Monday, December 23, 2013

New Release - KIR333 - G-Line - I Put My Life On The Line - Remixes by Jordan Clayton and Gena Volgarev

G-Line charged with hard hitting Electro House power lays down the hands up anthem “I Put My Life On The Line”! Coming at you with with remixes from Gena Volgarev and Jordan Clayton, KIR333 is an epic Electro infused release!!!

“I Put My Life On The Line” is the epitome of the modern Electro House sound, the crisp festival-esque Trance leads are paralleled perfectly by beautiful vocals and pitch bent synth lines. Within the side-chained bass stabbing meat of G-Line's peaktime monster there is an uncompromising force and a raw driving energy that shines through, ultimately engulfing listeners with good vibes and gnarly dance fueled grooves which in any situation will last until the night is finished leaving all satisfied!

The young upstart that is Jordan Clayton holds nothing back with his hauntingly intense remix of “I Put My Life On The Line”! Fist pumping action is supplied by a soundscape created with a myriad of synths and leads that hold up well against its peak-time counterparts and helps keep this release rocking from beginning to end!

Rounding out the remixes we have Gena Volgarev who smashes us with a funky and aggressive take on “I Put My Life On The Line”! Lead plucks saturated with wide reverb take hold of the reins as triplet stabs ride alongside a deep and low 4/4 beat, quickly transforming into a Big Room foot shuffling banger that’s pushed by atmospheric leads and the larger than life vocals that make this such a fantastic release!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 01/06/2014

Support From

Louise "Fifties" O"Donnell (LSM) - "Great harmonic BIG room sounds!"

Saam Roberts - "Jordan smashed this! Full support!"

Joe C - "Good electro big room sound!"

Dave Jacob - "Good track and really nice remixes!"

Marco Weber - "Awsome bassdrop in the Gena Volgarev Remix!"

Reality Randy - "Love the vocals!"

Radio Corsaro - "beatiful remix, insert to my playlist!"

   OUT NOW!! KIR333 G-Line - I Put My Life On The Line - Remixes by Jordan Clayton and Gena Volgarev by Kick It Recordings

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