Monday, December 23, 2013

New Release - KIR333 - G-Line - I Put My Life On The Line - Remixes by Jordan Clayton and Gena Volgarev

G-Line charged with hard hitting Electro House power lays down the hands up anthem “I Put My Life On The Line”! Coming at you with with remixes from Gena Volgarev and Jordan Clayton, KIR333 is an epic Electro infused release!!!

“I Put My Life On The Line” is the epitome of the modern Electro House sound, the crisp festival-esque Trance leads are paralleled perfectly by beautiful vocals and pitch bent synth lines. Within the side-chained bass stabbing meat of G-Line's peaktime monster there is an uncompromising force and a raw driving energy that shines through, ultimately engulfing listeners with good vibes and gnarly dance fueled grooves which in any situation will last until the night is finished leaving all satisfied!

The young upstart that is Jordan Clayton holds nothing back with his hauntingly intense remix of “I Put My Life On The Line”! Fist pumping action is supplied by a soundscape created with a myriad of synths and leads that hold up well against its peak-time counterparts and helps keep this release rocking from beginning to end!

Rounding out the remixes we have Gena Volgarev who smashes us with a funky and aggressive take on “I Put My Life On The Line”! Lead plucks saturated with wide reverb take hold of the reins as triplet stabs ride alongside a deep and low 4/4 beat, quickly transforming into a Big Room foot shuffling banger that’s pushed by atmospheric leads and the larger than life vocals that make this such a fantastic release!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 01/06/2014

Support From

Louise "Fifties" O"Donnell (LSM) - "Great harmonic BIG room sounds!"

Saam Roberts - "Jordan smashed this! Full support!"

Joe C - "Good electro big room sound!"

Dave Jacob - "Good track and really nice remixes!"

Marco Weber - "Awsome bassdrop in the Gena Volgarev Remix!"

Reality Randy - "Love the vocals!"

Radio Corsaro - "beatiful remix, insert to my playlist!"

   OUT NOW!! KIR333 G-Line - I Put My Life On The Line - Remixes by Jordan Clayton and Gena Volgarev by Kick It Recordings

G-Line on Soundcloud -

Jordan Clayton on Soundcloud -

Gena Volgarev on Soundcloud -

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Free Track - Tim Berg - Seek Bromance - Jordan Clayton Big Roomance Bootleg

Banging Big Room business is the name of the game as Jordan Clayton overhauls Tim Berg's massive epic "Seek Bromance"; dropping a powerful atmospheric bomb of down and dirty, reverb driven, explosive action, sending quakes and tremors across the dance floor!

Immediately engaging listeners with low riding side-chained bass and quick and crisp shuffles, Jordan Clayton builds up to a vocal fueled breakdown that features delayed synth pops and plucks, creating a beautiful soundscape before heading into pitch fluctuating Big Room gnarliness!

With a top notch 4/4 beat, fantastic synth work, and intensely heartfelt vocals, Jordan Clayton hits this one out of the park, busting out car windows with a grand slam, of hard bass! Pick this up for free by visiting the Jordan Clayton Facebook Page!!!        

  Tim Berg - Seek Bromance [Jordan Clayton 'Big Roomance' Bootleg] *Free Download* by Jordan Clayton

Download Link -

Jordan Clayton on Twitter -

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Release - KIR332 - Fantastic Boyz - Funked Up a Bit

The Fantastic Boyz deliver a pure Electro House banger that’s packed to the brim with off kilter rhythms, sexy vocal chops, and a massively strange atmosphere, all sewn together by a heavy triplet infused beat, inside their new release “Funked Up a Bit”!

Utilizing a vast array of sounds and textures Fantastic Boyz create a balls to the wall experience, taking us on a journey guided by pounding drums, bending lasers, low riding pads, catchy leads, gnarly grinds, and if as that wasn’t enough “Funked Up a Bit” features energy fueled vocals that send listeners right over the edge and into dance madness!

First up bringing the peaktime heat, Hot Shit! delivers a straight up Complextro driven Electro House chugger, it’s funky vibes and aggressive buildups are complemented perfectly by beautiful strings and sweeps in the epic breakdowns of “Funked Up a Bit”!

Nothing screams funk like a remix from Direct Input, and he hits the nail on the head laying down a laidback Breakbeat jammer that picks up speed and grinding bassline goodness as high pitched leads and Amens give “Funked Up a Bit” a gigantic feeling and soundscape!

Lastly, G-line drops a killer Electro remix of “Funked Up a Bit” that is sure to devastate any club it comes in contact with! The hard bass action is the definition of heavy, leaving nothing and no one standing when it’s done!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 12/30/2012

Support From

The Crystal Method - "The Direct Input Mix is hot!"

Kickflip - "Tidy big room stuff on the G-Line remix!"

