopold - Wien
Mar. 6th - La Viance Music Festival - Grooveland, FL
Mar. 17th - SXSW - Austin, Texas
Mar. 20th - Phuk The Politics @ Blue Room - Jax, FL
Mar. 24th - WMC, Tru Skool Breaks - South Beach, FL
Mar. 27th - Ultra Music Festival 2010 - Miami, FL
May 21st - Venue Nightclub - New Britain, CT

Farace on Myspace -

Farace's Website -

Free Mix - Hexadecimal - Acid Licks - Production Mix

Starting things off on this early Friday morning we have last night's guest mix from The Shoe Skool Sessions on NSB Radio. Hexadecimal was kind enough to provide us with his "Acid Licks" Ableton Production Mix.

Scott Reeder AKA Hexadecimal has been realeasing tracks since 2002. His first two remixes were picked up by James Zabiela and The Plumps. That's one way to get things moving in the right direction! He is also about to release a 14 track album and he won "Best Breakthrough Dj" at the 2007 International Breakspoll Awards.  Hexadecimal is a seriously determined fellow who owns in the studio as well as behind the decks. His Acid Licks mix we have here gives an excellent display of his capabilities rippin through 28 tracks in just under an hour. It's a well crafted mix that keeps a solid groove and builds steadily.

"When it comes to breaking the scene, Hexadecimal has proved his worth and then some, but with his unwavering determination at the helm, there’s no sitting back and basking in the glory. He sees this as still just the launch pad to a career doing what he loves best, and while the ‘to do’ list is always growing, the drive and passionate dedication of Hexadecimal tick all the boxes for success."

Hexadecimal's album Base 16 comes out on Distinctive Records on 10th May :)

Hexadecimal - Serious Action Feat Percydread + Dub Menace Mix [DISN188]
Release date - 22nd March 2010.

After the well received debut EP from the fast rising beat-meister Scott Reeder (AKA Hexadecimal) here comes single number 2, 'Serious Action'. Taken from his soon come debut album Base 16.

Not sure if there is a genre yet called Reggae Breaks or Dub Beats but if there was then this track would be there. The track features the sound-system styled vocals from the Nottingham-based troubadour Percy Dread. Possibly best known for fronting one of the UKs best loved roots reggae combos the Natural-Ites, Percy doesn’t stray far from his Rasta sensibilities and his poetic lyric melds with electronic beats with surprising aplomb.

On the flip Bristol newcomers 'Dub Menace' blur the lines between dubstep and UK Funky, dropping heavy basslines and low slung beats. Great things ahead surely for this west country pairing.

Hexadecimal on Myspace -

Hexadecimal on SoundCloud -

Hexadecimal - "Acid Licks" -

Hexadecimal - Acid Licks
01 Hexadecimal - Acid Lick
02 Hexadecimal - Architechure
03 Hexadecimal - Shuffle Over
04 Hexadecimal - Rock Like That
05 Hexadecimal - Twisted Planet
06 Hexadecimal - Get Funky
07 Hexadecimal - Hard On
08 Hexadecimal - Big Money
09 Hexadecimal - Trip Switch
10 Hexadecimal - Star Destroyer
11 Hexadecimal - Ripkick
12 Hexadecimal - New Skool Rules
13 Hexadecimal - Belly of the Beats
14 Hexadecimal - Old Skool Rules
15 Hexadecimal - Space Monster
16 Hexadecimal - On Middle Ground
17 Hexadecimal - Groove Buster
18 Hexadecimal - Killer Hertz
19 Sound Alliance & Hexadecimal - Lennie Cramsit
[Architech's re-think]
20 Architech - AM PM [Studio 24]
21 Frakard - Alive [Architech's Extended Big Money Mix]
22 Antipop & The Phat Conductor - Mugwump [Architech's Blitz Mix]
23 Hexadecimal - Cold Rock [Architech's original Mix]
24 Hexadecimal - Funky See Funky Don't [Architech's re-think]
25 Heaven & Earth Division - Chicago Bounce to This
[Architech remix]
26 Hexadecimal - Spectrum Theme [Architech's Darkside mix]
27 Sound Alliance - Instead Of [Architech remix]
28 Spectrum 48k [Outro]

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free Tune - Sneaky Pimps - Spin Spin Saccharin - MYSL Rubber

Today's tasty treat comes from Move Ya & Steve Lavers. Adding some elastic action to The Sneaker Pimps' "Spin Spin Sugar", this re-rub gives some fresh flavor to a classic track. If you're not familair with the original you must have spent the last 13 years in a closet. Well, it's time to come out and see the world. Spin spin sugar, a sweet little break( no pun intended) is added along with some minor changes. Move Ya & Steve Lavers have been putting out quality tunes for over 5 years and I have more than one of their tracks in my collection including some on vinyl. They have had tracks featued by The Plumps, in a soundtrack to a Sci-Fi show, and "Rock Me" has been one of Audio Bug's biggest singles to date. Bring back the "old days" and remanisce a bit with this one!

