Friday, August 12, 2011

Free Tune - Chemical Brothers - Galvanize - Eshericks Remix

Man has it been a good week for free tunes! Keeping your crates full of nothing but bangers, you know the Kick It Blog has got your back! Today we've got a fresh spin on a wicked classic from The Chemical Brothers.

Eshericks burst onto the scene in a big way in 2008 after taking a break from his normal production stylings and switching things up to the broken beat genre. Since that time he has been pounding out the releases and riding the charts and just a few hours ago he posted a wicked remix of "Galvanize" that's available for free.

Chunky kicks and the Chemical Brothers arps get things moving quickly followed by Q-Tip's vocals joining the mix. A short breakdown is immediately followed by the introduction of the massive driving bassline twisting it's way into your earholes and making it's way deep into your soul leaving you with only one option, to dance! Acid lines and the original stabs from "Galvanize" push the energy higher as you work you way into the main break which is heavily smattered with rolls and fills finishing with an epic build to set things off again in a big way, grab it for free!

   Chemical Brothers - Galvanize(Eshericks Remix) by Eshericks

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