Run Riot - "Strong package. Feeling the original most. Cheers!"

Saam Roberts - "I feel a bit like a broken record but Direct Input takes it for me, everything he touches turns to gold!"

Don Marco - "Hot Shit! Remix is great, love the drop!"

Gena Volgarev - "Cheerful crazy remix Hot Shit! Feels freedom and ease! Negligence bass gives chip track!"

Dj Asyk - "#thatbassline on the G-Line remix.. awesome!! Nice release in all but it has to be that remix for me!"

Active Gear - "Gonna be all over this when I play out tonight, all the mixes are top, but the Hot Shit! Remix is the one for the dance floor tonight :)"

Radio Corsaro - "Beauftiful remix from G-Line!!! 10+"

Purchase Here on Beatport!!

   KIR332 - Fantastic Boyz - Funked Up a Bit - Remixes by Hot SHit!, Direct Input and G-Line OUT 12/16 by Kick It Recordings

Fantastic Boyz on Soundcloud -

Hot Shit! on Soundcloud -

Direct Input on Soundcloud -

G-Line on Soundcloud -

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Free Mix - Saam Roberts - End of Year Mix 2013

Saam Roberts drops a live mix from his show at Undertone in Cardiff, filling our ears with massive Electro House tracks that are the embodiment of  2013, from Big Room to Complextro, this mix has it all!

It is easy to put yourself in the shoes of a dancer, as Saam Roberts fills the room with pure energy and aggression, throwing down gigantic tunes from artists like, Porter Robinson, Alvin Risk, Sick Individuals, and some unique bangers from Saam himself, bringing all of us a fantastic end of the year mix!

Saam Roberts - End of Year Mix 2013

01. - Saam Roberts feat.BBK "ID" 
02. - Clean & Sober "Trigger" 
03. - Porter Robinson "Unison" Mikkas Remix 
04. - KTN "KTN" Alvin Risk Remix 
05. - Firebeatz & Schella "Wicked" 
06. - Yoonbell Feat Ryan Ellingson "Sympathy" Vince Pepper Remix 
07. - Sick Individuals, Dannic "Blueprint" 
08. - Thomas Newson "Pallaroid" 
09. - Deorro "Dechorro" 
10. - Absorbtion, Rob Jones "Right Now" 
12. - Sick Individuals Vs Marcus Schossow & Sebjak "Kemi Drum Machine" Saam Roberts Mashup

Saam Roberts on Facebook -  

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Free Track - Katy B - 5AM - Jordan Clayton Bootleg

Jordan Clayton has just unleashed his feel good Progressive House remix of Katy B's "5AM", and if the groove doesn't sell you right away, the killer synth work will!

Uplifting and beautiful, the first notes of "5AM" immediately captivate and pull listeners into Jordan Clayton's driving and mysterious world of reverb saturated Trance leads, as a pounding 4/4 beat bangs away in the dark, everyone will be moving to this peaktime jam!

With epic breakdowns filled with Kate B's hauntingly tender vocals, sub rumbling bass, and synths that draw a wonderful picture of a late night cityscape, Jordan Clayton hits this one out of the park and into a moonlit sky!

Pick this track up for free by giving Jordan Clayton's Facebook Page a like, you will be glad you did! Kick It!!!  

  Katy B - 5AM (Jordan Clayton Bootleg) [Free DL link below!] by Jordan Clayton

Download Link -

Jordan Clayton on Twitter -

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Free Track - Empire Of The Sun - Alive - Zedd Remix - Farace & Dave Berg ReEdit

Farace and Dave Berg drop pure Breakbeat goodness with their re edit of Empire of The Sun's "Alive", giving all us Breaks heads a wonderful free tune that is bangin and epic in all the right places!!!

A quick build up and mix in sets listeners up perfectly for a vocal fueled first breakdown, right before heading into a phat Breakbeat that is inundated with crisp, reverb infused Trance synths, bringing massive amounts of energy and life into "Alive"!

Directly following the uplifting riffs and large leads, Farace and Dave Berg take listeners into tear out goodness, slamming speakers with grinding bass and gnarly melodies, as the hard pound of drums glue every nuance of sound together, to form a beautiful remix of "Alive"!    

  Empire Of The Sun "Alive - Zedd Remix" (Farace & Dave Berg ReEdit) [FREE DL] by Dave Berg

Dave Berg on Facebook -

Farace on Facebook -

Monday, December 2, 2013

New Release - KIR330 - Chayo Nash - Buckingham - Produced by Farace

The Hip Hop fire that flows in the veins of Chayo Nash seems inextinguishable, his vocals are always on point and crisp when in the hands of the mastermind producer that is Farace, so it goes without saying that a 7 song album from these two talented individuals would change the game, and that’s just what they do with their down low release “Buckingham”!

