Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Free Track - Tim Berg - Seek Bromance - Jordan Clayton Big Roomance Bootleg

Banging Big Room business is the name of the game as Jordan Clayton overhauls Tim Berg's massive epic "Seek Bromance"; dropping a powerful atmospheric bomb of down and dirty, reverb driven, explosive action, sending quakes and tremors across the dance floor!

Immediately engaging listeners with low riding side-chained bass and quick and crisp shuffles, Jordan Clayton builds up to a vocal fueled breakdown that features delayed synth pops and plucks, creating a beautiful soundscape before heading into pitch fluctuating Big Room gnarliness!

With a top notch 4/4 beat, fantastic synth work, and intensely heartfelt vocals, Jordan Clayton hits this one out of the park, busting out car windows with a grand slam, of hard bass! Pick this up for free by visiting the Jordan Clayton Facebook Page!!!        

  Tim Berg - Seek Bromance [Jordan Clayton 'Big Roomance' Bootleg] *Free Download* by Jordan Clayton

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