Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free Track - Gentlemen Thieves - Grand Prix

What's up everybody, it's your favorite time again. No, not tea time.... free tuna time!! We've got a big one up for grabs today coming at you from up and comers Gentlemen Thieves who have a forthcoming EP that will be released for free. We've got the first track from the EP entitled "Grand Prix" for you and all you've got to do to download it is head on over to their Facebook page and give it a liking.

Hailing from Gotham City aka NYC, Gentlemen Thieves have knocked out a handful of kickin remixes, most of which you can grab from their Soundcloud page and now their stepping things up with the original business. "Grand Prix" starts out with heavy guitar riffs that lead into massive synth stabs and a big snare roll to drop you into the main event. Trancey leads compete with wobbling and twisting bass edits for the first few laps and then it's time for the main breakdown taking it back to the axe. Another snare roll and a massive low end bass rumble and then it's off to the finish line in style taking ya out with a killer dubby outro.

   Gentlemen Thieves - Grand Prix by Gentlemen Thieves

Gentlemen Thieves Facebook Page -

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2 Free Tracks, 2 Free Mixes + Exclusive Interview - Deekline & Ed Solo

We try to keep things fresh here on the Kick It Blog and bring you as much information about the artists we all enjoy as we can. Recently we were able to catch up with Deekline & E Solo and have them answer the Kick It 12. If you've wanted to know a little more about these two bringers of the bass, check out the interview below and if it's free tunes you're after, we've got a pair of em plus two wicked mixes for you from Deekline and his handful of labels.

The Kick It 12 - Deekline & Ed Solo Edition

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?

Deekline - 91 I picked up a mix tape that was on the front of Dj mag and I was hooked ever since. My next experience was listening to Dj Hype

Ed - At the tender age of 13-14 I was listening to early Acid House, Richy rich Salsa House, a guy called Jerrold Vo Do Ray


2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?

Deekline - I think mine was Public Enemy "Fear of a Black Planet" or NWA "Straight out of Compton"

Ed - Prodigy "Experience"


3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?

Ed - I got involved by being interested in electronics and music and getting a keyboard. World Dance Lyd Airport


4. – Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?

Deekline & Ed - Underground rave in a train station in Bulgaria with the Ragga Twins


5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?

Ed - Deekline

Deekline - Public Enemy

6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?

Deekline - Brazil

Ed - South America


7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?

Deekline - "Always"

Ed - "We Play the Music"


8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?

Prodigy, Tom Middleton

9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Ed - Busta Rhymes

Deekline - Luderchris


10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?



11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?

Deekline - Nothing is person,

Ed - Don’t worry be happy


12. – What does the future hold for “Deekline & Ed Solo”?

New Shop -
Forthcoming Album - "Bounce and Shake"
Sample CD’s with Loop master Thebootyfarm
Boat Parties 17th Dec
Generally lots of goodness

   Donna Dee feat Keatz - Always (Original) "FREE DOWNLOAD" by DJ Deekline

   Deekline - Always RIP - Shambhala 2011 - Promo Mix - feat. MC Kie & Cuts from JFB "FREE DOWNLOAD" by DJ Deekline

   Deekline & Ed Solo - Shake The Pressure - MARTEN H├śRGER Remix (FREE DOWNLOAD) by DJ Deekline

   Deekline & Ed Solo - Always RIP (Original Mix) by DJ Deekline

Deekline on Facebook -

Ed Solo on Facebook -

Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Track - Utku S. - Dance Freak

OK! Thanksgiving dinner was a success and the Kick It Studio NE looks like a Christmas Wonderland, back to business! Getting things going on the right foot for this week we've got an awesome tuna up for grabs from Utku S.

Hailing from Istanbul Turkey, Utku S. keeps himself busy in the studio and by running Tapestop Music and Ventuno Recordings at the same time. With near 50 bangers on his Soundcloud page, he is a non-stop force in the EDM scene with tracks covering multiple genres and styles. I've been a fan of Utku S.'s tunes for a hot minute now and his latest freebie is a must grab.