KIR330 engages listeners immediately with the title track “Buckingham”, a deep bass groove and precise drums set a minimalistic stage for catchy lines from Chayo that are wrapped in wit and perfect observations on the club scene which has become the epitome of pop culture, giving us a perfect soundscape stepping stone into the album “Buckingham”!

Getting a little more aggressive with the second track “Come and Get It” is a quirky marriage of Hip Hop flavor and electronic madness fueled by feel good rhymes and a glitched out chorus that Farace has layered with pitched vocal chops behind Chayo’s voice that is a fantastic example of what happens when these two forces collide!

“Thirsty” is a dirty booty dropping banger that features Farace’s well known grimy and saturated vocal processing, this time around he parallels clean 808 hits and bendy leads with the hard hitting voice of Chayo Nash, delivering another track that wouldn’t be out of place in any popular top 100 charts!

The fourth song “Bass Bitch” brings Trap sounds and format to the mainstream forefront as Chayo’s vox are carefully and specifically auto tuned, without the normally extreme and sometimes overbearing use of this misunderstood effect, Farace and Chayo go to prove that everything can be good when used in measure!

Another killer combo of Hip Hop and EDM is unleashed on “Get Weird”, its dark atmosphere and pounding bass drive Chayo’s vocals as they are pitched and bent from one extreme to the other, giving us a catchy club anthem that can’t be denied!

Deep Breakbeats and Amens surround and engulf listeners in a heavy soundscape, well 8 bit esqe leads and Chayo’s flow bring a personal feel to “Roll Up”, dropping a night life city cruiser that shines and sounds as bright as the moon lit sky!

Closing things out proper Farace goes back to the first track “Buckingham” giving it a heart pounding Bass Dub remix that features chopped and cut vocals well delivering massive bass lines, well still maintaining the sounds that make the title track of this amazing album so powerful!!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 12/16/2013

Support From

Deformaty - "D-d-d-dope sauce! Hip hop isn't really my game, but I dig this!"

Kickflip - "Sounds tight and liking Come and Get It!"

Hot Shit! - "Pretty good Album ! Great tracks/Style! Top quality full support!!"

Wavewhore - "Nice work... Come and Get It and Buckingham are solid!!"

Sychosis - "Love the beats on this one, and Chayo's voice is on point. His lyrics are cool, and samplable-which I like in an MC. This all stuff I would listen to, as I"m not really playing any Hip Hop right now. Would love to see an Acapella pack released in the near future!"

Saam Roberts - "Love the full release, awesome work guys, this is fkn big!"

Dave Jacob - "Bass Bitch :)"

Don Marco - "I'm not a big hip-hop fan but all these tracks are sounding really clean mixed and powerfull!"

   KIR330 - Chayo Nash - Buckingham (Produced by Farace) Out 12/02/2013 by Kick It Recordings

Chayo Nash on Twitter -

Farace on Twitter -

Friday, November 29, 2013

Free Track - Rodney P - Trouble - Chamber vs. Syko Remix

Anyone that knows about fluid and fresh rhymes knows the one like Rodney P, and no one knows how to give a revamp to a Hip Hop tune like Chamber, this time he teams up with Syko to give us a slammin remix of Rodney P's "Trouble"!

Chamber delivers a funky, Dub driven, lighters up, Hip Hop anthem, utilizing deep guitar riffs, sexy horns, low organs, pounding bass hits, classic feeling drums, all complemented perfectly by amazing vocals from Rodney P, making "Trouble" a fantastic jam for any occasion! 

To pick this up for free, along with many other banging tracks, follow Chamber on Facebook, you wont be disappointed!!! 

  Rodney P - Trouble (Chamber vs. Syko Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by DJ Chamber

Download Link -

Chamber on Twitter -

Monday, November 25, 2013

New Release - KIR329 - Skeletron - Bombay - Remix by Joe C

Aggression and uncompromised energy lead the way in “Bombay”, the hard Electro House club smasher from Skeletron! The wonderful merger of old school bassline rhythms and the grind and pull of modern dirty rubber bass stabs give dancers a refreshing look at a peak time track!

With deep and low percussion behind an extremely large 4/4 beat, Skeletron lures listeners in with a haunting atmosphere as distant leads and snare rolls build and blend into the first synth driven breakdown of “Bombay”!

Not too many tracks can compete with the harsh animal like feeling Skeletron has created with his heavy grime packed bass leads, or the side-chained deep pulsation of sub rumbling frequencies, “Bombay” is surely a DJs dream!

Joe C cuts things up a bit with his upbeat and dark, Breakbeat remix of “Bombay”, tearing a hole right through the soles of shoes, and shredding the dance floor with broken talking bass madness, standing right alongside the original in all its peaktime glory!

