Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Tune - Zomboy - Organ Donor

If yesterday's tune wasn't quite big enough for you then maybe today's piece will satisfy your bass-ic needs.

Never Say Die Records has stepped onto the scene in a big way with artists like Skism, Dodge & Fuski, 501, Skeptiks, Freestylers and Foreign Beggars and they are continuing to push things to the limits with their upcoming EP coming at you from Zomboy. 

UK native Zomboy is quickly establishing himself as one of Dubstep's major players with his remix of the Foreign Beggars "Still Getting It" receiving national play in the UK and his remix of Flux Pavillion's "Bass Cannon" also garnering heavy support and I must say I've dropped it a time or two myself.

Proving he's no one trick pony, Zomboy is about to release a new EP with four massive tunas and he is giving one of the tracks from the EP out for FREE! Just by heading on over to Zomboy's Facebook page you can grab yourself a copy of "Organ Donor" by clicking the "Like" button.

"Organ Donor" gets going with tweaked out vox and distorted keys giving a funky vibe to start things off but don't be fooled as you will quickly take a Bruce Lee kick to the face from the twisting bass that explodes from your speakers. Freaky synths and stabs will give you the feeling that you're on the set of a horror movie while the Franken-esque sub frequencies will leave you weak in the knees and crying for your momma. Talking edits and creepy vox complete the nightmarish masterpiece in a big way showing why Zomboy has 4,000 followers on his Soundcloud page!

   Zomboy -- Organ Donor Preview by The Kick It Blog

Zomboy on Facebook - www.facebook.com/ZomboyOfficial

Never Say Die Records Website - www.wewillneversaydie.com/