"Dance Freak" is an Electro House gem that starts off with phat kicks and side-chained arps to take you into the super melodic first breakdown which wastes no time in getting down to the bassline business. Big and zappy bass is backed by talking edits and squeaks and wobbles for a maximal feel that is energy packed. A wicked anthem like main breakdown has male and female vocals behind it and reaches maximum intensity ensuring you'll have everybody's hands in the air before it's time to finish things off with another round of substantial low ends and seductive synths. Grab it for free and check out some of the other awesome tunas forthcoming from Utku S. on his Soundcloud page.

   Utku S. - Dance Freak // FREE DOWNLOAD !! by Utku S.

Utku S. on Facebook -

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nervo - We're All No One - DJ PS1 Bootleg

I realize it's been a bit quiet here on the blog so I wanted to take some time and get this one out to you guys. If you're up for a massive wobbling Electro banger with wicked synth work then this one is for you!

NYC's DJ PS1 follows up his well received remix of Adele's "Someone Like You" with his bootleg remix of Nervo's current club anthem "We're All No One" featuring Afro Jack and Steve Aoki. Giving the track a harder edge SP1 knocks it out of the park with an opening intro that leads you into the heavily effected vocals from the original backed by all new leads and my personal favorite, a full dose of zaps. LFOs take full control of the low ends when it all comes in and marching snares give it an even bigger push. A big and bassy build brings you into the main breakdown with another round of vocals and a bit of a dubby feel on the bassline and then it's quickly time to get your ass moving again.

If you're in the Atlantic City area and you want to see DJ PS1 live, he is opening for Tiesto this Friday. Check him out by following the links below.

   NERVO feat. Afrojack & Steve Aoki - We're All No One (PS1 Bootleg Mix) by DJPS1

DJ PS1 on Facebook -

DJ PS1on Twitter -

DJ PS1 on Soudcloud -

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deekline w/ Farace and Dave Berg - Tonight - Nov. 17th

Aw yes everybody, it's your chance to catch Deekline, Farace and Dave Berg all in one night and for just $10! If you witnessed Deekline Vs Sharaz (UK Vs US) a few months ago then you were treated to one of the best nights of the summer! 

Deekline is back in the states doing his US & Canada tour so come see him rip shit up and command the dance floor!. Witnessing this groundbreaking DJ do his thing in the flesh is a rare, genuine must-see experience: a chance to catch a figure right at the apex of the thriving indie-dance scene. This is an artist who's always ahead of the game when it comes to the latest sounds. Deekline is best known for throwing down bassbin-rattling peaktime joints with a maelstrom of heaving bodies & booming low ends, make sure you're ready to represent!

Opening for Deekline will be none other than the one like Farace who has been on a tear as of late putting out some insane tunes, rocking crowds with Tiesto and the Plump DJs to name a few and showing off his skills in the editing room with a string of killer videos all done in Hi-Def. If you're looking for a DJ that will blow you away, then Farace is your man. Combining his own productions with nothing but the biggest bangers via his S4 and multiple Midi Fighters, Farace brings the business like no other.

Deekline Event page -

Deekline's Website -

Farace's Website -

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Video - The Luminaries Ft. Aishah - Occupy Free Energy

I came across this video today and I thought it was pretty awesome. It's from the Luminaries featuring Aishah and is called "Occupy Free Energy" The video has a great message and is very well done. If you enjoy it as much as I did, share it with your friends and help spread the word!! Check out the Elevate website as well, the link is below.

Elevate Website -

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Release - KIR261 - Farace - Get Up Jax

Have we got something special for you this time boys and girls and it just dropped worldwide today! Do you like twisting bass and epic breakdowns? Then “Get Up Jax”, the brand new hybrid monster from Farace is going to be right up your alley! Farace combines huge driving drums with an intensely wicked bass line and massive chords, for an all out serious workout. I have been dropping this one quite regularly myself and I can tell you that it will not disappoint you or your dancefloor! Mix Mag is loving it so much they gave it "Tune of the Month" and this is what they had to say about it...