Out Now Exclusivley on Beatport

All Other Sites - 12/09/2013

Support From

Farace - "Loving the Joe C Remix!"

Hot Shit! - "Love this release guys !! Skeletron original is our fav . Support !!!!!"

Kwerk - "Great release here guys. Support on the Joe C remix for sure! Great atmosphere and melodic vibes! Love!"

Saam Roberts - "Really like the Joe C remix!"

Sychosis - "Joe C is a favorite of mine so his mix is my favorite, but the original holds it own as well. Great release all around!"

Breaking News - "Big thans 4 the promo! Joe C remix is for me!"

DJ Asyk - "Absolute killer!! Love Joe C's take on the track but the original is off the bleeedin' hook!!"

Marco Weber - "Bassline in the Joe C Remix really bangs!"

Andy McAllister (Ground Level) - "Joe C delivers with a solid remix, good work!"

Dave Jacob - "Electro banger!"

Distirtion Records - "Great Release!"

Hook - "Joe C Remix is absolutelly awesome... welcome back to one of the greatest Breaks style ever!!!"

Radio Corsaro - "Beatiful original mix!"

   KIR329 - Skeletron - Bombay w/ Joe C Remix - Out 11/25/2013 by Kick It Recordings

Purchase on Beatport Here -

Skeletron on Facebook -

Joe C on Soundcloud -

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Free Mix - Jordan Clayton - November Mix 2013

The one like Jordan Clayton drops a scorcher of a mix that is chalk full of aggression and relentless Electro House grooves, and it will have you dancing and nodding your head along to the hard rhythms as your taken away on an hour long trip into the land of bangers!

With peaktime tracks from artist such as FTampa, Calvin Harris, Showtek, Jay Cosmic, and many others, this is one mix that will be sure to liven up your week!!!

Jordan Clayton "November Mix 2013"

01. - Funkagenda "Budgie"
02. - Florence & The Machine "You got the love" Mark Knight Remix
03. - Kryder "Pyrmd"
04. - Mikkas Ft. Amba Shepherd "Finally"
05. - Vicetone "Tremble"
06. - FTampa "Hero"
07. - Gregori Klosman feat. Roger Sanchez & GTO "Turn On The Music"
08. - Audien "Iris"
09. - Fred McLovin & Vlad Rusu "Bongas"
10. - Showtek ft. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson "Booyah"
11. - Jason Risk "She Wants It"
12. - Jay Cosmic "To The Rhythm"
13. - Calvin Harris & Alesso Ft. Hurts "Under Control"
14. - Tom Staar ft. In Atlanta "Staars"
15. - Daddys Groove "Stellar"

Jordan Clayton on Facebook -

Jordan Clayton on Twitter -    

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Free Track - Thomas Newson - Pallaroid - Beatz Projekted Bootleg Remix

Big Room action gets kicked up a few degrees of massiveness as Beatz Projekted pumps gigantic sounds and feeling into his peaktime remix of Thomas Newson's "Pallaroid"!

Beatz Projekted layers dirty pads, bending leads, and sub pounding 808 hits on top of a heavy 4/4 beat, driving and sending energy through the utilization of crisp snare hits on every kick, creating movement and sway as "Pallaroid" entices listeners with it's mysterious soundscape and atmosphere!

With two epic synth driven breakdowns, and meaty grooves at the forefront of "Pallaroid", this is certainly one track Beatz Projekted has made that will have a crowd getting down, stomping their feet, and dancing the night away!

Go to the Beatz Projekted Facebook Page to get this and other fantastic tracks for free!!!   

    Thomas Newson - Pallaroid (Beatz Projekted Bootleg Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Beatz Projekted™

Download Link -

Beatz Projekted on Twitter -   

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Free Track - Scarlett Arcade - Warrior - DeadSlim Remix

DeadSlim hits us with a rockin Dubstep infused Breakbeat jamming remix of Scarlett Arcade's "Warrior", going all out and pulling no punches as killer combos of slamming drums, aggressive leads and some extremely gnarly guitar riffs, giving us one powerful remix!

Starting off with a hauntingly atmospheric breakdown driven by reverbed vocals and heavy power-chords from guitars DeadSlim soon heads into halftime madness before falling into the main build up of "Warriors", transforming into an uplifting Breakbeat that features wide stereo leads and movement!

The aggressiveness doesn't end there as guitars are filtered back in behind vocals, synths, splashing high hats, and a broken beat giving "Warriors" a larger than life feel, making this one of DeadSlim's finest floor crushing works to date!  

