Thursday, February 28, 2013

Free Track - Ming + 2Beeps - Like a Ninja

Tonight we have a banging tune from the new "King Kong" Ep from Ming and 2Beeps, they hit us with there Moombahton track "Like a Ninja"!!!

What else can be said about this amazingly gnarly song other than it punches you right in the face with ninja like speed and does not let up the energy once!

If your a fan of Moombah or if you need a track to spice up those hard slammin sets then you need to pick up "Like a Ninja", it will have the crowd in a rampage by the time you mix out of it!!!

  Like a Ninja by MING + 2Beeps (MING VIP mix) - Moombahton.NET EXCLUSIVE! by Moombahton.NET

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2Beeps on Soundcloud -

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Free Mix - The Farace Show - Episode 011

To close out February in style we have a brand new episode of the Farace Show, as the all star producer and DJ hits hard with all the right bass sticks!!!

Kicking it off like a boss Farace drops a banger from FetOO with his remix of Chris Poirier's "Glimpse", moving quickly to a free track from Revolvr "Clockwork" that's an all out Electro jumper!!! 

Moving into some harder business Farace drops a new tune from Disco's Over "Its Time To Rock" thats due out on Kick It Recordings in two weeks, and this is one tune that you have to grab!!!

With more tracks from big artists such as , Zedds Dead, Boys Noize, OLMEC, and DJ Fix, Episode 011 is full of the bassline madness that's always brought hard from Farace!!!

The Farace Show Episode 011

01. - Chris Poirier "Glimpse" FetOo Remix 
02. - Revolvr "Clockwork" 
03. - Disco's Over "Its Time to Rock" 
04. - FnDannyBoy "Holla Holla Holla" It's The DJ Kue Remix 
05. - Havoc (AUS) Chris Bullen "That's Wassup" Exodus LJ MTX & Jason Risk Remix
06. - Zeds Dead & Omar LinX "Cowboy" Torro Torro Remix
07. - Boys Noize "Ich R U" Jacques Lu Cont Remix
08. - ARTFX "Roll On You" 
09. - Dj Fixx "Throwback" 
10. - OLMEC "Illegal Procedure" Zpectrum Remix
11. - Tom Budin "Butterscotch" E-Cologyk Remix

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Release - KIR297 - Audio:Hertz - Changing Status EP

It may still be winter and freezing cold outside but things are already heating up here at Kick It with the much anticipated release of Audio:Hertz’ first EP with Kick It Recordings.

Starting things off on the “Changing Status” EP is “Damn Fool” which is a no nonsense dancefloor filler with broken beats, mean bass and huge Trance leads that provide a softer side to this wicked monster.

“Eyes on You” is up next and it features massive synths making for epic breakdowns that really build the tension before Audio:Hertz hit you hard with their signature driving basslines and Electro chords.

Farace’s remix of “Damn Fool” keeps the fire fueled and the intensity up as he slams you about the ears with a stomping drum kit and a whirlwind of audio bliss and low end licks.

With their first track on Kick It just just released two weeks ago, MBFB have returned to work their musical magic on “Damn Fool” pulling out all the stops on this one. Like wizards with a wand, MBFB will amaze your mind and stun your senses with a sonic palette only thought to be legend!

Marcus Gauntlett takes on “Eyes on You” and gives it a Techier side while remaining true to the original. Crisp production, luscious leads and formant edits all come together for the perfect package.

OUT NOW Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Stores 03/12/2013

Support From

Fisso & Spark - "Full support! Top Stuff!"

Wavewhore - "Nice one, something for everyone in here!"

Sneaker & The Dryer - "Just all around awesome on this release. 5 huge tunes making it impossible to pick a fav!"

Beatz Projekted - "Big support on the Farace remix of Damn Fool!"

Pale Penguin - "Thanks a lot... Damn Fool original for me.... really good stuff!"

TJFX - "Massive EP. Really something for every set here. 10/10"

Toreba Spacedrift - "Loving this release! Solid EP!!! Can't stop playing Damn Fool!"

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Free Track - Chris Poirier - Follow Me

Today we have a bangin free tune from Chris Poirier with his original Electro groover "Follow Me", that is a perfect tune to kick your week off right!!!

Staring off with some hard hitting drum work, Chris Poirier soon sends us into an uplifting and happy filled breakdown, giving us a quick build up before moving into the meaty goodness of "Follow Me"!

Featuring heartfelt pianos and atmospheric synths at the forefront of "Follow Me" we soon get the amazing vocals that kick this tune up a notch on the second breakdown.

Chris Poirier keeps the feel and vocals going for the remainder of "Follow Me", to make this a beautiful piece of art!

  Chris Poirier - Follow Me (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Audiophile Live

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Free Track - Cassius - 99 - A.Skills Remix

Oh yeah, hitting us with the funk today A.Skills gives us a rocking remix of Cassius' "99", that is a must have for everyone!

