Monday, August 8, 2011

Free Tune - Tha Trickaz Vs Adam Faz - Evil Sentai - Bl1tz Re-Boot

Happy Monday boys and girls, we've got a massive free tuna to start the week off right for you all! Bl1tz shows us what making edits is all about taking two totally different tracks and making one insane dancefloor slammer!

Hailing from Ceuta Spain, Bl1tz has been rocking decks and producing tracks for ten years now. Combining Old School sounds with modern techniques, Bl1tz has put out some wicked productions on the likes of VIMBreaks, Reflex Musik, Subterfuge and a whole host of others but this time around he is offering us up some big business of the Free kind.

Deftly blending The Trickaz "Sentai" with Adam Faz's "Evil Circuitry" Bl1tz brings forth something completely new with more energy behind it than the space shuttle at launch. Prepare to be blasted into a bassline orbit that you may never return from with horns and massive kicks warning you things are about to get heavy right from the get go. Drum & Bass breaks and Old School vocal stabs keep you moving into the first breakdown which is just massive ending on an extended sub frequency note to rattle your teeth before things really get out of hand. Hard driving and twisting low ends slam into you at full throttle while edits abound keep you on your toes in anticipation of the next change up. Warping synths propel you further into the darkness while the female vox add just a touch of funk to the mix. The buildup on the final break will have everybody's hands in the air one more time before it all comes back in at warp six leaving not a soul standing still, mission complete. 

Check out what else Bl1tz has been up to by following the links below and there are links to the original two tracks that were used as well.


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Adam Faz "Evil Circuitry" -

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