  Scarlett Arcade - Warrior (DeadSlim Remix)****FREE DOWNLOAD!!!**** by DeadSlim

DeadSlim on Facebook -

DeadSlim on Twitter - 

Monday, November 11, 2013

New Release - KIR327 - DeadSlim - The Game is Mine EP

DeadSlim goes for broke with his new EP “The Game Is Mine”, dropping the fire with two original Electro House tracks that are inundated with large synths and fantastic melody’s, pushing the proverbial epic scale, off the charts and into dance heaven!

“Your Mind” sets this EP up right for proper floor destruction as DeadSlim creates a heads down, nightlife anthem that has a life of its own! The hard and driving 4/4 action is perfectly complemented by massive leads that set a beautiful atmosphere and feeling in “Your Mind”, giving listeners an experience they won’t soon forget!

For his second track “Everybody’s Crazy”  DeadSlim paints a darker picture, with deep basslines and eerie synths backing up vocal chops that proclaim everybody’s crazy, haunting dancers with every note in this hands in the air Electro heart stopper!!!

First up on remix duties is the dance prodigy Beatz Projekted with his Complextro fueled version of “Your Mind”, combining his out of this world style with DeadSlim’s outrageous melody’s, to give us a true peaktime Electro House banger!!!

It’s hard to describe the sheer force that Deformaty packs into every remix, the precision and sometimes overwhelming energy is always impressive from this poster child of Breaks! His rendition of “Everybody’s Crazy” is a testament to the fact that Breaks are alive and well, large drums and dirty bass close “The Game Is Mine” EP out fantastically with a sure to be Beatport top 100 work of art!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 11/25/2013

Support From

Kickflip - "Great remixes from Deformaty and Beats Projekted!"

Hot Shit! - "Beatz Projekted Remix and Deformaty remixes are awesome ! Full support ! Top quality release guys!"

Kwerk - "OH MY WORD!!! This EP is wild!! So many great synths, leads, pads! All over this like a fat kid on CAKE!!!! AND I LOVE CAKE!!!!"

Saam Roberts - "Another stellar release. Awesome originals & big big remixes. No limits to what DeadSlim can do!"

Joe C - "Deformaty is on fire!"

MBFB - "Amazing EP with a banger Deformaty remix. I like it very much!!"

Jordan Clayton - "Will drop one of these tracks in the podcast!"

Don Marco - "Every track is great, but the Deformaty remix is one of the best complex Breaks tracks I've ever heard!"

DJ Asyk - "Can't stop playing the Beatz Projekted remix of Your Mind, such a quality mix of an altogether top quality track.."

Ed Russell (MBN) - "The Deformity mix for me. Nice use of the original - maybe a little overly complex for the kind of stuff I play but still I really like it! :-)"

   KIR327 - DeadSlim - The Game Is Mine EP - OUT 11/11/2013 by Kick It Recordings

DeadSlim on Soundcloud -

Beatz Projekted on Soundcloud -

Deformaty on Soundcloud -

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Release/Free Track/Mix - Mr. No Hands - Happy Now EP

Out now is Mr No Hands new release on BombStrikes called "Happy Now"! It's available from Beatport and other stores now, and some big names have been supporting this one, including Lady Waks, Slynk, Funk Hunters and more!

Mr. No Hands "Happy Now EP"

Introducing the No Handed edit of this Shuggie Otis classic!  This sub-laden edit has had its vocals stripped out and replaced with the voice of Marilyn Monroe. It’s been club-optimized with a touch of wobble-bass and a side order of chunky beats! Its gnarly bass wobbles and chunky beats are up for free download from Mr No Hands Facebook page!

Strawberry Letter 23 - Mr. No Hands Remix

For those who like it funky, Mr No Hands created a 2-part mix of the kind tunes he likes to play out at his new “Thank Funk it’s Friday” gigs in Ealing. Expect nothing but funk-fuelled-party-mayhem!

Thank Funky It's Friday

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Release - KIR326 - Gena Volgarev - Nezhdan - Remixes by Deformaty and Rino Key, Dave Jacob & Huve

Bringing the Electro heat hard and fast, Gena Volgarev drops "Nezhdan", a refreshingly unique and uplifting track that will have people smiling, just as much as it will have those feet moving! With its complex but minimal sound, "Nezhdan" is a shining example of how electronic music has not lost its roots in anyway, and that listeners can still be surprised by original and jaw dropping business!

Kicking "Nezhdan" off with a saturated four to the floor beat, Volgarev soon filters in Olympic sized synths and good time zaps and shakers before unleashing fully, with beefy leads and cracking snares!

Building up with no breakdown "Nezhden" goes completely quiet for a split second before sending us into Complextro like madness that is still simple and full of the dynamic atmosphere that makes it such a powerful track!

With raw energy driving at the heart of "Nezhden" and only a few short build ups, Gena Volgarev knows full well how to make a peck time banger, while still maintaining an original and flavorful sound!

