Thursday, May 8, 2014

Free Track - Deformaty - Space Cowboy

Deformaty is known for producing many types and dance goodness, normally smashing floors and crushing clubs with the massive sounds of Breaks and Melbourne House, but today he gives us a look inside his gnarly world of peaktime Electro House action inside "Space Cowboy"!

The Complextro like madness kicks off with a hard 4/4 beat that's comprised of a huge kick, a snappy snare, and swinging crisp high hats, that create a wonderful mix in as Deformaty filters in a deep grinding side-chained bassline before "Space Cowboy" heads into the first epic breakdown!

With low ridding pads and a funky Daft Punk esque lead Deformaty builds sounds and textures up beautifully before heading into the enormous meat of "Space Cowboy", blowing off the roof with a myriad of sounds that are to complex and intricate to count!   

To pick up this amazing track for free, head on over to Deformaty's Facebook Fanpage and give it a like!!!

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