Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Free Tune - Cut La Roc - Bring Da Night Controllers - CLR Vs Pete Jordan Vs Public Enemy

Yes that's right everybody, another free tuna for you and this one just went up a couple of hours ago. Today's sweetness is coming at you from the one like Cut La Roc who brings us another one of his banging mash-up/re-edits.

Combining vocals from Public Enemy's "Bring Tha Noise" with a bit of CLR and Pete Jordan's "Night Controller", Cut puts together a funked up jammer with wicked Old School appeal. Starting off with soloed vox from Chuck D. and Flav, La Roc then brings Jordan's beat into the mix for a bit of bump and grind before making your way into the bad ass business end with a bit of a Bassbin Twins-esque bassline. Head on over to Cut La Roc's Soundcloud page for a heap of free stuff and check him out on Facebook while you're at it.

   'Bring Da Night Controllers' (CLR VS Pete Jordan VS Public Enemy ) by Cut La Roc

Cut La Roc on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/cutlaroc

Monday, August 29, 2011

Free Tune - Fatboy Slim - Rockafeller Skank - Sketi Refix

Starting your week off properly we've got a big tuna coming at you from the one like Sketi. Consistently releasing quality material, Sketi has established himself as one of the rising names in Breaks and this time around he turns his attention and production stylings to Fatboy Slim's classic "Rockafeller Skank".

Switching things up from his usual broken beat business, "Rockafeller Skank" the Sketi Re-fix takes you into Dubstep territory in a big way getting down to the funk with heavy kicks and a wicked buildup before letting the low-ends take control of the show. Talking edits and a mighty bassline packed with big wobbles ride side by side with the touched up vox from the original for a big phat re-work that will be rocking the shit out of many a dancefloor!

And just for old time's sake, I've also posted the video to the original version for a little nostalgia, enjoy.

Sketi on Facebook - www.facebook.com/sketimusic

Friday, August 26, 2011

6 Free Tunes & 2 Free Mixes - Speciman A

Just in time for your weekend gigs, we've got a plethora of stuff coming at you from the ones like Specimen A. These guys have been filling my crates and sets with wicked tunas for a long time now and they keep coming back with bigger and badder tunes like a never ending storm of audio carnage.

Specimen A are brothers Phil and Mo Jones alongside Dj Smart. Producers of bass driven Breaks, Dubstep and Drum & Bass, the Jones brothers have music in their blood. Born into a family of musicians, they are nephews of 80's pop star Howard Jones and were raised with a strict classical training whilst developing a love for electronic music.

After several years producing and Dj'ing Drum & Bass for labels such as Emcee and Inspirit, they started making Breaks in 2006, collaborating with then up and coming producers Far Too Loud. Their early releases "Headcase", "Contamination" and "Soldiers At War" won them mass praise & support across the scene. After signing with Funkatech Records, Specimen A continued to craft their distinctive sound on follow-up singles such as "Exodus", "Dirty Disco" and "Freak In Us" featuring Miss Trouble. Their consistency and expertise in all things bass quickly won them a devoted fan base, while garnering them international bookings and proving that Specimen A are just as skilled on stage as they are in the studio.

In 2008 Specimen A released their "Hazardous Material" series on Funkatech, pushing their sound into new territories and winning themselves a nomination for Breakthrough Producer at the 2009 Breakspoll Awards. It was there at Fabric that they took to the stage with their first ever LIVE show, performing their music as an eight piece live band. Throughout the rest of 2009 Specimen A went from strength to strength, tearing up the first Breakspoll Festival in Spain, remixing artists such as Dylan Rhymes and Deekline for high profile labels like Lot49 and Against The Grain and creating guest mixes for BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM.

Specimen A broadened their sound in 2010, roaming deep into Dubstep territory for the first time with releases "Jaguar Paw" and their huge Dubstep remix of Foreigner's 80's classic "Cold As Ice", which was heavily supported by Radio 1's Mista Jam. They then went on to remix Bashy vs NAPT's hit "Make My Day" which has gained over 400,000 views on YouTube to date. While putting themselves on the map in the Dubstep world, they simultaneously had the Breaks charts on fire with their huge single "Just a Dj" which topped the Beatport chart for over six weeks!

Specimen A have shown no signs of letting up in 2011. Kicking off with their single 'Forgot About Breaks' which hit the number one spot yet again, they have also released their "Natural Born Killers" EP, multiple singles, and a barrage of high profile remixes. They have become a production and Dj outfit that oozes quality and are able to adapt their sound to any genre of dance music, no territory is out of bounds so be prepared!

