Sunday, November 30, 2014

Free Track - Flapo - Camel Toe

Flapo brings pitch bending goodness and Big Room bass together in his newest Melbourne House banger "Camel Toe"! Delivering a deep and dark atmosphere behind an onslaught of drums, unique synths, and sub riding frequencies that will have your speakers rumbling from the first bar!!!

Here's what Flapo has to say about this fantastic track - 

"Flapo is pleased to present his new track "Camel Toe"; don't let the name fool you. A big dark Melbourne Track, inspired originally by the sound of a Camel. Created to bounce and rage anywhere in the world, "Camel Toe" is a track full of fat kicks, punchy bass lines, "in your face" powerful synths, engaging melodies and general darkness. This track is a "Must Have", and it will rock any dancefloor in the world, guaranteed!"

Download Link -

Flapo on Twitter -

Friday, November 28, 2014

Free Track - Jack U Ft. Kiesza - Take U There - Sneaker & The Dryer Edit

Sneaker & The Dryer hits us with a jacking edit of Jack U's "Take U There", which plays out more like a complete original rather than an edit, slashing our ears with pristine quality and grooves that will have you dancing for days!!

Kicking things off right with a large 4/4 kick, S&D quickly filters in rolling bass, pitch-bent leads and a myriad of vocal chops and stabs before heading into the first breakdown of "Take U There"!

With beautiful vocals from Kiesza throwing listeners into an epic break, Sneaker & The Dryer utilizes deep and soulful piano in front of rolling snares and sweeps, driving us into the gnarly meat of "Take U There"!

What can't be said about the epic Complextro-esque bass that fuels this massive tuna? It's wide frequencies and peak-time feel send us into the stratosphere as S&D builds to a Trap infused second breakdown that completely captures the feel of "Take U There"; and if that wasn't enough, Sneaker & The Dryer gives us a straight mix out that makes this track such a joy to play out!!

Pick this amazing tune up today so you are not missing out on these massive vibes!!!  

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook -

Sneaker & The Dryer on Twitter -

Wang Rong Rollin - Chick Chick

Where do you even begin when it comes to doing a writeup for something like what you are about to watch? There isn't much more that I can say other than it's completely fucked!

Starring Chinese Pop Star Wang Rong Rollin who has been around since 2003, "Chick Chick" is an odd combination of Psy meets "What Does The Fox Say" on LSD. Actually having more success with the video outside of China than in her own country, Wang's producers and the video's creators were clearly hoping for a viral sensation. I think it worked, 10.1 million views in the first month on the main video!

My advice to you is, if you have a spare tab of Acid or some caps lying around, have at those and give it a bit then get yourself started with this video. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Free Track - ZooFunktion - Dubai - Heaviside Remix

Heaviside hits us with a big tune this Thanksgiving!!! They drop an all out Electro House assault with their remix of ZooFunktion's "Dubai"!!!

This Canadian duo puts their skills together to give listeners and dancers a gnarly, peak-time, Big Room banger, as they saturate speakers with bending leads, large drums, flowing percussion, and Progressive esque vibes that make this remix of "Dubai" so enjoyable!

Make sure to grab this track today so you don't miss out on the massive sounds that are held within!!!

Heaviside on Facebook -

Heaviside on Twitter -

Free Track - Ribellu & Shwann - Traffic

Shwann is at it once again!!! This time he teams up with Ribellu to bring us a slamming, 4/4, peaktime, Electro House original banger with, "Traffic"!!!

Here's what Shwann has to say about "Traffic"

"Ribellu & Shwann combine forces and styles in their first collab, "Traffic", a track that delivers 2 unique but equally powerful drops and an energetic break that's guaranteed to get your hands in the air! Enjoy the free download!"

Download this fantastic track by following the link below!!!

Download Link -

Shwann on Facebook -

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Archery Trick Shots - Dude Perfect

Robin Hood had better step up his game, Dude Perfect are here with some insane archery trick shots!

Ok, I admit, the background music is not exactly the type of stuff we would normally have on the Kick It Blog but if you really can't handle the Country, just mute it! You'll still be be able to enjoy the video for what it's worth.

From actually curving a shot and still hitting a target to nailing the world's longest shot with a bow from a ridiculous length, these guys hit some killer shots and use creativity to keep things interesting.

My personal favorite is the basketball on the arrow into the hoop but there are quite a few badass hits made!

Dude perfect have a ton of other entertaining stuff on their YouTube channel as well so check em out!

Dude Perfect on YouTube -

Dude Perfect Website -

Monday, November 24, 2014

New Release KIR357 - FUBAR - Ulitmatum EP

FUBAR makes his debut and slips the dogs of war with a havoc inducing, peak-time Electro House EP, simply titled “Ultimatum”! With four, balls to the wall, head-banging club crushers, FUBAR makes it abundantly clear that his first EP to be released on Kick It Recordings is pure dance gold!!

