Friday, August 26, 2011

6 Free Tunes & 2 Free Mixes - Speciman A

Just in time for your weekend gigs, we've got a plethora of stuff coming at you from the ones like Specimen A. These guys have been filling my crates and sets with wicked tunas for a long time now and they keep coming back with bigger and badder tunes like a never ending storm of audio carnage.

Specimen A are brothers Phil and Mo Jones alongside Dj Smart. Producers of bass driven Breaks, Dubstep and Drum & Bass, the Jones brothers have music in their blood. Born into a family of musicians, they are nephews of 80's pop star Howard Jones and were raised with a strict classical training whilst developing a love for electronic music.

After several years producing and Dj'ing Drum & Bass for labels such as Emcee and Inspirit, they started making Breaks in 2006, collaborating with then up and coming producers Far Too Loud. Their early releases "Headcase", "Contamination" and "Soldiers At War" won them mass praise & support across the scene. After signing with Funkatech Records, Specimen A continued to craft their distinctive sound on follow-up singles such as "Exodus", "Dirty Disco" and "Freak In Us" featuring Miss Trouble. Their consistency and expertise in all things bass quickly won them a devoted fan base, while garnering them international bookings and proving that Specimen A are just as skilled on stage as they are in the studio.

In 2008 Specimen A released their "Hazardous Material" series on Funkatech, pushing their sound into new territories and winning themselves a nomination for Breakthrough Producer at the 2009 Breakspoll Awards. It was there at Fabric that they took to the stage with their first ever LIVE show, performing their music as an eight piece live band. Throughout the rest of 2009 Specimen A went from strength to strength, tearing up the first Breakspoll Festival in Spain, remixing artists such as Dylan Rhymes and Deekline for high profile labels like Lot49 and Against The Grain and creating guest mixes for BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM.

Specimen A broadened their sound in 2010, roaming deep into Dubstep territory for the first time with releases "Jaguar Paw" and their huge Dubstep remix of Foreigner's 80's classic "Cold As Ice", which was heavily supported by Radio 1's Mista Jam. They then went on to remix Bashy vs NAPT's hit "Make My Day" which has gained over 400,000 views on YouTube to date. While putting themselves on the map in the Dubstep world, they simultaneously had the Breaks charts on fire with their huge single "Just a Dj" which topped the Beatport chart for over six weeks!

Specimen A have shown no signs of letting up in 2011. Kicking off with their single 'Forgot About Breaks' which hit the number one spot yet again, they have also released their "Natural Born Killers" EP, multiple singles, and a barrage of high profile remixes. They have become a production and Dj outfit that oozes quality and are able to adapt their sound to any genre of dance music, no territory is out of bounds so be prepared!

Just yesterday the Specimen A boys posted their newest freebie and this time around they are taking us into the land of Drumstep via a bit of Daft Punk. Teaming up with South Coast up-and-comer James D'Ley for a cheeky but immense remix of "Aerodynamic" they take the original from fun and funky to a verified dancefloor destroyer that merges Drum & Bass' halftime bastard son with heavy Electro influences. Quickly getting down to work with massive drums and a bit of looped riff from D.P., you are immediately dropped off into the shredding chords from the original. Giving you just a moment to realize where you are, Specimen A quickly get down to business with grinding low ends that will grab hold of you like a spider catching it's prey. Working your way along your met by a brief drum roll and build introducing a bit of swing to go with your cheese, now that's tasty. Another round of bassline battering takes you through to the outro leaving you wondering, "What just happened to me?"

If you have missed out on any of the other gargantuan freebies that Specimen A have dropped like "Cold As Ice", now is your chance to grab them all in one shot. Plus we've got a brand new video for "Cold As Ice" whipped up by DzhYn and two killer mixes from Specimen A that they put together for Radio 1's Annie Nightingale that are also available in the player. So, get downloading and have yourselves an awesome weekend, Kick It!!

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