Monday, June 30, 2014

New Release - KIR346 - Shokstix - Venom

For Kick It Recordings newest release we have a banging Electro House track from Melbourne’s own Shokstix, hitting us with an epic masterpiece simply titled, “Venom”! With hard hitting remixes from Beatz Projekted and Saam Roberts, this is a release of astronomical proportions and you certainly don’t want to miss out on all this gnarliness!!!

It’s hard to overstate how big Shokstix goes right from the first nuance of “Venom”, slamming listeners with a massive kick/snare combo on top of low ridding bass, airy vocal like side-chained sweeps and filtering leads,right before they head into a short lived, high energy buildup!

Before Shokstix shows off their atmospheric skills with a cerebral breakdown, they give us a little taste of the grinding meat that’s held within “Venom”, leaving nothing to the imagination they seamlessly blend between peaktime dance action and the entrancing buildups and breakdowns that make this such a fantastic release!

Firstly on remix duties is the world traveling, rising star, Beatz Projekted dropping a killer combo of Progressive and a straight up intense Electro soundscape giving listeners a little funky feel before he goes all out with talking leads, chilling sweeps, and arpeggiated mid and low ends that truly ramp up “Venom” to a whole new level!!!

Last but certainly not least is Kick It Recordings own Saam Roberts, and man does he deliver a heads down, feet to the floor, triplet infused, Electro bumper of a remix!  Trading some of the high end nastiness that Shokstix has placed throughout “Venom” with a low and dirty bassline that is sure to strike the fancy of harder Electro fans, Saam Roberts closes out KIR346 proper and in style.

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The Crystal Method - "Strong Tracks!"

Hot Shit! - "Amazing release! I will play it definitely in our show in a radio from our country call Dirty Beats!"

Dave Jacob - "Hi level electro house! Full support!"

Joe C - "All 3 are great mixes. Solid release!"

Radio Corsaro - "Good remix from Saam Roberts!"

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Free Mix - Stereotypically Dance-Off - Hotcakes Promo Mix 2014

Here's what The Dance-Off Dj's have to say about this slamming mix that blends genre's like nobody's business:

"What do you get when the Hotcakes Crew meets The Dance-Off Dj's???? A monster Party, that's bloody what!!!! Coming straight outta the mixer and into your speakers like an out of control freight train, we bring you this bass orientated megalodon to really start your party off the right way this summer. 

Featuring the likes of Deekline, Stanton Warriors, Ed solo, Mafia Kiss, 7db, Jurassik, Rubi Dan, Beatslappaz, UFO Project, Pirate jams, Colombo, Ying n Yang, Marshall F, Jinx-In-dub, Command strange, Zinc, Wilkinson, Hamilton, Benny Page, Bad Company, Noisia, Friction, Darrison, Chris.Su and many more"

Download this mix for free by stopping by The Dance Off Soundsystem's Facebook Fanpage!!!

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Free Track - Kiesza - Hideaway - Final Conflict Remix

Final Conflict gives Kiesza's "Hideaway" a funky Breakbeat treatment of pure dance goodness, delivering an atmospheric banger that's perfect for any Summer set!!!

Complete with slamming vocals, Final Conflict combines the use of reverb saturated leads, and hollow melodies to complement "Hideaway", with a clean and pumping Breakbeat he makes sure that this track will be played over and over again!!!   

Download this fantastic tune for free by going to the Final Conflict Facebook Fanpage!!!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Free Track - Major Lazer Ft. Pharrell Williams - Aerosol Can - Stoneway Remix

Yes!!! Coming at us with a funky driver is the one like Stoneway with his bigger than life Electro House remix of Major Lazer and Pharrell's "Aerosol Can", hitting us with waves and waves of good vibes and grooves!!!

With two quick and gnarly breakdowns Stoneway makes sure to pack in as much meat as he can into the already delicious sound sandwich that is "Aerosol Can", giving listeners and dancers a perfect peaktime remix that flows to the smooth vocals of Pharrell, as they are transported away into dance heaven!!!

Pick this up for free well you can from the Stoneway Soundcloud page!!!  

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Free Track - Mos Def vs. Jurassic 5 - Golden Mathematics - Chamber Mashup

Chamber does it again!!! This time he drops a Hip Hop fueled, funky fresh mashup, utilizing vocals from Mos Def and Jurassic 5 to give us "Golden Mathematics"!!!

Hitting a ten on the dope scale, Chamber delivers pristine production with a banging and gritty beat, with amazing lyrics from Mos Def he creates a perfect track to open, close, or even cool down a set with, making "Golden Mathematics", just one in many fantastic remixes from this seasoned producer!

Pick this and many others up for free by visiting the Chamber Facebook Fanpage, slap a like on it to unlock some groovy sounds!!! 

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Free Track - Swanky Tunes - Scratch vs Star 69 - Joe C Breaks Edit

The one like Joe C drops an epic track today, blasting us with a massive Breaks edit that anyone in their right mind would download! 

Utilizing vocals from Fatboy Slim's "Star 69" and fantastic samples from Swanky Tunes' "Scratch", he delivers a perfect combo that will have the dance floor shaking to the rhythm of "Scratch vs Star 69" until they collapse!!!