With a quick and intense mix-in, the title track “Ultimatum” starts off with a myriad of sounds and atmospheres as hard pitch-bent leads send us moving to the first breakdown of this over six minute long Electro House giant! Utilizing progressively arpeggiated synths, and large off kilter leads in front of an ever increasing wash of rolling drums and sweeps, “Ultimatum” crescendos into a gnarly drop that may have you… checking your pants!

The meat of “Ultimatum” is filled with a staggering amount of grinding leads, rumbling bass lines and massive soundscapes as FUBAR opens an enormous EP in the most fitting of ways!

For the second track, FUBAR goes into a no holds barred, Complextro-esqe rage, slamming listeners with an intense array of madness saturated leads and stabs, breakdowns fueled with screaming synths, and the all around feeling of a battleground of sound with “Damaged”!

“Shock” is basically a futuristic 8-bit influenced Electro theme song to the most extreme videogame you’ve ever encountered in your life! With meat for days, “Shock” is over five minutes of pure club action only briefly stopping for short breaths along the way!

Closing it out proper, FUBAR throws down unleashing body-slams and full nelsons as he obliterates his opponents! Regulating with fluctuating bass and razorblade leads “Take Down” is a brutal last stage, which only promises one thing… total dance-floor devastation!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 12-08-2014

Support From

Wavewhore - "Awesome stuff!!"

Cally & Juice - "Really like all 4 of these, especially Damaged and Shock!"

Kickflip - "4 top stompy complextro numbers and a great debut release! Damaged is my pick of the bunch."

Don Marco - "These drops are awesome!"

Dwaine Whyte - "Really tight production, nice complex drum patterns!"

Toreba Spacedrift - "Amazingly epic EP right here!!"

Magnus Johanson - "Nice work... Will support/test them out... thax))"

Bootz Saint - "Been a while since ive got some solid elctro like this! THIS SHIT IS BANGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome work!"

Reality Randy - "Really digging it. Like the grit!"

FUBAR on Facebook -

FUBAR on Soundcloud -

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Free Track - Tigerlily & The Only - Daylight - Jason Risk Remix

Tonight we have a very special track from the one like Jason Risk with his big and bouncing Melbourne remix of Tigerlily and The Only's "Daylight"! Giving us not one free track but two different versions of his remix! One version with a slowed down second drop, and a version that stays true to a 128bpm format!!!

Here is what Jason Risk has to say about his newest remix - 

"Hey all here's my remix to Tigerlily & The Only's "Daylight". Originally it was for the comp but I got swamped with other deadlines so had to prioritize!

If you don't like the second drop because its slow, there's also a version that's just 128bpm the whole way, available here"

Alternate Version -

Jason Risk on Facebook -

Jess Greenberg - All Along The Watchtower Cover

Holy hooters Batman, it's Jess Greenberg! YouTube sensation Jess Greenberg has been making a name for herself with her acoustic guitar and tiny black tank tops since 2010.

Winner of Ryan Seacrest's "Totally Covered Summer" in 2013, Jess has been consistently picking up attention from other big names as well like her support from Sports Illustrated this past August for her cover of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. WZLX called her cover of "Highway to Hell", the Breast Ever!

Jess has got an amazing voice and is a wicked guitarist and it's all backed by looks that could kill! My personal favorite from Jess is her cover of Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watch Tower". Crank it up and enjoy the view!

Jess Greenberg's Website -

Jess Greenberg on Facebook -

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Free Mix - Future Funk Squad - Retro DJ Mix

Tonight we have a slamming Breakbeat mix from the one like Future Funk Squad!!! He drops an old school vibe assortment of broken beat madness with his newest mix "Retro"!!!

With a large amount of Future Funk Squad remixes, and some originals, "Retro" is a fun and funky mix that you'll love getting down to!!! 

Future Funk Squad "Retro Music Festival 2014"

01. - 2 SINNERS "In Circles"  FFS Remix
02. - "Satisfaxion Boot"
03. - SOTEG "Crowd React" FFS & Madam Breaks Remix 
04. - FFS "Riffulator" 
05. - General Midi "The Westerner" 
06. - Brothers of Dub "Same Frequency" FFS Remix
07. - The Prodigy "Funky Shit" FFS Rr-Edit 
08. - Aquasky "Satellite Channel"
09. - FFS "Sorcerary Dust"
10. - Madam Breaks "Breakspinner" 
11. - "Carnival"
12. - "Higher Scram of Consciousness"

Future Funk Squad on Facebook -

Future Funk Squad on Twitter -

Monday, November 17, 2014

Free Track - David Tort & Abel Ramos - Getting Heavy - Beatz Projekted Remix

Beatz Projekted does it again! This time around he devastates the dance floor with a peak-time, Electro House, crowd rocker, with a remix of David Tort and Abel Ramos' "Getting Heavy"!!!

A quick mix-in leads listeners into the first large breakdown, fueled by the dirty flow of vocals from Nick Marsh, gradually building up to the meat of "Getting Heavy", in which Beatz Projekted goes into all out bassline madness hitting us with massive amounts of sub driving frequencies! 