First up on remix duties is the Breakbeat king and aficionado Deformaty, and naturally he brings us a Breaks remix of "Nezhden" that is the definition of perfect when looking for a broken remix of this excellent tune!

With added vocal samples and grinding baselines that would give any producer a run for their money, Deformaty shows his growth and prowess when given a chance to add his unique take on a track, and he goes above and beyond the definition of doing justice to " Nezhden" as he slams this one out of the park! Complete with cheeky breakdowns and full on dirty leads, Deformaty gives the Breaks heads just what they want, and more!

Lastly we have a very special remix from Rino Key, Dave Jacob & Huve that you'll just have to wait to hear, and believe me when I say that you’ll be blown away with what these guys came up with!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Stores 11/18/2013

Support From

Hot Shit! - "Pretty sick release Deformaty Breaks Style is sick !! .. The big room is pretty good too! Original not bad we like it! Full support!"

Audio:Hertz - "Deformaty, Deformaty, Deformaty every time....this guys is seriously doing the business with everything he touches right now!!!"

MBFB - "Rino Key, Dave Jacob & Huve Remix is my favorite on this EP!"

Kwerk - "Yet another full-on, storming release. Deformaty SMASHES this one out of the park. Full support on this banger!"

Wavewhore - "Deformaty Remix is sick!!!"

Saam Roberts - "Deformaty remix is absolute boss! The guy is simply on FIRE!"

Gene K - "This is an awesome release !!!! All mixes are awesome but the Rino Key, Dave Jacob & Huve is out of the park!!!"

Ed Russell (MBN) - "Love it. From the opening triplet based 4/4 pattern to the awesome cut up bass. Lovely!"

Llupa - "Deformaty mix is tight!"

Dad's Disco - "First class tune!"

Don Marco - "I love the bassdrum in the Rino Key, Dave Jacob & Huve Remix!"

Dj Asyk - "Wow!! Crazy yet absolutely frickin' awesome!! Love the original mix soooo much I listened through 3 times straight but then heard the Deformaty remix, dude goes & takes it to a whole new level.."

Blacklist - "Deformaty remix is pure HEAT! In my crate for sure! Will also be supporting the original. Wicked tunes guys!"

Radio Corsaro - "Beatiful remix Progressive Electro!! :) Insert to playlist!! Thanks!"

   KIR326 - Gena Volgarev - Nezhdan - Remixes by Deformaty and Rino Key, Dave Jacob & Huve - 11/04/2013 by Kick It Recordings

Gena Volgarev on Soundcloud -

Deformaty on Soundcloud -

Rino Key on Soundcloud -

Dave Jacob on Soundcloud -

Huve on Soundcloud -

Monday, November 4, 2013

Free Mix - The Fusion Project Podcast 01 - Audio:Hertz Guest Mix

The ones like Audio:Hertz have just dropped their gnarly guest mix from The Fusion Project Podcast, and it's packed full of bangin Electro House madness, just what we would expect from this amazing duo!!!

Here's what Audio:Hertz has to say about this massive mix -

"Its give's us the up most pleasure to release our guest mix for the very 1st of 'The Fusion Project' brand new podcast. These are the great group of guys that brought together the amazing event held at 'The Cellar Door, Exeter' and bringing one of the original Kick It Kings & Label Manager of Kick It Recordings Sneaker & The Dryer who we were lucky enough to grace the stage alongside. After the crazy night came to an end we got called back and asked if we'd be interested in being the 1st guest's for their podcast and here we are.

Now this is something that we've been working on for some time due to the fact that we've been finding it real difficult to find the right tracks to push the sound that we actually love rather than playing the same old tracks that everyone else is playing right now in this so called 'EDM' scene.

There's a fine line here among this mix with it holding a mixture of uplifting euphoric breakdowns, big heavy bassline tinted drops, grand key work and some great vocal cuts thrown in but above all trying to show you all exactly what we're listening to right now!"

The Fusion Project Podcast - Audio:Hertz Guest Mix

01. - Chrizz Luvly, Rocket Pimp "Speculate" 
02. - Chrizz Luvly feat. Babe Cakes "Luvly XTC" 
03. - Hot Shit!! "Drive Up" ARIONS Remix
04. - JoeGarston, Andrew Farrugia "Happy Ending" Froxic Remix 
05. - Kosheen "Hide u" vox sample 
06. - Zero Hero Music "Theme"
07. - CoCo Star "I need a miracle" vox sample 
08. - Armin van Buuren "Beautiful Life feat. Cindy Alma" Mikkas Music Remix 
09. - Punk Ninja Feat. Monique "Forever Feat. Monique" Rocket Pimp Remix 
10. - ProN, Jaycen A'mour "Combo Breaker" Rocket Pimp Remix 
11. - Fedde Le Grand vs Knife Party "Long Way From EDM Machine" FabR! Mashup
12. - Zomboy "Raptor" 
13. - Zomboy "Bad Intentions" 
14. - DJ Bam Bam, DJ Sheik "Jackpot" 
15. - LetsBeFriends  "Come N Get It"
16. - Killthenoise, Feed Me "Thumbs Up (For Rock N' Roll)" Killthenoise Remix 
17. - TNGHT "Higher Ground" LetsBeFriends  Re-Amp 
18 - Corporate "Turn It Up"  
19. - Tmare "16Bit" TheElementUK Remix