Kicking things into high gear right off the bat with a swinging Breakbeat, vocal samples, an array of stabs, and wide sweeps, Joe C quickly gets down to business adding vocals from "Star 69" and the classic leads of "Scratch" before heading into the short, and only breakdown of "Scratch vs Star 69", building up with vocals and synth stabs as he then sends us straight back into the groovy meat of this amazing tune!

Download this track for free today by going to Joe C's Soundcloud or, visit his Facebook Fanpage and give it a like!!!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Free Track - Kiesza - Hideaway - Kid Digital Remix

Today we have a very energetic dance floor masterpiece from the one like Kid Digital, as he gives the good old Breakbeat treatment to Kiesza's "Hideaway", delivering broken fire to the masses like never before!!!

With two vocal fueled breakdowns, wonderful reverb infused leads, and an all out attack of sub ridding bass, Kid Digital delivers a perfect remix of "Hideaway", that every Breaks DJ must have!!! 

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Free Track - The Lonely Island ft. Lil Jon - When Will The Bass Drop - Zera Remix

If you follow the current trends in dance music, or don't, you most likely have still stumbled upon the Lonely Island parody song "When Will The Bass Drop", some might find the popular rise of "EDM" disheartening, as big media and labels hop on a train conducted by what seems to be deaf listeners, and yet most of us still take it with a grain of salt, and a dash of humor. 

For the producers and DJs who strive to polish their craft there is always room to laugh, and always time to take things a bit less seriously, I mean dancing and loosing yourself inside music is all about having fun and enjoying life in earnest, so this one is for us, a wonderfully, blatant, yet appropriate banger!!!

Supplying us with a full on Breakbeat club smasher is the one like Zera, turning "When Will The Bass Drop" from a standard four to the floor, hands in the air cliche, into a groovy tune that dancers can really get down too and enjoy...and trust me...this track is 100% made to be mixed and manipulated, just as it should be!!!

Like most artists, Zera utilizes Facebook to enable downloads for listeners, this time around you better be sure to hit that like button on the Zera Facebook Page, you don't want to miss out on this track!!!! 

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Free Track - FUBAR Electro - Addictions

Here we go!!! The one like FUBAR Electro has just released a fantastic banger that he made a while ago for free!!! "Addictions" still competes with other peaktime Electro tracks from the present, FUBAR delivers an amazing amount of sound and space within this driving floor crusher!

Featuring haunting vocals that most tracks from today seem to lack, he accompanies them with upbeat Progressive like side-chained bass and synths, creating a powerful dance anthem with "Addictions"!!!

Pick this awesome tune up for free by visiting the download link!!!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Free Mix - Deformaty - Best Of Breaks 2013 vol. 2

Today we have an amazing mix from the one like Deformaty, with his "Best of Breaks 2013 Vol.2", featuring 100% Deformaty originals and remixes, and a bunch of tracks from Kick It Recordings!!!

Pick this mix up for free by visiting the Deformaty Facebook Fan Page and give it a like!!!

Deformaty "Best of Breaks 2013 Vol. 2"

01. - G-line "What's the beef" Deformaty Remix 
02. - Far Too Loud "Acid 9000" Deformaty Remix 
03. - Beatz Projekted "Gotta Let It Go" Deformaty Remix
04. - Joe C "Blasted Jive" Deformaty Remix 
05. - Blade "Dark Shadows" Deformaty Remix 
06. - Blacklist "Poor Fusion" Deformaty Remix 
07. - Retchid "Shine" Deformaty Remix 
08. - Chrisbeats "See You Apache" Deformaty Remix 
09. - Deadslim "Everybody's Crazy" Deformaty Remix 
10. - Jordan Clayton "Take Off" Deformaty Remix 
11. - Gena Volgarev "Nezdahn" Deformaty Remix 
12. - Night Bandit "This Just In" Deformaty Remix 

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Free Track - Crystal Rock & DJ Shwann - Overdose

Once again DJ Shwann drops an atomic bomb of nastiness on us, this time he combines forces with  Crystal Rock, creating a peaktime, Big Room, bass rocking anthem, fittingly titled "Overdose"!

Here's what DJ Shwann has to say about his latest freebie -

"Crystal Rock & I once again team up to bring you a Big Room festival stormer that features an Electro-tinged hands in the air break and a chunky percussive drop that's sure to set the party off!"

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Free Track - Route 94 - My Love - Freestylers Refix

That's right, the one's like Freestylers have just released a fantastic remix of Route 94's "My Love", and man does this Breakbeat jammer rock the floor!!!

He's what the Freestylers have to say about it! 

"We loved the original version so much, we thought we'd give it a refix! We've pumped up the vibe of the original without taking away any of the soul. The track has been going down a treat in our sets with people asking us "what's this version", so here it is for you to download so u can rave around for living rooms every night of the week!"

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Free Track - Harrys & Fly, DJ Shwann - Manhunt - Shwann Vocal Edit

Today we have an excellent free track from the one like DJ Shwann, with his vocal edit of his own track "Manhunt" that features a collaboration with Harrys & Fly!!!

DJ Shwann recently broke 6000 SoundCloud followers, and in appreciation, he has released his Electro House banger, "Manhunt" the vocal edit, (which also features a few edits to the track & adjustments to the mastering) of his recent collaboration with Harrys & Fly!

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