Just yesterday the Specimen A boys posted their newest freebie and this time around they are taking us into the land of Drumstep via a bit of Daft Punk. Teaming up with South Coast up-and-comer James D'Ley for a cheeky but immense remix of "Aerodynamic" they take the original from fun and funky to a verified dancefloor destroyer that merges Drum & Bass' halftime bastard son with heavy Electro influences. Quickly getting down to work with massive drums and a bit of looped riff from D.P., you are immediately dropped off into the shredding chords from the original. Giving you just a moment to realize where you are, Specimen A quickly get down to business with grinding low ends that will grab hold of you like a spider catching it's prey. Working your way along your met by a brief drum roll and build introducing a bit of swing to go with your cheese, now that's tasty. Another round of bassline battering takes you through to the outro leaving you wondering, "What just happened to me?"

If you have missed out on any of the other gargantuan freebies that Specimen A have dropped like "Cold As Ice", now is your chance to grab them all in one shot. Plus we've got a brand new video for "Cold As Ice" whipped up by DzhYn and two killer mixes from Specimen A that they put together for Radio 1's Annie Nightingale that are also available in the player. So, get downloading and have yourselves an awesome weekend, Kick It!!

   Free downloads & mixes [Click ➡ for more info] by Specimen A

Specimen A on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/specimena

Specimen A on Twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/Specimen_A

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Mix - Symcast 18 - Hosted by Farace and Kick It Recordings

Kick It front man Farace has been on a tear consistently dropping chart topping tunes like his brand new remix of Agent K's "Generator" and his massive original "Feel That Ammunition". Not only is Farace extremely adept in the studio but he is a monster behind the decks as well putting on wicked displays of mixing prowess combining Traktor, an S4 and three Midi Fighters into his own personal audio assault system.

Farace was recently asked by Symphonic distribution to host their newest podcast and he has packed it full of nothing but big time bangers coming at you from Kick It Recordings. Starting things off with the wicked "Twin Nation" from Botbass the OLMEC remix and keeping things big and bassy straight through the one hour mix with tunes from artists like Access Denied, Dilemn, Karetus, Yreane, Farace and Sneaker & The Dryer. Grab the mix for yourself and then head on over to Farace's website for free tunes and a whole host of good stuff!

Farace's Website - http://www.farace.info/Farace_Home.html

Monday, August 22, 2011

Free Tune - Karton - Terrible Machine

Happy Monday everybody, I've got just the thing to cure those Monday morning blues, free music! The Karton boys have been hard at work in the studio putting together their forthcoming second album "Find the Constant", due out next month and we have one of the tracks from the album available for free!

Karton have already released the "Bang" EP, the first single off of the "Find the Constant" album which featured Fraksha and has received massive support worldwide. "Girl with Vertigo" was the second single from "Find the Constant" and it's another massive tuna done the Karton way with filthy bass and wicked melodies. 

Today we are talking about "Terrible Machine" which is a beautiful piece of Dubstep featuring Roshambo on vocals and a super gnarly bassline providing the low ends. Top notch production, seductive synths and kick ass drums provide for an exceptionally musical and spine tingling piece, would you expect anything less from Karton? Check out the pair of "Karton TV" videos I have posted below to get a little more insight into the world of Karton and have an awesome week everybody!

   Karton "Terrible Machine" FREE TRACK by Sound of Habib

   Karton "Find the constant" clips by Sound of Habib

Karton on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KartonMusic

Karton on Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/karton

Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Mix - Dirtyloud - Australian Tour Dj Set

In the mood for some serious tuneage to get your weekend started right? We've got just the thing for you. Dirtyloud are currently on tour in Australia rocking crowds around the continent with their big badass sound. What's that you say, you're nowhere near Oz? That's OK my friends because we have an insane one hour long set from their tour for you to get down with your bad self to. And just in case you are in Sydney, if you hurry your asses up over to Chinese Laundry, you can just make it in time to catch their Live set! Have a great weekend everybody!

   Dirtyloud Australia Tour (Dj Set available for download) by Dirtyloud

Dirtyloud on Facebook - www.facebook.com/dirtyloud

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2 Free Tunes and Free Mix - Charlie Kane and Sirius & Kech

Yes that's right everybody, we've got a healthy dose of free business for you today consisting of two tracks coming from Charlie Kane and a banging mix recorded by none other than Sirius and Kech.

Kech and Charlie Kane recently dropped their new EP "Satan Stole My Y Fronts" on Bleach Feast Records and their back with another round of proper goodness to crank out your speakers.

First up we've got a killer little number from Charlie Kane entitled "Trip Hazard" which starts off with a shaky breakbeat and side-chained lfos before the funky leads start to make their way in. A quirky drop gives a moment of rest and then it's time for the jamming bassline to work it's magic on your feet. Super groovy and driven by the neoteric bass, you can't help but feel good when this one comes on.

   Charlie Kane - Trip Hazard (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Charlie Kane

Switching gears from the funky to the psychedelic, Charlie Kane gives us "Rollin" which features some awesome vocal sampling and has got a real Hedflux feel to it with wicked atmospherics and a chunky bassline to back it up. The main breakdown takes things way down low before lifting you in to outer space when the beat comes back, grab it for free!