"Currently based out in sunny Florida, this month’s star producer Paul Farace has been kicking out decent tunes for a while now. This genre spanner is a hybrid of chunky Dupstep beats and momentum coupled with the most devastating Electro-Breaks bassline to be witnessed. The crowd will not know whats hit them. Keep a firm eye on this man’s music making, because we sense this is only the beginning. 5/5"

Also included in the pack is the “Farace Bass Mix”, which is a Drumstep take on the original. Tough drums and down to business low ends are combined with a massive drop after the main build that will have you watching as the crowd loses it every time you unleash this beast!

Support From

Far Too Loud - "Like the original, might give it a spin this weekend!"

RuN RiOT - "BIG!"

Mr. No Hands - "This is absolute quality!"

Left/Right - "Heavy"

Wavewhore - "Dopeness!"

Monk3ylogic - "Another solid release from Farace!"

Fisso & Spark - "Big release! Farace is on fire, will play both mixes in my next gigs!" 

Distorsion Records - "Amazing release, full support!"

Mobius - "Quirky sounds sit well alongside a nice pounding bassline, original will be in the bag."

Bit Flip - "Really diggin it!"

Bass Reflections - "Sick tunes. Loving the original and the remix. Solid production and great vibes. Will be supporting for sure!" 

Diistortiion - "Solid tunes!! Hard to pick one over the other. Love the driving bass line in the original and love the slowed down piano riff in the bass version. All round solid production on both."

Llupa - "Wicked groove on the original, proper stompin' coupled with an epic break = dance floor smasher!"

SK-2 - "My absolute 'tune of the moment'... pure loving this track, can't get enough of it, absolute BOMB!!"

   KIR261 - Farace - "Get Up Jax" w/ Farace Bass Mix (Previews) by Kick It Recordings

Farace "Get Up Jax" on Juno - Farace - "Get Up Jax"

Farace "Get Up Jax" on Track It Down - Farace - "Get Up Jax"

Monday, November 14, 2011

Top 10 Workout Songs For November + Free Track

So, being that it's Monday and the Holidays are nearing I thought it might be a good time to start up or new little feature on workout songs. Seeing that most people pack in a little extra food around this time of year and many make New Year's Resolutions to get back in the gym or at least exercise more, maybe some of these tunes will help inspire you to do so. 

Granted many of these tunes may not be what you'd normally expect to find on the Kick It Blog but people like all kinds of music and they are all EDM based so, bust out your yoga mat and have yourselves a listen. If you'd like to vote for next months Top 10, you can do so by following the link to the Run 100 below. Happy sweating :)

 November's Top 10 Workout Songs

This month's top 10 list has a little of what you'd expect and a little you might not. Flo Rida, who's no stranger to the list, shows up in two tracks this month. Enrique Iglesias continues his transition from balladeer to club rocker and Kelly Clarkson, after faltering with the first single off her new album, bounced back ferociously with the second. As for surprises, they're mostly entries from folks relatively new on the dance scene. Highlights include songs from Tim Berg (who remixed his own track under his Avicii moniker), Skrillex (whose collaboration with Kaskade is the first Dubstep track ever to make the Top 10), and Wolfgang Gartner (who's made the chart with a little help from Will.I.Am). Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred, the web's most popular blog for workout songs.

The Run Hundred Website -

And just in case you're wondering what kind of stuff I like to get down to while I'm getting my morning workout in, check out "Ooh Wee Watch Out" from Mark Ronson Vs D-Funk & Some DJ. If you think it's just what'll get your blood flowing, grab it for free by liking the Out Now Agency Facebook Page and start working on those abs!!

   Ooh Wee Watch Out - Mark Ronson vs D-Funk & Some DJ - FREE DOWNLOAD by Some DJ

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Track - Gloumout - The Big Apple

Looking for a bit of original wobbly Electro House to drop this weekend, well look no further because we have a sweet new banger from Gloumout that's up for grabs. 