Moya Ya & Steve Lavers on Myspace -

Sneaky Pimps - Spin Spin Saccharin - MYSL Re-Rub -

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Tune - Mr. Oizo - Sucer Danser - Kamei Remix

Happy Hump Day everybody!! I hope you are all having a good week so far. Spicing things up a bit today is Kamei's Remix of Mr Oizo's "Sucer Danser". I have been noticing a real trend of bangin music coming from the French recently! Can you say Dilemn for one. Granted they may seem a bit strange to me as an American ;) but hey, aren't we all. Mr Oizo doesn't not fall far from the tree. Quality music with an abstact style. Keeping himself busy in and out of the studio his marketing material is thought provoking to say the least. "Flat Beat" is pretty much a classic in my book at this point. "Sucer Danser" is not a peak time track originally but Kamei from Brazil sex it up with some Latin flavor and a groovy rolling bassline. Get em warmed up with this one.

Mr Oizo on Myspace -

Kamei on Myspace -

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free Tune - Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed - Penguin Prison Remix Ft. Theophilus London

If you like Sexy tracks with dope vocals, then today’s tune will be right up your alley! Ellie Goulding is making her mark with her signature vocals. Born in England she also plays guitar and writes her own lyrics. After winning multiple awards in 2009, she is quickly rising to the top. Her first full length album is do out the first of March. Her current tour schedule is massive as well! Penguin Prison do some pretty interesting stuff as well. 80’s synthy pop with a good dose of House. Well, their remix of “Starry Eyed” is pure magic. It features some dope vocals from Theophilus London and some great slap bass. Ellie’s vocals are used just right. Definitely a real quality tune.

Ellie Goulding on Myspace -

Penguin Prison on Myspace -

Theophilus London on Myspace -

Ellie Goulding - "Starry Eyed" - Penguin Prison Remix Ft. Theophilus London -

Monday, February 8, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Dirty Loud - Disco Recordz - J2K Re-Fix

Brazilian duo Dirty Loud, are some talented new comers. Focusing mainly on Progressive/Electro House and Trance, their music pulls pieces from all genres. These two boys from south of the equator are laying down some serious beats. They have many originals like "Dirt", a rockish/proggy driving tune and "Disco Recordz", my personal favorite. This track has mad energy and some sweet zappy bass. The "I'm only dancing" vocal is cheeky but awesome at the same time and it gets stuck in my head for days at a time, yet I love it!! The sample work is phenomenal and the track never gets boring. A definte floor banger. Available only here on the Kick It Blog, we have the J2K Re-Fix. Check out Dirty Loud's Myspace for some more seriously banging tunes!!

Dirty Loud on Myspace -

Dirty Loud - Disco Recordz - J2K Re-Fix -

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Deadmau5 Ft. Rob Swire - Ghosts N Stuff - TJFX Ghosts N Tings Re-Rack

Love him or hate him, Deadmau5 makes some pretty serious tunes. His "Ghosts and Stuff" has got to be the most remixed track of 2009! "Need a Ladder" makes awesome use of a Zelda sample and the change up in it is nasty. I also saw him LIVE at The Firestone in FL on my 30th birthday and it was a pretty bangin set! The version of "Ghosts & Stuff" we have here features some killer vocals from Rob Swire. TJFX, The Sneaker of S&D, rubs a little magic on this one and glitches it out a bit. You can't get this version anywhere else :)

Deadmau5 Website -

Deadmau5 Ft. Rob Swire - "Ghosts N Stuff" - TJFX Ghosts N Tings Re-Rack -

Friday, February 5, 2010

Farace Friday - Free Stuff

NEW RELEASE - Jonan - "Static" - Farace Remixes
Holy mackerel have we got a lot to go over today!!
First off, TGIF and you know what that means, it’s Farace Friday friends. Starting things off, let’s talk about Farace’s new release on VCR. Jonan releases a BP exclusive called “Static” with an assortment of remixes. The original is Progressive House but Farace was asked to step up on remix duties and he came back at em with two mixes. First up is the Chill Out mix. Maintaining the original feeling Farace slows er down to Dubstep tempo. It’s a pretty bad ass tune. Next up is the Breaks mix. Kick-ing It up with a big fat bassline and a healthy dose of acid this is another fine tune from Farace. You can download all the mixes here -

FREE MIX - Rektchordz - Filthy Inspiration Sessions
Next up we have a free mix coming at you from the one Rektchordz. “Filthy Inspiration Sessions” is a Tech Funk journey through many of Rekt’s new tunes and remixes. When it comes to this style, Rektchordz is really laying it down. He’s producing awesome tracks and this mix is done right. Download it and find out for yourself why his name is spreading fast!

