Thursday, May 29, 2014

Free Track - DJ Snake - Lil Jon - Turn Down For What - Philly Blunt Remix

For our 800th post on The Kick It Recordings Blog we have an excellent Breakbeat remix from the one like Philly Blunt of DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What"!!!

This amazing remix is straight up mean!!! Philly Blunt delivers in full a Breaks heads dream with gnarly action that has to be heard to be believed, making "Turn Down For What" a peaktime banger!!!

To download this and many more for free visit the Philly Blunt Facebook Fanpage today!!!  

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Free Track - DJ Fresh vs. The Pharcyde - All That Runnin' - DJ Chamber Mashup

Awe yeah!!! The one like DJ Chamber has just unleashed some down and dirty D&B on us with his new mashup "All That Runnin'", a beautiful combination of low riding bass and the funky flow of lyrics that will have your attention from square one!!!

Getting right into some grooved out liquid goodness Chamber gives listeners a quick intro full of guitars and vocals then drops a full on assault of sound with swinging drums, Jazz infused bass, and indestructible flows that really take this amazing mashup to another level!

With a solid foundation, and a wonderful energy bursting out of every nuance of "All That Runnin'", Chamber shows that he can turn out whatever genre he still comes out to be a fantastic creation, that implores feet to dance!

Pick up this track, and many others like it by visiting the Chamber Facebook Fanpage, and give it a LIKE!!! 

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Free Track - Deformaty - All Your Bass

Deformaty does it again! This time he throws down some hard Electro fire, that's sure to send the dance floor to flames with the gnarly driving power of "All Your Bass"!!!

Kicking things of in the funkiest of ways, Deformaty delivers a steady groove with beautiful pianos and synths in front of a pounding 4/4 beat, as he filters in grinding side-chained bass and leads, right before heading into the first breakdown of "All Your Bass"!

There is not much to say about the meat that's held within "All Your Bass", the marriage of bass and drums is something that Deformaty has mastered, and it shows in this banging peaktime slammer!

Pick this track up for free by giving the Deformaty Facebook Fanpage a like!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

New Release - KIR344 - Don Marco - Bad Habits EP

Don Marco hits us with the fresh flavorful business with his new “Bad Habits” EP, giving all a hefty dose of Electro House that is beyond the normal breed of monster! Filled with electronic and melodic frequencies from out of this world, Don Marco will have you wondering if any of this is truly real!

Leading the assault is “Chase”, a head-banging, foot mashing epic, that features nasty, saturated bass stabs that pulsate to the pull of a gnarly 4/4 beat giving DJ’s and dances a like, a track that holds its own in a club!

Next hitting us with some feel good grooves, Don Marco paints a beautiful portrait with a soundscape of textures and melodies inside “Tension”! Panning percussion and a large kick keep hands in the air as complex and upbeat synth work mesmerize and intrigue the mind!

“Lupara” is by far the most unique track off the “Bad Habits EP”! The two massive trance like breakdowns lead listeners into fantastic synth and bass stabs that grind away as otherworldly sounds play off of them, finishing this EP out more than proper for KIR344!!!

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All Other Sites 06/02/2014

Support From

Kickflip - "Cool bass work on Lupara!"

Audio:Hertz - "Massive release from Kick It once again with Don Marco doing them proud. Lupara being our favorite and will be having full support from us!"

Wavewhore - "These tracks are dope!!"

Saam Roberts - "This ones a biggie!"

Dave Jacob - "Nice EP! Banging tracks!"

Bootz Saint - "Found Lupara to be the the track that caught my fancy"

Active Gear - "Love the Lupara track, nice and twisted....Tension is good too....will be rinsing both this weekend!"

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Free Track - The Nextmen Vs. Lords Of The Underground - Tic - Toc The Mould - Chamber Mashup

Chamber delivers the funk once again with his groove filled mash up "Tic - Toc The Mould", bringing smooth rhymes and Hip Hop flavored goodness for all!!!

To pick up this tune for free just stop by the Chamber Facebook Fanpage and give it a like! You will unlock this track along with many others that you can download a play today!!!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Free Track - Frankie Knuckles - Your Love - Stanton Warriors Tribute Mix

The ones like Stanton Warriors have just released a fantastic Breakbeat tribute remix of Frankie Knuckles "Your Love", putting some of the old Stanton vibe on this wonderful classic!

What can you say about this powerfully funky combo, the godfather of House meets the smooth broken grooves of Stanton Warriors, with two vocal driven breakdowns, and that bouncy, hollow bass that the warriors are known for, one could simply not ask for more in the funky department!

"Your Love" is just in time for this Summer season, be sure your not left in the dark, don't miss out on this deep Breaks banger!!!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free Mix and Single - Jason Laidback - Breaking Bad

Bass chief, and one half of Finger Likin’s Slyde duo, Jason Laidback provides a thirty minute mash up of Breaking Bad scenes, Heisenberg jokes and quotes from the TV series, mixed over some seriously filthy bootlegs and ending in his exclusive "Breaking Bad" single! 

Grab this free download mixtape via his Soundcloud page! Tread lightly, this mixtape is firin' with all guns blazin, and if you want to see Walter White in action, or just fancy a giggle be sure to have a watch and listen! 

Check of out Jason’s "Breaking Bad" single release video that features unseen dance moves from Heisenberg himself! 

