Monday, May 19, 2014

New Release - KIR344 - Don Marco - Bad Habits EP

Don Marco hits us with the fresh flavorful business with his new “Bad Habits” EP, giving all a hefty dose of Electro House that is beyond the normal breed of monster! Filled with electronic and melodic frequencies from out of this world, Don Marco will have you wondering if any of this is truly real!

Leading the assault is “Chase”, a head-banging, foot mashing epic, that features nasty, saturated bass stabs that pulsate to the pull of a gnarly 4/4 beat giving DJ’s and dances a like, a track that holds its own in a club!

Next hitting us with some feel good grooves, Don Marco paints a beautiful portrait with a soundscape of textures and melodies inside “Tension”! Panning percussion and a large kick keep hands in the air as complex and upbeat synth work mesmerize and intrigue the mind!

“Lupara” is by far the most unique track off the “Bad Habits EP”! The two massive trance like breakdowns lead listeners into fantastic synth and bass stabs that grind away as otherworldly sounds play off of them, finishing this EP out more than proper for KIR344!!!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 06/02/2014

Support From

Kickflip - "Cool bass work on Lupara!"

Audio:Hertz - "Massive release from Kick It once again with Don Marco doing them proud. Lupara being our favorite and will be having full support from us!"

Wavewhore - "These tracks are dope!!"

Saam Roberts - "This ones a biggie!"

Dave Jacob - "Nice EP! Banging tracks!"

Bootz Saint - "Found Lupara to be the the track that caught my fancy"

Active Gear - "Love the Lupara track, nice and twisted....Tension is good too....will be rinsing both this weekend!"

Don Marco on Soundcloud -

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