Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free Track - NICKEL - ZYGZM - Jean Nippon Remix

NICKEL is the project of one Robert Nickel and he crafts some of the most euphoric, radical new music around. Made with the freeform attitude of classic techno visionaries, the braggadocio of Berlin in the nineties, the cast-iron integrity of punk and the headlong desperate rush of rave, it’s untamed music for the moment.

2013 sees NICKEL unleash his aural onslaught in the form of "ZYGZM", a thumping bass laden beast of a tune out on hotly tipped label, Police Records this winter.

NICKEL spent his early years in Rostock, a little harbor town that was once part of Germany's Eastern Bloc DDR. He took on music as a life challenge to disappear from the barriers of the eastern borders and has never looked back since.

NICKEL’s early tracks quickly found their way onto the blogs that mattered and soon spread like wildfire across the internet. This attention sent him on the road, and since starting out he has DJ’d around Europe, the UK and Japan, going down a storm where ever he plays. Having previously released records under various guises like Trash Talk (Great Stuff) and the seminal Hey Today! (Kitsuné, Turbo, Bang Gang) with fellow partner in crime, Raik Krause, NICKEL made the decision to focus on his solo career and released his debut EP on Dim Mak last year.

Along the way, he’s found himself standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a new clutch of brave DIY electronic artists that include Steve Aoki, T.E.E.D, Black Strobe, Digitalism, Donovans and The Magician. To date, NICKEL has remixed fellow luminaries like The Whip, The Teenagers, Ali Love, Gossip, Fake Blood, Polymorphic and iPunk among others with many more remixes scheduled this year.

NICKEL’s debut single for Police Records "ZYGYM" features remixes from TWR72, Abstraxion, Jean Nippon, Jenson Interceptor and Remute and will be released on 29th January.

   NICKEL - ZYGZM Jean Nippon Remix (Police records) by POLICE Records

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free Track - Ming - Victim - Monolythe Remix

Fresh off the presses today we have a banger of a House track from the one like Monolythe with his remix of Ming's "Victim" which is the definition of bass music!!!

Massive drums and sweeps kick this tune into high gear right of the starting line, as we get a little more into the madness some very heavy and wide sub bass comes in to really give this tune a bigger than life feel!!!

The first breakdown of "Victim" is short and sweet as we build up to some gigantic talking bass goodness in the meat of this fantastic House rocker!!!

The second breakdown is more epic in nature, filled with synths and filtered vocals before once again slamming us into some hard hitting action! 

"Victim" is a wonderful free tune and it would be a shame to miss out on such a heavy and floor moving stomper!

   Victim by Ming (Monolythe VIP Remix) - House.NET Exclusive by House.NET

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Free Mix - Kick in Btz Ramp Show Vol 9 w/ Sneaker & The Dryer

Hitting our ears just before we lose our minds in anticiaption, we have the first Kick In Btz Ramp Show of 2013, and Sneaker & The Dryer holds nothing back on episode #9!!!

This 27 track monster mix features 15 different genres, 12 tempo changes and three massive exclusives that you can't find anywhere else, only inside this fantastic mix can you get the amazing sounds that S&D calls "The Business"!!!

Kicking things off on a light note as always, Sneaker & The Dryer hits us with a hilarious intro using samples from Ronald Regan and Nancy Regan on their prior drug use, for the first time listener hearing this, you'll be holding your sides throughout this unique introduction!

Hitting you with the funk right off the starting line, "The Bassline Specialist" gets your feet in the mood with DJ Jim Needles "Check Out My Style", then continues right into some grinding bass bashing goodness with "Sensi Says"!

The mix features a huge amount of tunes from gigantic artists such as, Zedd, Kamen, Feed Me, Dada Life, Audio:Hertz, and Krewella and that's only naming some of them!!!

We also get a very special preview of Beatz Projekted's "Vampire" remixed by Sneaker & The Dryer which is due out on Kick It Recordings very soon, so keep your ears pealed for this floor stomper!

