Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free Track - Gentlemen Thieves - Grand Prix

What's up everybody, it's your favorite time again. No, not tea time.... free tuna time!! We've got a big one up for grabs today coming at you from up and comers Gentlemen Thieves who have a forthcoming EP that will be released for free. We've got the first track from the EP entitled "Grand Prix" for you and all you've got to do to download it is head on over to their Facebook page and give it a liking.

Hailing from Gotham City aka NYC, Gentlemen Thieves have knocked out a handful of kickin remixes, most of which you can grab from their Soundcloud page and now their stepping things up with the original business. "Grand Prix" starts out with heavy guitar riffs that lead into massive synth stabs and a big snare roll to drop you into the main event. Trancey leads compete with wobbling and twisting bass edits for the first few laps and then it's time for the main breakdown taking it back to the axe. Another snare roll and a massive low end bass rumble and then it's off to the finish line in style taking ya out with a killer dubby outro.

   Gentlemen Thieves - Grand Prix by Gentlemen Thieves

Gentlemen Thieves Facebook Page -

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