Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Release - KIR332 - Fantastic Boyz - Funked Up a Bit

The Fantastic Boyz deliver a pure Electro House banger that’s packed to the brim with off kilter rhythms, sexy vocal chops, and a massively strange atmosphere, all sewn together by a heavy triplet infused beat, inside their new release “Funked Up a Bit”!

Utilizing a vast array of sounds and textures Fantastic Boyz create a balls to the wall experience, taking us on a journey guided by pounding drums, bending lasers, low riding pads, catchy leads, gnarly grinds, and if as that wasn’t enough “Funked Up a Bit” features energy fueled vocals that send listeners right over the edge and into dance madness!

First up bringing the peaktime heat, Hot Shit! delivers a straight up Complextro driven Electro House chugger, it’s funky vibes and aggressive buildups are complemented perfectly by beautiful strings and sweeps in the epic breakdowns of “Funked Up a Bit”!

Nothing screams funk like a remix from Direct Input, and he hits the nail on the head laying down a laidback Breakbeat jammer that picks up speed and grinding bassline goodness as high pitched leads and Amens give “Funked Up a Bit” a gigantic feeling and soundscape!

Lastly, G-line drops a killer Electro remix of “Funked Up a Bit” that is sure to devastate any club it comes in contact with! The hard bass action is the definition of heavy, leaving nothing and no one standing when it’s done!

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All Other Sites 12/30/2012

Support From

The Crystal Method - "The Direct Input Mix is hot!"

Kickflip - "Tidy big room stuff on the G-Line remix!"

Run Riot - "Strong package. Feeling the original most. Cheers!"

Saam Roberts - "I feel a bit like a broken record but Direct Input takes it for me, everything he touches turns to gold!"

Don Marco - "Hot Shit! Remix is great, love the drop!"

Gena Volgarev - "Cheerful crazy remix Hot Shit! Feels freedom and ease! Negligence bass gives chip track!"

Dj Asyk - "#thatbassline on the G-Line remix.. awesome!! Nice release in all but it has to be that remix for me!"

Active Gear - "Gonna be all over this when I play out tonight, all the mixes are top, but the Hot Shit! Remix is the one for the dance floor tonight :)"

Radio Corsaro - "Beauftiful remix from G-Line!!! 10+"

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   KIR332 - Fantastic Boyz - Funked Up a Bit - Remixes by Hot SHit!, Direct Input and G-Line OUT 12/16 by Kick It Recordings

Fantastic Boyz on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/fantasticboyz

Hot Shit! on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/hotshit

Direct Input on Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/directinput

G-Line on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/g-line

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