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Free Mix - Fisso & Spark - Breaks Raiders

Fisso & Spark hit us with a massive mix that will most likely have you dancing for days, forgetting about the whole world as your drawn into the gigantic sounds in "Breaks Raiders"!!!

With tracks from huge artists such as, Stanton Warriors, Colombo, Utku S, Deformaty, and a bunch of tunes from Fisso & Spark, this is a Breaks heads dream!!!

To get this mix for free head on over to the Fisso & Spark Facebook Page and give it a like!!!!

Fisso & Spark "Breaks Raiders"

01. - Get up - Stanton Warriors
02. - Funk Me - Colombo
03. - Just Blow - Dj Hero
04. - Drop the Bass
05. - Rocker - Stanton Warriors
06. - Disco Fever - Utku S
07. - Funqualize - Under This
08. - Rainbows - Deformaty Remix
09. - In Breaks We Trust - Beatman and Ludmilla
10. - Earthquake - Fisso & Spark feat. BBK
11. - Insane - Deenk Remix
12. - Screamer - Dilemn Remix
13. - Bleep Me - Quadrat Beat Remix
14. - Star 69 - Rogue Element Remix
15. - You Can Do It - Fisso & Spark
16. - Usual Suspect - Fisso & Spark
17. - Salty - Meat Kathie Remix
18. - Dusk Till Down
19. - Compute - House Mix
20. - Stand By - Krafty Kuts Remix 
21. - Cherry Bomb
22. - I Can Feel It - Fisso & Spark

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Free Mix - Jordan Clayton - Bending The Sound Episode 13 - Chattabocks Guest Mix

Jordan Clayton hits us with the latest episode of "Bending The Sound", this time with a special guest mix from the mysterious producer known only as Chattabocks!!!

"Bending The Sound Episode 13" is pumped full of current and gnarly Electro House tracks that would make your grandma bust a move, and for the first 30 minutes Jordan Clayton takes the controls transporting us to a world of infinite bass and killer grooves!!!

Secondly the one like Chattabocks hits us with his unique mix of Tech House, dropping funky business like it's going out of style, and outright destroying the dancefloor and all who dare tread upon its holy ground!!!

Bending The Sound Episode 13 w/ Chattabocks Guest Mix

Jordan Clayton

01. - Gregori Klosman feat. Roger Sanchez & GTO "Turn On The Music" 
02. - Audien "Iris" 
03. - Henry Aya "GTO" 
04. - Ben Saunders "Turn Back Time" Lukas Bootleg 
05. - Don Diablo & Matt Nash "Starlight could you be mine" Otto Knows remix 
06. - Jay Cosmic "To the rhythm" 
07. - Kryder "Pyrmd" 
08. - Utku S "Do you like it"


01. - Chattabocks "Hello World" 
02. - Wamdue Project "King of My Castle" Crazibiza Remix 
03. - Groovebox "Brooklyn" 
04. - Pryda "Rotonda" 
05. - Tradelove "Street Player" Club Mix 
06. - Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr "Eat Sleep Rave Repeat" 
07. - Bonnie McKee "American Girl" Oliver Remix

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Release - KIR325 - Sneaker & The Dryer - Breaking Btz - Remixes by Kwerk, DeadSlim and The Fantastic Boyz

Storming the scene with his Broken House epic “Breaking Btz”, Sneaker & The Dryer dismisses all previous conceptions of how a modern dance track should sound, and blows away old stipulations on what defines a proper Breakbeat, giving listeners a unique and funky track that’s massive and mysterious to all who hear!

Kicking the door down, Sneaker & The Dryer begins with original vocal chops in front of a four to the floor beat with broken percussion and movement, giving a strong impression of a Breakbeat while still remaining large and driving! The first breakdown of “Breaking Btz” is like stepping into a time machine as atmospheric and haunting synth lines fluctuate and build up to laser infused floor stomping action with deep and low vocals from the bassline specialist himself!

The 4/4 beat is paralleled by Amen’s and drum rolls that appear almost every 8 bars, serving as almost a guide to the Broken House vibe, as lasers, massive pitch bends, and hard bass keep everything in a tightly wrapped soundscape making “Breaking Btz” a beautiful journey through a broken world of dance madness!