Moving through genres like a S&D fan moves across the dance floor, this is the most breathtaking Kick In Btz Ramp Show to date! Ending things on a high note we have another exclusive due out on Kick It Recordings from Night Bandit with his Drum & Bass monster "This Just In", which is a perfect way to close out any mix!!!

Kick In Btz Ramp Show Vol 9

01. – Intro
02. – Dj Jimi Needles “Check Out My Style” 
03. – Dj Maars Ft. Mr. Vegas, Alozade & Hollow Point “Sensi Says” 
04. – Firebeatz “Disque” w/ “Too Many Words” Acapella 
05. – AC Slater “Hood Anthem” 
06. – Garmiani “Now That We Found Love” 
07. – Jason Risk Ft. Nessa Kay “Lockdown” Paulo Pacco Remix 
08. – Lucky Date & Zedd Ft. Ellie Goulding “Fall Into The Sky”
Extended Mix 
09. – Feed Me Vs Kill The Noise “Thumbs Up” 
10. – The McMash Clan Ft. Kate Mullins “Swing Break” 
12. – Dada Life “Feed The Dada” Sirens Ceol Remix 
13. – The Steve Miller Band “Fly Like an Eagle” Psymbionic Remix 
14. – Unknown “Yorkshire Pudding” 
15. – Smoove & Turrell “Broke” Valique Boogie Tech Remix 
16. – Akiko Wada “The Old Diary” Loconyan Remix 
17. – Beatz Projekted “Vampire” Sneaker & The Dryer Remix
(Forthcoming on Kick It Recordings)
18. – Audio:Hertz Ft. Katy Lewis “Sometimes” Original Mix 
19. – Skism Ft. Zomboy “Kick It” Dirtyloud Remix 
20. – Savage Skulls “Top Dog” 
21. – R.H.C.P. Vs Pendulum “The Other Side of the Island” Kool Hertz Edit 
22. – Kairo Kingdom “One Two” 
23. – Skrillex Vs The Doors ‘ Breakin’ a Sweat” Zedd Remix 
24. – Deorro “Rock the Party” Divine X Remix 
25. – Feed Me “Death by Robot” 
26. – Krewella “Alive” Cash Cash Kalkutta Remix 
27. – Night Bandit “This Just In” (Forthcoming on Kick It Recordings)

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Free Track - Will Sparks vs. Showtek & Bassjackers - Hey Yeah! - Beatz Projekted Mash Up

Hot off the Presses we have a gigantic mash up from the one like Beatz Projekted with his Electro House big room banger, "Hey Yeah!"!!!

Staring off a short lived mix in full of extremely large drums and rolls we arrive at the first breakdown with some very energizing synths and chopped up vocals that really put you in the mood for some floor stomping goodness!!!

The meat of "Hey Yeah!" is indescribable as Beatz Projekted mixes in every genre imaginable moving from the first 16 bars filled with grinding bass leads to the Tech like later section that truly is breath taking!

Moving threw breakdowns with a massive festival feeling that you would expect from the likes of Chrizz Luvly, Beatz Projekted gives you everything and anything you would want from a track let alone an amazing free release!!!

   Hey Yeah! (Beatz Projekted Mash-up) - Will Sparks vs. Showtek & Bassjackers "FREE DOWNLOAD" by Beatz Projekted™

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Free Release - Ellissentials - No Set Beat with Remixes from Sneaker & The Dryer and Kwerk

Yes you are reading this right, today we have a free release from Kick It Recordings and Ellissentials with his new tune "No Set Beat" which includes remixes from Sneaker & The Dryer and Kwerk!

Kicking things off is the original mix from Ellissentials which is a funky House chugger that has an amazing atmosphere and an overall groovy feel to it. Starting out with a very minimal selection of drums, it's the small tweaks in the beginning that grab your attention, whether it's the reverb that makes the kicks seem so large or the pop percussion that that creates some very entrancing movement "No Set Beat" is perfect for lower energy sets!

Next up is the Sneaker & The Dryer remix, and man does this guy know how to add his own flavor to a tune!!!