   Charlie Kane - Rollin' (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Charlie Kane

If that wasn't enough for you we've got a tasty little hour and twenty minute mix from Sirius & Kech that will have you moving from beginning to end. Bringing a little bit of everything to the party, they drop no less than forty tracks in that time keeping you guessing what's going to come next with some heavyweight bangers making their way into the mix like "The Hackney Shuffle", "Everybody Needs a Bassline" and "Rave is King". Keep your summer going strong by putting this mix on your favorite player and cranking it up!

   On the Fly Summertime Mix by Sirius / Kech

Purchase the "Satan Stole My Y Fronts" EP here - Satan Stole My Y Fronts

Charlie Kane on Facebook - www.facebook.com/charliekane

Sirius on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/siriusly23

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Release - KIR257 - Botbass - Twin Nation - Remixes by OLMEC and Kyle Cross

Kick It returns with another big release for KIR257 and this time around we’re featuring three newcomers to the label. Just out today and available exclusively on Juno Download we have "Twin Nation"!

Botbass comes to us from Columbia and he is bringing some serious business with him entitled “Twin Nation”. If you like hard driving Electro monsters then this one is definitely for you! Massive synths and pads compliment the hefty kicks taking you into the first breakdown where Botbass’ finesse really shines through. The big leads on the drop have a touch of Deadmau5 to them and then it’s time for the bass! Heavy and driving with just enough wobble this one rocks straight through to the end leaving you wanting more!

First up on remix duties we have the one like OLMEC who turns out a wicked bass heavy jammer that will knock your socks off. Heavier than a hippo in need of a diet, this one is packed with twisting low ends and acidized zaps making for a beast of a remix complete with a Dubstep bit for the kids that is sure to be rocking dancefloors in a big way.

Also with his first piece for Kick It, Kyle Cross steps up big time with a slamming Breaks remix of “Twin Nation”. Bleeps and zips spice up the drums as you work your way into the first breakdown. Kyle makes excellent use of the leads from the original but adds heavily chopped bits and some wicked sampling for a high intensity workout that will leave you sweaty and breathless. Keeping things interesting, a bit of talking bass makes a cameo as the energy continues to build until maximum madness is achieved, top stuff!

Support From

Karton - "Nice overall package."

Wavewhore - "Nice package... glitchy Electro and Breaks, with something for everyone."

Yreane - "Kyle Cross remix is really nice!"

VovKing - "OLMEC remix is cool, will play!"

Mobius - "Kyle Cross remix is my favorite of the three by a mile, will spin on the radio."

Sneaker & The Dryer - "Original is wicked but I'm loving all 3!!"

TJFX - "Awesome tunes!! OLMEC killing it on the remix!!!"

Reality Randy - "Love it!"

   KIR257 BotBass - Twin Nation Previews by Kick It Recordings

Botbass on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/botbass

OLMEC on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/olmecmusic

Kyle Cross on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/djkylecross

Kick It Recordings Website - www.kickitrecordings.com

Friday, August 12, 2011

Free Tune - Chemical Brothers - Galvanize - Eshericks Remix

Man has it been a good week for free tunes! Keeping your crates full of nothing but bangers, you know the Kick It Blog has got your back! Today we've got a fresh spin on a wicked classic from The Chemical Brothers.

Eshericks burst onto the scene in a big way in 2008 after taking a break from his normal production stylings and switching things up to the broken beat genre. Since that time he has been pounding out the releases and riding the charts and just a few hours ago he posted a wicked remix of "Galvanize" that's available for free.

Chunky kicks and the Chemical Brothers arps get things moving quickly followed by Q-Tip's vocals joining the mix. A short breakdown is immediately followed by the introduction of the massive driving bassline twisting it's way into your earholes and making it's way deep into your soul leaving you with only one option, to dance! Acid lines and the original stabs from "Galvanize" push the energy higher as you work you way into the main break which is heavily smattered with rolls and fills finishing with an epic build to set things off again in a big way, grab it for free!

   Chemical Brothers - Galvanize(Eshericks Remix) by Eshericks

Eshericks on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/eshericks

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Free Tune - Knight Freak - Rave Safe

Keeping the variety coming we've got something a little different up for grabs today coming at you from Knight Freak. If you head on over to Knight Freak's Facebook Band Page and give er an ol "liking" you can scoop up one of his new originals "Rave Safe" for free.

Bringing you a bit of UK Festival Breaks combined with Rave synths and tough Drum & Bass-esque beats "Rave Safe" takes you back to the Old School while still working in some Nu Skool flavor. Dark wobbling bass roughs things up and the trancey leads keep it classy with an eight bar breakdown providing just a moment to rest in between the cracking drums and grinding lows.