First up on remix duties is the rising Breakbeat star Kwerk with his futuristic rendition of “Breaking Btz”! Infusing the raw energy that Kwerk is known for with the funky fluid movement of Sneaker & The Dryer’s sounds, he creates a no holds barred peak time Breakbeat jammer!

Next up, DeadSlim turns the funkameter up to 100% with a grinding and dirty Glitch Hop remix of “Breaking Btz”. DeadSlim continues to pack more and more flavor and tasty synth lines into every bite, blowing away even the likes of Gordon Ramsay’s ability to create something so delicious to our pallets!

Lastly, closing this release out gnarly and proper, Fantastic Boyz drop a combination of Complextro bass and tear out esque Breaks with synth driven breakdowns that have a perfectly made 80's feel to bring listeners a bass pounding remix of “Breaking Btz”, giving us one hell of a release!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 11/11/2013

Support From

Kickflip - "Original is great, and the Kwerk remix is the bomb!"

Hot Shit! - "Love the remix from Fantastic Boyz pretty sick style! Full support, great release!"

Saam Roberts - "Great release, in particular I'm drawn to the Kwerk & DeadSlim remixes. DeadSlim takes it for me simply because of the HUGE change in tempo in comparison to his other productions, you'd think he's been making glitch all his life!"

Gene K - "Simply one of the best EPs I've heard in the last year! Hot work!! Kick It!"

Joe C - "Wow, solid package here. Love the cut up sounds and big drum breaks on the original. KWeRK is putting down a great mix as well. BANG!"

Zero Vingt-Duex - "Cool mate. An awesome touch from DeadSlim :)"

Distorstion Records - "Kwerk Remix is Amazing! Full support!"

Petey - "Hell yeah!! Deadslim!!"

Tom Clyde - "Kwerk is on fire! Groovy and driven tune as usual! Thanks!"

   KIR325 Sneaker & The Dryer - Breaking Btz - Remixes by Kwerk, DeadSlim and Fantastic Boyz OUT 10/28 by Kick It Recordings

Sneaker & The Dryer on Soundcloud -

Kwerk on Soundcloud -

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Free Track - Dirtyloud Feat Messinian - Vampires Come Out

You are in for a Halloween treat today, Dirtyloud and Messinian have dropped a free Electro House banger called "Vampires Come Out"that's just in time for the spooky holiday season!

The horror show begins as Dirtyloud filters in goosebump inducing synths behind a massive 4/4 beat, quickly slamming gnarly bass hits and vocal cuts before getting to the breakdown of "Vampires Come Out"!

Perfectly fitting vocals and melodies lead listeners through the breakdown of "Vampires Come Out", which then sends our minds into an unknown world of meaty bass and epic rhythms all set and placed carefully by Dirtyloud!!!      

  Dirtyloud Feat. Messinian - Vampires Come Out (Original Halloween Mix) by Dirtyloud

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Free Track - Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire - Saam Roberts Bootleg Mix

Big Room dance madness never sounded so sweet, as Saam Roberts remixes the classic from Cosmic Gate "Fire Wire", and gives it all the modern Big Room energy that anyone could ask for!!!

Crispy snare hits on top of large kicks lead the charge in "Fire Wire", building up with rides, synth stabs, and delayed drums, into an almost exclusively vocal driven first breakdown right before Saam Roberts drops into the meat of this dance classic!

Whether it's the rubbery feel of the reverb infused leads, or the 808 pound of the sub bass Saam Roberts excels where others lack bringing full and heavy synth lines to the center of "Fire Wire"giving us a powerful peaktime track that is a must have! To grab this for free just visit the Saam Roberts Facebook Page and give it a like!!!! 

  Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire (Saam Roberts Bootleg Mix) by SAAM ROBERTS

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free Track - TJR - What's Up Suckaz - Deformaty Rerub

Switching things up with that Electro Bounce, Deformaty drops a rebump of TJR's "What's Up Suckaz", giving us an upbeat peak time Melbourn House banger!

Side-chained bass takes the fore front along with rising synths and massive drums injecting energy and life into every nuance of the beginning of Deformaty's slamming rebump of "What's Up Suckaz"!

Breaking down and building up with heavy emphasis on crispy snare rolls, Deformaty heads into the meat of "What's Up Suckaz" and sends listeners into pitch bent goodness, vocal stabs and precise production wrap everything up in a perfect Melbourn package of sound! 

With two epic breakdowns and heavy half time action, this is one fantastic tune to add to Deformaty's growing catalog!   

  TJR - What S Up Suckaz (Deformaty Rerub) [FREE DOWNLOAD!] by Deformaty

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