Also using samples from Donna Summer's "If it hurts just a little", A.Skills kicks it off with a filtered beat using a long ridding sweep to bring you into the first build up of "99", and quickly moves into the meat of this groovy Electro House driver!!!

With a deep ridding bass line and classic vocals A.Skills gives us a fantastic tune that can be dropped almost anywhere in a set, and no one in the crowd will be disappointed with this remix of "99"!!! Just head over to the A.Skills Facebook page to get this awesome tuna!!!

  Cassius 99 (A.Skillz remix) by A.Skillz

Download Link -

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free Track - Busta Rhymes - Dangerous - Chamber Remix

Fresh off the presses we have a Hip Hop infused banger from Chamber with his glitchy and wobbling take on Busta Rhymes "Dangerous"!!!

Hitting us with the Glitch Hop madness Chamber kicks things off with a massive amount of movement giving us full vocals, drums and bass  right off the starting line!

If you love funky jams, or if you need a little action that offers something different, then Chamber's remix of "Dangerous" is something you should for sure be picking up! Get it for free by liking Chamber's Facebook page, there are tons of free downloads there to suit whatever mood your feeling!!!

  Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (Chamber Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD LINK] by DJ Chamber

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Video - Free Track - Tristan Prettyman - My Oh My - Kamen Remix

Kamen just released a killer video to their recent remix of Tristan Prettyman's "My Oh My", and it is a perfect match and representation of the hard hitting duo that never seems to disappoint!

Taking a different look at the music video for "My Oh My" Kamen uses glitching visuals and color filtered overtones that draw you in right from the start, giving you a fantastic and moving video edit from the mysterious force that is Kamen!!!

"My Oh My" Kamen Remix Music Video

If you haven't grabbed a copy of Kamen's remix of "My Oh My" then you need to head on over to the Kamen Official Soundcloud and get it now!

The epic take on the original is full of grinding bass and zappy leads that really bring life to "My Oh My", giving you a mid tempo banger that's as good to play out as it is playing in!

"My Oh My" Kamen Remix

Kamen on Facebook -

Monday, February 18, 2013

Free Track- Alegro - Dress Code

Today we have a banging free tune from Sweden's own Alegro with his House rocking track "Dress Code", if you like your tunes massive and full of energy this is one for you!!!

Starting "Dress Code" off with a slamming beat and a large amount of insane effects moving and pushing the song along, we soon get to a grinding build up before Alegro hits us right between the eyes and ears with a driving and gnarly bassline that would give most tracks a run for their money!

Including a second breakdown that's even more mean than the first, Alegro doesn't fail to bring the business as "Dress Code" gets even nastier with pitch bent leads and intense bass to finish this monster of a track out right!!!

  Alegro - Dress Code (Original Mix) by ALEGRO

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Remix Contest - Minero - Pulse

Today we have an excellent remix contest from Audiophile for all you producers out there of Minero's "Pulse" which includes a killer remix kit!!!

The deadline for the contest is April 8th, and it includes a bunch of prizes for the winners, first place will get you a Novation Launchpad, $50 plus sounds to sample voucher and a Audiophile live release! Second place gets you $50 plus sounds to sample voucher and third place gets you $20, both include a Audiophile live release!

Tracks must be full length when submitted and not available for download on any website! This is an excellent opportunity for any producer out there, be you old or new, this contest could benefit you in more ways than one! 


Download Remix Kit -

Audiophile Contest Page -

Remix Submissions -

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Free Track - Thunder Moose - Revengeance - Disco's Over Remix

Today we have a banger for you from Disco's Over with his remix of Thunder Moose' "Revengeance" off the his EP "Chain Reaction", and Disco's delivers all you could want from a free tune!!!

Kicking off the Electro smoothness with filtered drums and large synth rhythms in the back of the mix, Disco's Over hits us with some grinding leads and small hints of vocals before sending us into a massive breakdown!

The first breakdown is hot and gigantic as synthlines pan and swell as we build up to a high energy first drop that will have those feet hitting the floor!!!

Driving and epic leads steal the show in this fantastic remix of "Revengeance" from Disco's Over, and this tune will make any club seem like a massive festival when it's dropped!!!

  Thunder Moose - Revengeance (Disco's Over Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Thunder Moose

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Free Track - Lereezo & Megagone - The Moment - Audio:Hertz Remix

Today we have a banger for you from the hard hitting duo Audio:Hertz with their new remix of Lereezo & Megagone's "The Moment" which you can pick up for free at Global Dance Music!!!

Starting things off on a mellow note Audio:Hertz makes use of a heartfelt piano chord progression well easing into full drums and dream like synth stabs before a soothing and uplifting first breakdown.