Rektchordz - Filthy Inspiration Winter Mix 2010
1. Kaiser Disco- Amalfino (MBF)
2. Zodiac Cartel-All Day (U&A)
3. Stripper - Stripper Theme (Giant Pussy)
4. Rektchordz- We Are Loud (CDR)
5. Sam Hell - Mothership (Rektchordz Remix) (Trickery Collective)
6. Rektchordz – Speaker Bump (Loops of Fury Remix) (U&A)
7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (Elite Force Re-Fix)
8. Rektchordz - Lush (AUX)
9. Freerange Djs - Back To The Old Jack (Rektchordz Remix) (APE)
10. Tim Healey & Felguk - RIO (Giant Pussy)
11. Freerange Djs - Drop That Beat ( IF:IM Remix)
12. Rektchordz - SpeakerBump (U&A)

Rektchordz Filthy Inspiration Sessions -

FREE TUNE - Justice - "DVNO" - LA Riots Remix - Kick It Breaks Edit

The next course we have for you is of the free tuna variety. When you mention a name like Justice, there is not a lot that you can say, that has not already been said. His tracks are ridiculous and his style is unique to say the least. Well, everyone loves having an edit that no one else is playing. Fortunately for you, we here at Kick It love to help you be that guy. LA Riots also have a style all their own and they are putting out some pretty dope ass shit as well. Their remix of “DVNO” is no let down. What’s that, it’s not breaky enough for you? Fear not, Kick It Breaks Edit. Get it only here!

Justice – “DVNO” LA Riots Remix (Kick It Breaks Edit) -


Finally, it’s time to talk about Breakspoll. NSB Radio is up for “Best Breakbeat Radio Station” again this year and of course it would be awesome to win again!! No other station is bringing you LIVE Djs 24/7 – 365 days a year from all around the world!! While you are there, make sure to vote for Ben & Lex for “Best Radio Show” , as well as "Best Compilation or Mix" – Kick It Compilation Vol. 2, and “Best Blog” –
Head on over

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Featured Artist - Diistortiion - AU

Today we are talking about Diistortiion, a personal favorite dj of mine. I first caught Diistortiion ripping it up on NSB Radio ( while I was at work one early Wednesday morning about 8am. Well he started my day off right that day and from then on, I made sure to catch his show whenever possible. Since then I have heard many of his radio shows, multiple mixes, and have played a number of his tracks myself. His "Sonic Clarity" mix was in my CD changer for at least a year and his remix of "Wicked" with Pendulum is ridiculous. He also does a sweet little rub of NAPT's "Get Back" with "Champion Sound" that will get any floor hoppin! His original tunes are also well done and have a home in my collection and have made their way into my sets on more than one occasion. Diistortiion's new mix "How I Roll" does not dissapoint with the first bit taking you on a breakbeat rocket warping you through tunes at light speed while a third of the way in it begins to take shape. It features some serious tuneage and is mixed properly. Another awesome mix that I will be playing for awhile to come. Diistortiion is a dj's dj in my opinion. You can get his mix and his NAPT Re-Rub below and a whole bunch more stuff on his Soundcloud page.
Diistortiion on Soundcloud -

Diistortiion - "How I Roll" - Dj Mix

Diistortiion - Get Back Vs Champion Sound Re-Rub

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Release - KIR232 - Lupo - Star Raging Havoc

Happy freakin Groundhog's Day fans of Kick It. For today we release Lupo's "Star Raging Havoc". This is a huge tuna people with killer remixes to boot!! Lupo delivers the goods with a funky big room track. The drums are super crisp and once it gets going she's an all out banger.
Access Denied are going to tear you a new earhole with their remix. This is one serious tune that will hurt some speakers for sure. Driving bass gives way to a super funky riff on the breakdown. Serious rolls and edits round out the package. Last but not least Dj Phunkae puts his signature jazzy feel on the track. Still a bangin tune with a more funky feel then the AD mix and plenty of bleeps and zaps to go around. Do not sleep on this release folks!!

Tom Llupa - "Look forward to dropping this"

Bass Reflections - "Lupo has really put together a great tune here. I am really loving this massive electro anthem! The edits, huge bass, and perfect synths really drive this tune from the first beat. This release slams from the top to the bottom and will have a spot in my DJ bag for years to come."

Free Tune - Sub Focus - Could This Be Real - Dane O Edit

Sub Focus is definitely the man of the hour  in D&B right now. A self taught producer, he has been producing since age 13. He's now been releasing tracks since 2003, on Frequency originally and Ram Records as of late. His tracks are pure fire, his gig schedule is insane, and everyone is remixing his tracks. So you knew it was only a matter of time before we had something of his rubbed for you. "Could This Be Real" gets an edit from Dane O. The original intro to the tune is really not going to work for most breaks sets. Low and behold, now you're in the clear. Mostly the original with a breakbeat layed over the intro it keeps all of the songs original feeling adding just a couple of edits for a bit of extra flavor. Stop, drop, and roll.

Sub Focus on Myspace -

Sub Focus - Could This Be Real - Dane O Edit -

Monday, February 1, 2010

Free Tune - StarKillers - Bitch Ass Trick - Datadex Edit

Las Vegas' own StarKillers are "re-inventing progressive". Now whether or not that's true, they do have some cool tunes. Granted they are not going to fit in a breaks set for the most part, but that's what Re-Rubs are for. Say no more, I have just what you need. Datadex take StarKillers' "Bitch Ass Trick" and put a break on it. Now it's a solid breabeat tuna ready to roll. Put this in your pipe and smoke it :)

StarKillers on Myspace -

StarKillers - "Bitch Ass Trick" - Datadex Edit -