Starting things off with a massive amount of movement full of percussion and added vocal samples we soon get to the breakdown where we quickly find out this will not be anything like the original! Hitting us with massive Electro basslines and larger than life ravey synths, this tune almost seems to be a hybrid of House, Breaks and Electro all rolled into one fantastic tune!!!

Moving us with a Breakbeat build up before getting to the second breakdown, Sneaker & The Dryer makes it clear that there is, no set beat in House Music! Continuing on with the big business S&D keeps those feet and ears interested straight till the end!

Last but certainly not least we have a grinding Complextro like remix of "No Set Beat" from the one like Kwerk, and my oh my is it fun and funky!!!

Moving fast and not leaving anything to chance Kwerk slams us with massively fluid bass before hitting us with some hollowed out low-end action that will have your body jumping in the air!!!

Adding additional vocal samples to the mix and utilizing hard hitting snares and kicks, Kwerk makes this tune his own and hit hard as we hear samples all over the place in the mix, some of them even sound reminiscent of a Chemical Brothers tune! Keeping the energy up from beginning to end, this is a great remix to add to your Electro jamming sets!!!

You can download the full release for free buy hitting the buy now button on Soundcloud!!! Be sure to not miss your chance to get any of these fantastic tracks!!!

   FREE RELEASE - Ellissentials - No Set Beat w/ Remixes by Sneaker & The Dryer and Kwerk by Kick It Recordings

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Free Mix - The Farace Show - Episode 009

Farace hits us with his first show of the new year today, and as in other episodes number 9 hits hard and in your face with the biggest Electro House, Breaks and Bass tunes!!!

Starting off massive with "Death By Robot" from Feed Me, Farace keeps the energy high as he works his way through the mix with floor stomping action from other hard hitting artistes and also gives us a special look at one of Farace' own tunes "Message In Bottles" Ft Chayo which is still unfinished but bumps the ground none the less!!!

Be sure to not miss out on any episode of  this amazing show that is sure to be long lasting and full of memorable tunes and mixes!!!

The Farace Show Episode 009

01. - Feed Me "Death By Robot"
02. - DJs From Mars vs. Maurizio Gubellini feat. Eleze "Glory Box" DJs From Mars Remix
03. - Son!k Ft I-Rock "Massive" Extended Mix
04. - Farace "Message in Bottles feat Chayo" Unfinished Preview
05. - Gr1ffyn "Unity"
06. - M.B.F.B. "Podium" Qudo Remix
07. - Agent K "I See The Future"
08. - Chronic "Beatbox"
09. - FnDannyBoy "Burnin" ReepR Remix
10. - Protoxic & Futurism feat Kaysee "If I Cant Have You" Richard Fraioli Remix

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Free Track - Garmiani - Now That We Found Love

Today we have an excellent original track from Garmiani with his Electro banger "Now That We Found Love", which will have you moving in an instant!!!

Starting it off with filtered drums and crunchy claps, we soon get into the meat of "Now That We Found Love", with excellent and powerful vocals and one hell of a kick we soon get to an excellent build up before once again plunging into the bigness of this tune!!!

With an almost acid like quality to the bass and very crisp and driving synths Garmiani's "Now That We Found Love" is a perfect tune for big rooms and even smaller clubs, no matter where you play this it's sure to make an impact!!!

   Garmiani - Now That We Found Love (Original) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Garmiani

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Free Track - Mutantbreaks Ft Mc Bestbasstard - Boom Boom

Today we have a free and original tune from Mutantbreaks with his fantastic Breakbeat tune "Boom Boom" featuring Mc Bestbastard!!!

Starting things off with a big beat we soon get a full view of this tune as guitars, synths, and some very funky pianos are filtered in right before heading into the first breakdown of "Boom Boom"!

As the beat come back in we get the fullness of this tune with an amazing rap from Mc Bestbastard, as he makes you get down and dirty to this banging Breakbeat goodness!!!

