Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Release - KIR262 - Silverfilter - Manila Sound w Remixes by Kwerk, Botbass and Original Primate

Returning to Kick It with his first original on our label is the Philippines’ own Silverfilter and he brings us a Techy heads down Breakbeat banger that has a bit of an Electro edge to it. Out today worldwide, “Manila Sound” pairs big drums with heavy bass and twisted leads that steadily build until you reach the midpoint of the track where things really get busy bringing the energy right through the roof. The main breakdown is short and sweet and accentuates the warped synths for just a moment before getting right back to business.

First up on remix duties is the one like Kwerk who gives “Manila Sound” a funky twist and spices it up a bit with some added vocal snips. Super grooving beats as Kwerk is known for are backed by stabs and sweeps to bring you into the first breakdown where the signature lead from the original takes center stage. A quick break and then it’s time for the bass and Kwerk delivers the goods with a grungy and pulsing bassline that will have you moving in no time. Delicious drops and a wicked main breakdown complete the package in proper fashion.

Botbass is back again as well and he turns out a slamming Electro House remix of “Manila Sound” that is packed with a plethora of cuts and edits and has bleeps, blips and lasers talking more than a bunch of women when they get together, madness! The tune never lets up the whole way through so if you’re looking for something to hurt some people with, this one is for you.

Finishing things off Original Primate team up with Kick It for the first time to bring you’re their wicked Future Jungle remix of Silverfilter’s “Manila Sound”. Taking things in a whole new direction, Original Primate maintain the leads from the original but flip the track around for a 180 with tough and rugged drum work, progressively building synths and a dark and eerie main breakdown instructing you to “Let the music play”!

Support From

Farace - "Love this release, Botbass and Kwerk remixes are killing it in my sets!"

Mr. No Hands - "Great tunes!"

Left/Right - "Likin the Kwerk Remix!"

Johnny Dangerously - "Solid F*@kin release... Way to keep the energy up... Favorite mix would be the Kwerk Remix, on heavy rotation!" 

Andrea Fisso - "Wicked release, all tracks are quality... Kwerk remix is my fav, will play and support!"

Bill Vega - "Kwerk Remix for me!"

Mobius - "Liking the Kwerk remix on this one with it's driving bass and nice use of little vocal snippets." 

TJFX - "Great release!! Can't go wrong with the Kwerk Remix!!!" 

Dad's Disco - "All versions of this release are standout tracks... you have my full support on this!"

   KIR262 - Silverfilter - Manila Sound - w/ Remixes by Kwerk, Botbass and Original Primate (Previews) by Kick It Recordings

Silverfilter "Manila Sound" on Juno -

Silverfilter "Manila Sound" on Track It Down -

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