Building up a massive amount of movement with wide sweeps and atmospheric stabs Audio:Hertz prepares you for the gnarliness that follows, as we get a hint of vocals before dropping straight to the meat of "The Moment" you'll be yearning for more, and it is delivered in full!!!

The bass slamming madness commences with grinding loudness and throws your body and sense of sound right in the mix as Audio:Hertz brings it hard and fast!

With a second breakdown full of epic vocals that hit your soul and a second round of bassline goodness that would have any dancefloor getting down, "The Moment" is one track you'll be playing again and again!

"The Moment" Audio:Hertz Remix

Audio:Hertz also has just submitted a banging, and I mean banging remix of Lazy Rich & Hirshee's "Damage Control" in a contest on Beatport! Please show support for this fantastic remix, head over to Beatport and VOTE for Audio:Hertz!!!

"Damage Control" Audio:Hertz Remix

The Moment Audio:Hertz Remix -

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Release - KIR296 - MBFB - Podium w/ Remixes by Direct Input and Qudo

Joining the Kick It Team for the first time, the Electro House monsters known as MBFB are here with an all out club banger in “Podium”. From big breakdowns with luscious leads to hands in the air synth work backed with tons of energy, this one has got it all!

Direct Input is back for KIR296 and shows why he’s one of our go to guys putting “Podium” through the Breakbeat ringer keeping the chord progressions from the original but bringing in a heavier bassline and crispy snares, love it!

Qudo makes his first appearance on Kick It for this one as well and takes “Podium” into Progressive land with huge builds and Dutch leads. Big kicks paired with zappy chords combine for the perfect dancefloor filler, top stuff!

OUT NOW Exclusively on Beatport!

All Other Stores 02/25/2013

Support From

Farace - "Loving the Qudo Remix! Support on my Podcast!"

Fisso & Spark - "Great release! Quality music as always from Kick It!"

Quadrat Beat - "Thanks for the good stuff! Like the groove in Direct Input Remix. Original tune from MBFB is massive as well!"

Kickflip - "Direct Input remix is sounding nice and plump!"

Wavewhore - "Awesome release all around and the Direct Input remix is dope!"

Flatland Funk - "Massive release! These will drop heavy, supporting!"

Beatz Projekted - "Great remix by Qudo! SUPPORT!"

Breaking News - "Really like Direct Input Remix! Full support!"

Pale Penguin - "The Direct Input Remix is totally awesome. Killer stuff!"

Llupa - "Direct Input is my fave as gives the riff some cool bassline action giving the tune some guts and groove - this is the one that'll be getting the plays from me."

Dylan Kennedy - "Amazing stuff as usual. Love the Direct Input Remix!"

Burjuy - "Direct Input Remix is Night Club super Anthem! Full support!"

   OUT NOW!! KIR296 - MBFB - Podium w/ Remixes by Direct Input and Qudo by Kick It Recordings

MBFB on Facebook - MBFB Artist Page

Direct Input on Facebook - Direct Input Artist Page

Qudo on Soundcloud - Will Qudo

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Free Mix - The Farace Show - Episode 010

Today we have the brand new episode of The Farace Show, the heavy hitting tenth installment is packed with massive tunes from, Farace, Audio:Hertz, Flatland Funk, Marcus Gauntlett and more big tracks from other massive producers!!!

As always Farace kicks it off in 6th gear and doesn't let the energy down once in this months first episode of The Farace Show!!! 

The Farace Show Episode 010

01. - BT "Vervoeren"
02. - Weela & A-Peace "Schizophrenia" Farace Remix
03. - A-Divizion & Joe Ghost "Zero Tolerance" Exodus & Jason Risk Remix
04. - Strangers "Klaxon"
05. - AudioHertz "Eyes on You" Marcus Gauntlett Remix
06. - Kando "Banzai"
07. - Ming "Victim" Monolythe VIP Remix
08. - Farace & Flatland Funk "Black Sunrise"
09. - Swit & Chris Mac "Come On" Shameless
10. - Fatso "She Haunts Me"
11. - Wrechiski "Aquarellah"

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Free Track - Gentlemen Thieves - Accelerate (Grand Prix Pt.2)

We have a fantastic free download today from Gentlemen Thieves, bringing us a funky and slamming track "Accelerate" that's a non stop hard driving banger!!!

Kicking it off with crowd noise and a thumping beat "Accelerate" moves fluidly to a synth filled breakdown  before pushing into the massive Complextro basslines that make this track hit hard as you enjoy the ride!

As the second breakdown filled with samples of cars racing drops, it's clear to see that "Accelerate" is sure to add a boost to any mix! Pick this up well it's hot by liking the Gentlemen Thieves facebook fan page!

  Gentlemen Thieves - Accelerate(Grand Prix Pt.2) by Gentlemen Thieves

Download Link -

Gentlemen Thieves on Twitter -