Having been classically trained in music since the early age of five, Gloumout spent many years in music school and it shows in his tunes. He has done remix work for the likes of Utku S. and Fractal System and has put out material on labels like Plasmapool, Boxon, Big Alliance and his latest signing, Bug Eyed Records. Not one to be greedy, Gloumout consistently gives out free remixes and originals as well as officially releasing material and just a few days ago he gave out another one for free.

Starting things off with your standard Electro House Kick/Snare Combo, "The Big Apple" brings a bit of Mau5e-ishness to the fray as your make your way to the first breakdown. Arpy leads and filtered claps pair up with some big LFO work to take you into the main section which wastes no time getting down to business with lots of wobbles and a healthy bit of zappiness as well. A sweet little dubby section layered with big chords changes things up for a minute and adds a nice touch. Grab it for free and check out a plethora of other good tunas on Gloumout's Soundcloud page.

   The Big Apple (Original mix) FREE Download ! ! by Gloumout

Gloumout on Facebook -

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Release - VovKING - Stimulator

If you don't know who VovKING is by now, where have you been?? Hailing from the Ukraine, Vova VovKING is one of the nuttiest dudes I have had the pleasure of coming in contact with and his tunes just keep getting better and better. Recently VovKING collaborated with Kiss FM show host and long time producer, Tapolsky on two Moombahton tracks that I am really feeling and I have been dropping left and right. More like slow Electro in my personal opinion, make sure to check out "Moombahton in the Xata" and "Skype" from Tapolsky and VovKING, their the shizzle!

Just putting out their fourth release, Toast Club Recordings see's VovKING churn out a full on belter of a tune making all the crazy sounds that the kids, and myself love. "Stimulator" features a big phat breakbeat and heavy filtered bass that lead you into more of an Amen section before the main bassline with wicked talking stabs and just the right amount of wobbles takes control of your body. Vocal bits reminding you what you should be doing and when percolate throughout and a huge dubby bit keeps things interesting, must have tuna!

Splitloop are back on remix duties and while they reign things in a bit, their rendition of "Stimulator" is banging as well and will work even during peak points in your set. More aimed at the less ADHD afflicted of you out there, Splitloop retain the overall feel of the original while toning things done just a bit and adding in a touch more musicality. Super groovy with plenty of energy to go around this is another one you should be adding to your virtual bag.

Support From

Freq Nasty
The Dub Pistols
The Drummatic Twins
General Midi
Skool of Thought
Ben & Lex

   VovKING - Stimulator [Toastclub Records] by VovKING

   VovKING - Stimulator (Splitloop Remix) [Toastclub Records] by VovKING

VovKing on Facebook -

Splitloop on Facebook -

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Video - Karton - Chase It High

Karton have always got crazy videos to go along with their releases and their latest one for the second single off of their "Find the Constant" LP fits right in with the rest. "Chase It High" is another immense track from the ones like Karton with wicked bass, killer vocals and top notch production. Massive synths and uplifting lyrics complete the package for an all around banger that will be rocking crowds the world over. Peep the video below and grab the single from Beatport or wherever you get your digital music.

Karton on Facebook -

Karton on Soundcloud -

Monday, November 7, 2011

Free Track - Dilemn - Clapping - Wobbler Remix


I hope everybody had a good weekend, Monday is here again and it's back to business. Getting your week started off the right way, we have a proper banger for you that's available for free. I've heard more than a few remixes of Dilemn's "Clapping" going around and I might have even dropped a couple of them myself but today's freebie has got to be my favorite version to date and it's coming at you from another Toulousien, The Wobbler.

Having started out on the piano first and then moving to the guitar due to his love for Rock, as Wobbler began to come into his own he found electronic music and there would be no turning back! Combining his love for big riffs and his addiction to big beats and Electro, Wobbler has put out peak time remixes on labels like Phonon, Ventuno and Borderline. Recently signed to Boxon Records he was asked to remix Dilemn's "Clapping" as part of the "Better Worlds" Remixes EP which just dropped today. 