   FREE DOWNLOAD Rave Safe (KnightFreak) by KnightFreak

Knight Freak on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/KnightFreak

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Tune - Zomboy - Organ Donor

If yesterday's tune wasn't quite big enough for you then maybe today's piece will satisfy your bass-ic needs.

Never Say Die Records has stepped onto the scene in a big way with artists like Skism, Dodge & Fuski, 501, Skeptiks, Freestylers and Foreign Beggars and they are continuing to push things to the limits with their upcoming EP coming at you from Zomboy. 

UK native Zomboy is quickly establishing himself as one of Dubstep's major players with his remix of the Foreign Beggars "Still Getting It" receiving national play in the UK and his remix of Flux Pavillion's "Bass Cannon" also garnering heavy support and I must say I've dropped it a time or two myself.

Proving he's no one trick pony, Zomboy is about to release a new EP with four massive tunas and he is giving one of the tracks from the EP out for FREE! Just by heading on over to Zomboy's Facebook page you can grab yourself a copy of "Organ Donor" by clicking the "Like" button.

"Organ Donor" gets going with tweaked out vox and distorted keys giving a funky vibe to start things off but don't be fooled as you will quickly take a Bruce Lee kick to the face from the twisting bass that explodes from your speakers. Freaky synths and stabs will give you the feeling that you're on the set of a horror movie while the Franken-esque sub frequencies will leave you weak in the knees and crying for your momma. Talking edits and creepy vox complete the nightmarish masterpiece in a big way showing why Zomboy has 4,000 followers on his Soundcloud page!

   Zomboy -- Organ Donor Preview by The Kick It Blog

Zomboy on Facebook - www.facebook.com/ZomboyOfficial

Never Say Die Records Website - www.wewillneversaydie.com/

Monday, August 8, 2011

Free Tune - Tha Trickaz Vs Adam Faz - Evil Sentai - Bl1tz Re-Boot

Happy Monday boys and girls, we've got a massive free tuna to start the week off right for you all! Bl1tz shows us what making edits is all about taking two totally different tracks and making one insane dancefloor slammer!

Hailing from Ceuta Spain, Bl1tz has been rocking decks and producing tracks for ten years now. Combining Old School sounds with modern techniques, Bl1tz has put out some wicked productions on the likes of VIMBreaks, Reflex Musik, Subterfuge and a whole host of others but this time around he is offering us up some big business of the Free kind.

Deftly blending The Trickaz "Sentai" with Adam Faz's "Evil Circuitry" Bl1tz brings forth something completely new with more energy behind it than the space shuttle at launch. Prepare to be blasted into a bassline orbit that you may never return from with horns and massive kicks warning you things are about to get heavy right from the get go. Drum & Bass breaks and Old School vocal stabs keep you moving into the first breakdown which is just massive ending on an extended sub frequency note to rattle your teeth before things really get out of hand. Hard driving and twisting low ends slam into you at full throttle while edits abound keep you on your toes in anticipation of the next change up. Warping synths propel you further into the darkness while the female vox add just a touch of funk to the mix. The buildup on the final break will have everybody's hands in the air one more time before it all comes back in at warp six leaving not a soul standing still, mission complete. 

Check out what else Bl1tz has been up to by following the links below and there are links to the original two tracks that were used as well.


The Trickaz "Sentai" - http://www.beatport.com/release/jogging-and-die/396284

Adam Faz "Evil Circuitry" -  http://www.beatport.com/track/evil-circuitry-original-mix/1682557

Bl1tz on Facebook - www.facebook.com/blitzspain

Bl1tz on  Youtube - www.youtube.com/user/blitzspain

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Free Tune - Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner - Conscindo - Kwerk Re-Rub

I apologize for the blog being so barren this week but sometimes there is only so much one person can do! We're back at it today with some big time free business for you coming from the one like Kwerk.

There are way too many people out there who take someone's track and add an extra kick to it and call it a Re-Rub. If you're gonna bite off someone's tune, at least make some changes to the thing before you put your name on it! Kwerk gives us a perfect example of what I'm talking about. This time around he takes Mark Knight and Wolfgang Gartner's "Conscindo" and almost makes a completely new tuna out of it.

First off you get fresh drums and an all new 32 bar intro to get you into the first breakdown which is short and sweet spiced up with some additional vox provided by Kwerk. Then it's time to check your watch kids because it's bass O'clock as Kwerk brings us a totally new bassline that's ready to kick your front door in. Big edits and a smattering of vocal stabs keep things interesting ass the sub frequencies grind away. Retaining just the right amount of the original's funky flavor and combining it with all new elements and a harder edge, Kwerk get's the job done in proper stylee, take note.

   Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner - Conscindo - KWeRK ReRub (**Free 320 D/L**) by KWeRK

Kwerk on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/djkwerk