Monday, December 2, 2013

New Release - KIR330 - Chayo Nash - Buckingham - Produced by Farace

The Hip Hop fire that flows in the veins of Chayo Nash seems inextinguishable, his vocals are always on point and crisp when in the hands of the mastermind producer that is Farace, so it goes without saying that a 7 song album from these two talented individuals would change the game, and that’s just what they do with their down low release “Buckingham”!

KIR330 engages listeners immediately with the title track “Buckingham”, a deep bass groove and precise drums set a minimalistic stage for catchy lines from Chayo that are wrapped in wit and perfect observations on the club scene which has become the epitome of pop culture, giving us a perfect soundscape stepping stone into the album “Buckingham”!

Getting a little more aggressive with the second track “Come and Get It” is a quirky marriage of Hip Hop flavor and electronic madness fueled by feel good rhymes and a glitched out chorus that Farace has layered with pitched vocal chops behind Chayo’s voice that is a fantastic example of what happens when these two forces collide!

“Thirsty” is a dirty booty dropping banger that features Farace’s well known grimy and saturated vocal processing, this time around he parallels clean 808 hits and bendy leads with the hard hitting voice of Chayo Nash, delivering another track that wouldn’t be out of place in any popular top 100 charts!

The fourth song “Bass Bitch” brings Trap sounds and format to the mainstream forefront as Chayo’s vox are carefully and specifically auto tuned, without the normally extreme and sometimes overbearing use of this misunderstood effect, Farace and Chayo go to prove that everything can be good when used in measure!

Another killer combo of Hip Hop and EDM is unleashed on “Get Weird”, its dark atmosphere and pounding bass drive Chayo’s vocals as they are pitched and bent from one extreme to the other, giving us a catchy club anthem that can’t be denied!

Deep Breakbeats and Amens surround and engulf listeners in a heavy soundscape, well 8 bit esqe leads and Chayo’s flow bring a personal feel to “Roll Up”, dropping a night life city cruiser that shines and sounds as bright as the moon lit sky!

Closing things out proper Farace goes back to the first track “Buckingham” giving it a heart pounding Bass Dub remix that features chopped and cut vocals well delivering massive bass lines, well still maintaining the sounds that make the title track of this amazing album so powerful!!

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All Other Sites 12/16/2013

Support From

Deformaty - "D-d-d-dope sauce! Hip hop isn't really my game, but I dig this!"

Kickflip - "Sounds tight and liking Come and Get It!"

Hot Shit! - "Pretty good Album ! Great tracks/Style! Top quality full support!!"

Wavewhore - "Nice work... Come and Get It and Buckingham are solid!!"

Sychosis - "Love the beats on this one, and Chayo's voice is on point. His lyrics are cool, and samplable-which I like in an MC. This all stuff I would listen to, as I"m not really playing any Hip Hop right now. Would love to see an Acapella pack released in the near future!"

Saam Roberts - "Love the full release, awesome work guys, this is fkn big!"

Dave Jacob - "Bass Bitch :)"

Don Marco - "I'm not a big hip-hop fan but all these tracks are sounding really clean mixed and powerfull!"

   KIR330 - Chayo Nash - Buckingham (Produced by Farace) Out 12/02/2013 by Kick It Recordings

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