Starting things off with the recognizable claps and licks from the original, Wobbler quickly brings in a hefty kick and starts tweaking the shit out of things with edits that can only come from the mind of mad man! Trancey leads and another dose of guitar take things back a step and then and it's time to get down and boogie when the beat comes back around. Super funky and constantly changing, things move right along into the mini Dubstep break that drops you off into the main breakdown. Just long enough to add some anticipation without being overdone or dragged out it does a nice job of building the energy and then it's back to the bassline and catchy vocal bits with some slap bass to back it all up. Grab it for free and then head on over to Beatport to pick up the full "Better Worlds" Remixes EP.

   07 DILEMN - "Clapping (Wobbler Remix)" FREE TRACK Dirty Bass Electro by Boxon Records

The Wobbler on Soundcloud -

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Dilemn on Soundcloud -

Dilemn on Facebook -

Boxon Records on Facebook -

Friday, November 4, 2011

Free Track - Pipbwoy 3000 - Bobblehead - Bill Vega & New Decade Remix

That's right, we've got another free track on tap today coming at you from Bill Vega & New Decade which was just posted a few hours ago. 

Bill Vega & New Decade have been involved with Dance music for the last 20 years and have produced under many different guises in an array of genres. It all started when their Essex based label ‘Out Of Romford’ was set up at the height of the rave scene back in 1991 and was responsible for massive rave anthems such as "Get The Message", "Wonderful Experiences" and early tracks from Andy C & Ant Miles as Desired State.

Their productions continued into the evolving D&B scene with further releases on O.O.R. and in 1995 their track "Rise Up", under the guise Vivid Dreams, was signed to dance major Deconstruction. The release entered the U.K national charts and was supported with remixes from Origin Unknown which then lead to further releases under ‘Joint Venture’ on Liftin Spirit Records.

The turn of the millennium brought with it a new direction in music, this time bringing back their roots in Hardcore and entering the world of Nu Skool Breaks. Their first track "Mind Beats" was signed to ED209’s Wireframe label in 2002. They soon found themselves being an established act in the breaks scene playing regular events and festivals in the UK and Spain plus radio shows on Breaks FM. Further releases on Wireframe and Future Funk Squad’s En:vision label followed with continuous support from DJ’s such as Atomic Hooligan, Jay Cunning, Tayo, Cntrl Z, Hybrid, Aquasky, Hyper and Annie Nightingale to name but a few.

In 2003 they set up their own label ‘Full Intent’ and owing to the success of the releases were asked to appear on the Annie Nightingale show on BBC Radio 1. The label ran up until their signing to Bassrock Records in 2004 where they continued a busy release schedule.

Since then the list of Breakbeat labels they have worked with for both originals and remixes goes on, some of which include: Warehouse Wax, Downbeat, Scrape,  Definition:breaks, Chipsound, Elektroshok, re:connect, Raveart & Distorsion.

Today's freebie is all about the breaks and the bass. Bill Vega & New Decade's  remix of Pipbwoy 3000's "Bobblehead" is a wicked banger with twisting low ends, a plethora of lasers and Amen Breaks that combines the best of the Old School with Nu Skool flavor. Big ravey stabs and ominous vocal samples keep things interesting and the main breakdown does a nice job of building things up before it all comes back in again.

   Bill Vega & New Decade - Bobblehead Remix (FREE TRACK) by Bill Vega

Bill Vega & New Decade on Facebook -

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Free Track, Free Mix and New Release - Deekline & Ed Solo - Always RIP

We've got a whole spread of business on tap for everybody today. Deekline & Wizard have a brand new forthcoming album entitled "Bounce N Shake" and we've got a video, free mix and free tune to get the hype going.

In their quest to build their own vision of a booty-shaking, speaker-rattling bass utopia, Deekline and Ed Solo bring you the latest genre-mashing cut from the mighty Rat Records and the first single from their forthcoming album. 

No strangers to stripping down and shaping up classic tracks into party-smashing bootlegs, they now tackle "Always", a cut from Breakbeat legend Ils' iconic 2007 "Paranoid Prophet" LP.

The A-side brings forth bountiful and blissful hands-in-the-air moments via Keatz' heavenly vocals and accompanying uplifting piano stabs before it all drops into pulverizing, gut-churning Dubstep bass that's destined to bring clubbers to their knees.