Another breakdown comes in full of the vocals that make this tune so fun before sending it off in style and massive leads and funky samples come in to take this tune home!!!


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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Free Track - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop - Beatz Projekted Bouncy Bootleg Remix

Today is our 600th post for the Kick It Blog and we have a bouncy bumpin body jackin remix of "Thrift Shop" from the one like Beatz Projekted to celebrate this post in style!!!

Moving fast like a man ridding a bike in a womans coat Beatz Projekted wastes no time immediately hitting us with a fantastic groove using massive kicks, filtering vocals, and one bouncy side-chained bass line in this floor stomping House banger!!!

Full of short breakdowns, full of funk and horns, there are not many remixes of "Thrift Shop" that make you move your body and head as much as the business that Beatz Projekted has dropped on us tonight!!!

All you have to do to get this tune is give Beatz Projekted a like on his Facebook Page, i suggest you do because your gona want this tune, along with a bunch of others he has!!!

   Thrift Shop (Beatz Projekted Bouncy Bootleg Remix) - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "FREE DOWNLOAD!" by Beatz Projekted™

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Free Track - Tristan Prettyman - My Oh My - Kamen Remix

Oh yes you are reading this right!!! Kamen have just released another banging remix, and this time around they head in a different direction with a Dubstep remix of "My Oh My", and my oh my is this track nasty!!!

Kicking it off hard and dirty Kamen makes use of some of the largest bass lines I have ever heard, accompanied by massive drums, the mix in for "My Oh My" is bigger than some of the biggest and gnarliest parts of other tracks out today!

A short and sweet vocal fueled breakdown chalk full of delay and reverb sets the atmosphere for this tune in another world, and makes the vocals hit home in more ways than one, to really make this tune one of Kamen's own babys!!!

When we get back to the beat the dirtiness comes in full effect, giving you everything you would need to get a dance floor going hard, and by the time this track is done you're going to want to play it over and over again!!!

Just as they have done in the past, Kamen give us a fantastic version of these original tunes leaving you to wonder if Kamen's remixes should take the place of the original, and that all other versions should be scraped and put away!!!

If you haven't downloaded Kamen's other remixes now is the time!!! Get them well these free downloads are still up!!!!!

"My Oh My" Kamen Remix

"Lets Go" Kamen Remix

"Body Work" Kamen Remix

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Free Track - Dank - Blow Me - FTampa Remix

FTampa hits us with a banger of a free track tonight just in time for the weekend with his remix of "Blow Me", with sound so big that it might blow you away!

Starting off with heavy drums and some very phat synths FTampa brings you right into some hard hitting bass action with fantastic melody's to accompany it!

With a short build up full of nasty reverb and surrounding sweeps filling every frequency "Blow Me" quickly gets down and dirty as FTampa throws down the madness in this grinding floor stompper!

A gigantic free tune like this is something you can't go wrong with!!!

   Dank - Blow Me (FTampa Remix) Free Download Exclusive by ftampa

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Free Track - Au Seve - Stanton Warriors Re Bash

You like em fresh, well we do to, and Stanton Warriors just released a brand spankin new tune about six hours ago, and there remix of "Au Seve" is going fast with almost 1000 downloads already!!!!

Hitting us with the Breakbeat action, Stanton Warriors pull no punches on this amazing track, as massive reverb and flowing sweeps fill up this tune with an amazing atmosphere, and a beat that can only make you booty shake it up on the dance floor!!!

The breakdown is mostly filled with the fantastic vocals that make this tune instantly recognizable, as for the rest of the track, it is mean and BIG!!! The meat of "Au Seve" is packed with huge bass and even larger drums that should make this an excellent track to play in the club!!!

Get it well it's hot because everyone will be dropping this tune when the weekend finally hits us!!!

   Au seve (Stanton Warriors Re Bash) by Stanton Warriors

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Free Track - Nicky Romero & NERVO - Like Home - Karetus Remix

This just in, we have an extremely massive banger from Karetus with their remix of Nicky Romero & NERVO's "Like Home"!!!