Half the proceeds from the single are going to Cancer Research UK!!! Head over to the Jason Laidback official website or his Bandcamp to show your support!!!

Jason Laidback "Breaking Bad Mixtape"

Jason Laidback "Breaking Bad" Video

Buy The Single -

Jason Laidback on Bandcamp -

Monday, May 12, 2014

Free Track - Shift K3Y - Make It Good - Philly Blunt X Senor Roar Remix

Awe yeah! Nothing says Monday like a booty shaken, floor stomping, balls to the wall, Breakbeat jammer, and that is exactly what Philly Blunt and Senor Roar deliver with their remix of Shift K3Y's "Make It Good"!!!

Philly Blunt wanted to edit this number since he first heard it, to get rid of some of the vocal bits and extend the broken beat sections, the SeƱor Roar guys came through with some extra bits and this is what came out, a soon to be, Booty Breaks, classic banger!

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Free Track - Common Vs Space Raiders - I Used To Love Dot - Chamber Mashup

This time around the one like DJ Chamber hits us with an upbeat funky Big Beat classic with his mashup of Common and Space Raiders, this lengthy 7 minute journey entitled "I Used To Love Dot" is a perfect tune that's just in time for this Summer season!!!

It's hard to describe such an epic tune that it leaves you with a loss for words, whether it's the groove of crisp horns, the rhythmical and pounding drums, the fantastic and thumping bass, or the flowing and memorable lyrics, "I Used To Love Dot" has something for every fan of music!!!

Pick this awesome tune and so many other up for free by visiting the Chamber Facebook Fanpage today!!!  

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Free Track - Deformaty - Space Cowboy

Deformaty is known for producing many types and dance goodness, normally smashing floors and crushing clubs with the massive sounds of Breaks and Melbourne House, but today he gives us a look inside his gnarly world of peaktime Electro House action inside "Space Cowboy"!

The Complextro like madness kicks off with a hard 4/4 beat that's comprised of a huge kick, a snappy snare, and swinging crisp high hats, that create a wonderful mix in as Deformaty filters in a deep grinding side-chained bassline before "Space Cowboy" heads into the first epic breakdown!

With low ridding pads and a funky Daft Punk esque lead Deformaty builds sounds and textures up beautifully before heading into the enormous meat of "Space Cowboy", blowing off the roof with a myriad of sounds that are to complex and intricate to count!   

To pick up this amazing track for free, head on over to Deformaty's Facebook Fanpage and give it a like!!!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Free Track - Saam Roberts - Give Me What I Want

Saam Roberts drops a funk infused bomb of nasty House destruction with his newest creation "Give Me What I Want", delivering a deep and dark original that you wont be able to stop playing!!!

With only one breakdown, Saam Roberts has made sure that when played, "Give Me What I Want" will be a non stop anthem for hungry feet, feeding fans with low driving bass, the thump and shine of clear drums, and beautifully haunting vocal samples, this is one tune you don't want to miss out on!!!  

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Release - KIR343 - Deformaty & Lightspeed - Something to Believe In EP

Deformaty and Lightspeed always turn up with amazing tracks when they combine their powers, and the “Something To Believe In EP” is no exception to this rule as these two talented producers drop three gnarly and extreme Electro House bangers on the masses!

First up is the peak-time title track “Something To Believe In” and when I say “peak-time”, I mean it! Deformaty & Lightspeed take aggression to a new level infusing triplet action, Dubstep-esque grinding leads and haunting pads, all wrapped in a massive Electro House format giving us a song that is truly worthy of being the title track and fully deserving of its peak-time categorization!

“Crack It Smack It” is next with its Big Room Melbourne vibes eases listeners in as pitch bent lead stabs and catchy vocals build up too all out bassline driving madness, carrying ears and feet along with its upbeat atmosphere and relentless groove!

Closing things out proper Deformaty & Lightspeed brew up a hard hitting mix of Electro and Funk with their stop and go epic “Troposphere”. The offbeat style and unique placement of earthy synths is aided by a large 4/4 beat and killer hollowed out lead production that is sure to get any club up on its feet as they are entranced by this duos legendary movement and soundscape!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 05/19/2014

Support From

The Crystal Method - "Cool track"

Far Too Loud - These guys can do Melbourne good!"

Zy The Element - "Will play in next DiFM Mix!"

Wavewhore - "Nice release! Crack It, Smack It is the standout here!"

Audio:Hertz - "WOW, this release has something for everyone with every track being a full on banger! Full support on this one!"

Jordan Clayton - "Great job guys, will drop this one on my Podcast!"

Reality Randy - "Love your guys Electro House!"

Radio Corsaro - "Wonderful!"

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Free Track - Far Too Loud - Acid 9000 - Beatz Projekted Remix

That's right!!! The one like Beatz Projekted has just unleashed his massive Electro House remix of Far Too Loud's "Acid 9000" upon the masses for free!!!

Hitting us with the funky stick right from the get go, Beatz Projekted delivers a fantastic groove and pace as he strikes listeners with a powerful combination of deep bass, bending melodic leads, crisp stabs, and one all encompassing gigantic beat, that makes his remix of "Acid 9000" so memorable! 

Including two awe inspiring breakdowns, high energy vocal samples, and meaty goodness that stretches on for days, DJs will have a blast mixing it up with "Acid 9000", well at the same time Beatz Projekted has utilized his skill to make this amazing track stand on its own, bringing everyone's ears a little happiness!!!

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