     Deekline & Ed Solo - Always RIP (Original Mix) by DJ Deekline

On remix duties, Eddie K partners up with Minus for a fitting Drum & Bass transformation that takes the firing bassline into devastating new territory.

     Deekline & Ed Solo - Always RIP (Eddie K & Minus Remix) by DJ Deekline

Finally, seriously hot Future Jungle enthusiasts Pyramid fire-up the Amen Breaks and a whole heap of gnarly low-end for a version with heavy Tearout tendencies. Stick these in your wax sack and feel the deep and dirty vibrations!

   Deekline & Ed Solo - Always RIP (Pyramid Remix) by DJ Deekline

If it's a little bit of free action that you're looking for, we've got the super laid-back and melodic"Always RIP" original up for grabs. Wicked strings and killer keys are paired with a funked up break and luscious guitar work that compliment Donna Dee's vocals perfectly.

   Donna Dee feat Keatz - Always (Original) "FREE DOWNLOAD" by DJ Deekline

If it's a bit of listening material you're looking for than be sure to grab the banging "Always RIP Shambahla" Promo Mix. One hour and fifteen minutes of turntable madness from the one like Deekline with MC Kie & Cuts adding the additional flavor.

Deekline Ft. MC Kie and Cuts Always RIP Shambahla Promo Mix

1. - Deekline & Ed Solo "Always Mega Mix" Prymid, Original, Specimen A. & 
       Eddie K Remix (Rat Records)
2. - Cee Lo Green "I Want You" Red Light Remix
3. - Mickey Night Train "I'll Bass You" (Rat Records)
4. - Stanton Warriors "Take Me to Your Leader" Deekline & Product 1 Remix
5. - Tony Anthem Ft. Shibadee & MC Chan "Time" 
        Dustin Hulton Remix (Rat Records)
6. - Unknown "I Need Love" Merlin Edit
7. - Plump Dj's "Big Beat" White label
8. - Unknown "Coma" Stanton Warriors Edit
9. - Bob Sinclar Ft. Sean Paul "Tik Tok" Chuckie & R3hab Remix
10. - Deekline & Ed Solo Ft. Million Dan "Reload"
11. - The Bucketheads "The Bomb" Deekline & Ed Solo Edit
12. - Deekline & Tim Healey Ft. Fast Eddie "Yo Yo Get Funky" (Giant Pussy)
13. - Deekline & Tim Healey "Tit for Tat"
14. - Ben West Beech "Something For the Weekend"
15. - Rack N Ruin Ft. Serocee, Navigator & Illaman "Righteous" (Black Butter)
16. - Defkline & Red Polo "Rolling In the Mud"
17. - Neighbour & Spilt Milk "Load More Booty" (Rat Records)
18. - Krafty Kuts "Pounding" Deekline & Ed Solo Remix
19. - Crookers "Bust Em Up" (Southern Fried)
20. - Rebel & MC Tribal "Bass" 
          Deekline, Ed Solo & Wizard Remix (Congo Natty)
21. - Napt "Toot That Thing"
22  - Baymont Bros & Sporty O "Handz In the Air" (Choosy Records)
23. - Dustin Hulton & Nikki Carabello Ft. Sport O & Dee Roobes 
          "Something About You"
24. - Spike Lee & Klaus Hill "Slipstream"
25. - Girls Unit "Wut" Claude Von Stroke Remix
26. - Time Takers "She Blow"
27. - Athson "Waist Line" Booty Breaks
28. - Dj Icey Lets get Ravey
29. - Deekline & Ed Solo "Paella"
30. - Deekline & Ed Solo Ft. Million Dan "Paella" Jungle VIP Mix
31. - Deekline & Ed Solo "King of the Bongo" (Jungle Cakes)
32. - Deekline & Ed Solo "Untold" (Jungle Cakes)
32. - Cyantific "Touch Me" (Ram Records)
34. - Rusko "Everyday" Netsky Remix
35. - Deekline & Ed Solo "Always" Eddie K Remix
36. - Deekline & Ed Solo "Always" Original Mix

