Thursday, August 11, 2011

Free Tune - Knight Freak - Rave Safe

Keeping the variety coming we've got something a little different up for grabs today coming at you from Knight Freak. If you head on over to Knight Freak's Facebook Band Page and give er an ol "liking" you can scoop up one of his new originals "Rave Safe" for free.

Bringing you a bit of UK Festival Breaks combined with Rave synths and tough Drum & Bass-esque beats "Rave Safe" takes you back to the Old School while still working in some Nu Skool flavor. Dark wobbling bass roughs things up and the trancey leads keep it classy with an eight bar breakdown providing just a moment to rest in between the cracking drums and grinding lows.

   FREE DOWNLOAD Rave Safe (KnightFreak) by KnightFreak

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