A rare and explosively powerful authorized remix of Nicky Romero & Nervo's spectacular hit single "Like Home", Karetus have transformed this already phenomenally musical ballad into an all-out Dubstep banger that manages to harness the intrinsic beauty of the original and infuse it with some of the most gritty, high-energy sound design imaginable!

Unleashing havoc upon the ears of the listener, and captivating their attention with soft, seductive vocals and an undeniably catchy hook, Karetus' remix of "Like Home" will take you to a faraway place that is surprisingly very little like home....we're not in Kansas anymore!

   Nicky Romero & NERVO - Like Home (Karetus Remix) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Karetus

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Free Track - Tommy Trash Vs Mischievous Man - Truffle Night - Beatz Projekted Remix

Beatz Projekted hits us with a fantastic Electro House remix of "Truffle Night", that really makes you wana shuffle those feet and shake that booty!!!

Kicking things off with filtered out drums and some quick vocal stabs we soon get into the bass of the track as Beatz Projekted drops the main vocals in and some extremely bouncy bass lines before getting to the first breakdown, which is full of amazing synths and sweeps that fill up this track so fluidly!!!

After Beatz Projekted hits us with a breakdown full of movement we get to the rump moving goodness and the massive bass that makes this track so damn catchy. With everything hitting and placed in the right spots this is a great tune to add to the arsenal for 2013!!!

There is no way a crowd would not be getting down, dirty and hard to this amazing remix of "Truffle Night", Beatz Projekted really brings the energy on this one and shows that 2013 is going to be a year of bangers!!!

   Truffle Night (Beatz Projekted 2013 Mash-up) - Tommy Trash vs. Mischievous Men "FREE DOWNLOAD!" by Beatz Projekted

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Free Track - Philly Blunt - Feel - Chamber Remix

That's right today we have the final installment of DJ Chambers World Wide Remix Tour, Chamber brings us the UK Garage madness with his remix of Philly Blunt's "Feel", and it is pumped full of energy!!!

The goodness kicks off with some nasty drums and funk fueled pianos that really put you in the mood to groove along with Chamber as his World Wide Remix journey comes to a close, leaving listeners wanting more of the big beats that we have come to expect from Chamber!!!

Whether its in the car or in the club, Chambers remix of "Feel" will get those feet moving and shuffling along all night long to this amazing tune!!! To grab this feel good tune all you have to do is go to Chambers Facebook Page and give it a like!

   Philly Blunt - Feel (Chamber Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by DJ Chamber

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Free Mix - The Farace Show - Episode 008

Happy New Year everyone!!! We start 2013 off right with the new year's special of the Farace Show, which is a perfect way to kick off a brand new year in style and get you pumped for all the new and fantastic things that are coming in 2013!!!

As we have come to expect with every Farace Show, the track selection is always full of the biggest tunes to be released, for his New Year's special Farace mixes up some of his favorite tunes from 2012 and brings the business hard to show us that 2013 is going to be 100 times bigger and badder than last year!!!

With massive tunes from Zedd, Wolfgang, Far Too Loud, and Avicii there is no better way to prepare yourself for the biggest year in our bass driven world! Keep yourselves locked in this year for all the amazing new tracks and releases from Kick It Recordings, 2013 is going to be full of floor stomping action!!!

The Farace Show Episode 008

01. - Black Rabbit "Say It" Nicolas S Remix
02. - Fedde Le Grand "RAW"
03. - Jason Risk, Funkdamental "Forever feat Pennie Adam" Paulo Pacco Remix
04. - Chaxxx "Don't Stop"
05. - Dog Blood "Middle Finger"
06. - Far Too Loud "Firestorm"
07. - The Aston Shuffle, Tommy TrashSunrise "Won't Get Lost" Tommy Trash Version
08. - Wolfgang Gartner "Love & War"
09. - Zedd "Spectrum feat Matthew Koma" Exodus & Leewise Remix
10. - Avicii "Silhouettes" EDX Arena Club Mix
11. - FetOo "Funk Off" Dirty Stab Remix

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