   Deekline - Always RIP - Shambhala 2011 - Promo Mix - feat. MC Kie & Cuts from JFB "FREE DOWNLOAD" by DJ Deekline


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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Release KIR260 - Prato - Penner - w Vize and Fog Remixes

Keeping things rolling, Kick It Recordings is back with KIR260 coming at you from Prato which just dropped everywhere today. “Penner” is a super funky straight up Breakbeat Banger with rumbling low ends and groovy leads. Vocal blips and a big Trancey breakdown take you into the meat of the track where the rolling bassline is finally unleashed on your speakers.

With his first release on Kick It we have the one like Fog out of Ireland bringing us his Old School vibe laden remix. Focusing on the chunky bassline from the original, Fog works in new vox and wicked synths for a whole new take that jams like an Boombox from the 80’s!

Rounding things out is another big Breaks mix coming at you from Kick It Veteran Vize. Thick and meaty kicks and cracking snares set things in motion and work you into the first breakdown which teases you for a minute before giving you what you really want, heavy bass and acid leads!

Support From

Wavewhore - "Def feeling the Vize remix on this release.. good stuff!"

Left/Right - "Nice release here, like all 3 mixes... will be supporting the original." 

Yreane - "Feeling the Fog Remix on this one!"

Andrea Fisso & Spark -  "Awesome release!! All 3 tracks are wicked, can't actually decide which mix is my favourite... will be supporting for sure!"

Johnny Dangerously - "Another solid release on Kick It! Favorite mix would be the Vize Remix as it is a bit more energetic and packs a lot of punch behind the kick and drums."

TJFX - "Solid tunes!! Really into the original!!"

Diistortiion -  "Vize remix for me. Nice driving Breaks, top work."

SK-2 - "Really diggin the vibes on this release. Love the Old School flava of Fog's Remix but personal fav is the Vize mix, nice rolling heavy beats!!"

   KIR260 - Prato "Penner" w/ Remixes by Fog and Vize (Previews) by Kick It Recordings

Prato "Penner" on Juno -

Prato "Penner" on Track It Down -

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Free Mix - Some DJ - KCC 99.8 FM Mix

Holy October madness! Those of us here in the North East got smacked with a wicked winter storm over the weekend, the likes of I have never seen this time of year. The damage everywhere is pretty nuts and needless to say we were without internet for a few days. Well, we're back up and running now and I've got a super funky mix up for grabs today.

Recorded in one session, this mix is a perfect example of what Some DJ brings to the tables with his live sets. Using two decks and Maschine, Some Dj graces us with fourteen tunas straight from the land of the funktified. Put together for "Live and Loaded" on KCC FM which is based in Knowsley, Liverpool and was nominated for a Sony Radio award for "Station of The Year", Some Dj  maintains a smooth flow throughout the mix while quickly moving from one track to the next as he gets through all 14 in just twenty minutes!

Some DJ KCC 99.8 FM Mix

1. - The Asteroid's Galaxy Tour "Golden Age" Pimpsoul's Jam for Shamb
2. - J-Roc "Dizzy"
3. - J-Roc "THrow It Up"
4. - J-Roc "Nickelodeon"
5. - Jay-Z & Kanye West "Otis" A Skillz Remix
6. - Vato Gonzalez "Badman Riddim" Mooqee & Beat Vandals Remix
7. - Funk Ferret & Goodgroove "Rockin Rollin"
8. - Slim Goodgroove "Major Blow"
9. - D-Funk & Some DJ "Phanton II"
10. - Black Twang "So Rotten" Some DJ Re-Rub
11. - DJ Daigo "Watch the Shot"
12. - Ill Type Moves "Griz" Some DJ Re-Rub
13. - Black Sheep "The Choice is Yours" DJ Soo Re-Rub
14. - Flux Pavillion "Got 2 Know" Some DJ Re-Rub

   Some DJ Mix for KCC 99.8FM by Some DJ

Some Dj on Facebook -