With a second epic breakdown, and a larger than life mix-out, Beatz Projekted gives us all a perfect banger for the beginning of the week!    

Beatz Projekted on Facebook -

Beatz Projekted on Twitter - 

Fast Fingers - Jon1st - PLX-1000 Performance

Holy fast fingers and dope beats Batman, it's Jon1st and he's here to put Pioneer's brand new PLX-1000 turntables through their paces.

Champion of the 2013 DMC Online Competition, Jon1st is described as a "Dj's Dj". Currently a resident at DROP in Leicester, Under The Counter in Birmingham and Soundcrash in London, Jon1st is making a seious name for himself since his judge stunning set for the DMC.

Not only can Jon1st scratch and juggle with the best of them but his savvy mixing skills have had him as a guest on numerous radio shows from names like the legendary Solid Steel Podcast, The Foreign Beggars Par Excellence show and many more.

When he's not in the club working his magic, Jon1st is out on the road hitting the festival scene having played all kinds of big events from Bestival and Shambala to The Big Chill and Strawberry Fields.

Check out what Jon1st can do behind the decks in the video below and find out more via the links at the bottom.

Jon1st Website -

Jon1st on Twitter -

PLX-1000 Truntables -

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Free Track - Goodfellas - Soul Heaven - Mafia Kiss Edit

Here's a funky free tune for your Sunday night from Mafia Kiss! He hits us with a down low Breakbeat remix of Goodfellas' "Soul Heaven", unleashing relentless waves of feel good, old school infused, dance goodness!!!

Getting right into the groove, Mafia Kiss cranks up the energy gradually with a vocal fueled build up that's driven by a myriad of drum rolls and hits, as he quickly drops us into deep bassline glory! 

With catchy vocal samples, smooth transitions, and an all around bassy feel, "Soul Heaven" is a perfect track for a late night listen, or a funky new addition to your database!

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Mafia Kiss on Twitter -

Friday, November 14, 2014

Holy Fast - Rocket Powered Bicycle - 207 MPH World Record

Holy crap do we have a bit of a surprise for you today! Just last week Francois Gissy set a world record on a bicycle going over 200 MPH!

On November 7th, on the famous "Circuit Paul Ricard" located at Le Castellet in South of France, Fran├žois Gissy reached an incredible speed of 333 km/h on the rocket-propelled bicycle designed by his friend Arnold Neracher. More than 200 MPH on a skinny and completely stripped bicycle! Talk about an amazing, and crazy feat! Who would have believed that one day a daredevil on a bicycle with a rocket under the seat would travel the quarter mile in less than 7 seconds?!

Date Fastest Run Set: November 7th 2014

Peak speed: 207 MPH (333KMH) attained after just 820 feet (250 meters)

Design: Arnold Neracher
Rider: Fran├žois Gissy

Swiss Rocket Man on Facebook -

Free Track - Swede Dreams & Olly James - Osiris

Olly James and Swede Dreams hit us with an action packed, Big Room banger simply titled "Osiris", infusing the pitch bent sound of Melbourne House with the epic reverb contained in Big Room House, to bring us an extreme original that will blow you completely away!!!

With two massive breakdowns and meaty goodness that will take you away, Olly James and Swede Dreams definitely hit this one out of the park, giving us all a track that we can rage too with "Osiris"!!!  

Pick this track up for free by visiting the Swede Dreams Facebook Fanpage!!!

Download Link -

Olly James on Twitter -

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Free Track - Deformaty - Viral

Deformaty straps on his Electro shoes to give us a peak-time, floor crushing, dance floor banger with his newest free release "Viral", in a journey unlike any other, he utilizes grinding leads to take listeners away into a gnarly world of non stop action!!!

With a quick mix-in that transforms into a fast build up, Deformaty throws listeners right into the meat of "Viral", slamming us with unrelenting madness as big bass and killer leads set the tone of an epic night out in the spotlight, leaving nothing to chance as he devastates dance-floors and databases around the world with this beautiful Electro House original!!!  

Pick This fantastic track up today for free by visiting the Deformaty Facebook Fanpage!!!

Download Link -

Deformaty on Twitter - 

Stop Animations - John Huang - Counter656 Productions

Today it's all about the toys and action figures! Prepare to smile big as artist and animator John  Huang aka Counter656 hailing from Taiwan takes us back in time with this fantastic stop-motion race. Featuring four impressive machines from our childhoods, this is a no holds barred, all out assault for the finish line that is one for the record books!

John also does some fantastic toy reviews in the same style that show off the flexibility and articulation of the figures as well as some other attributes in a quite amusing fashion like using a flip flop and a water bottle as size comparisons and then having the character blast them away with his weaponry!

Even though these are labeled as "Toy Reviews", each one is an entertaining little movie in itself with John really managing to incorporate a lot of humor into mostly silent films of action figures! This review of The Iron Patriot is a perfect example of his ability to put a smile on your face.

Lastly we have one of John's latest works which was done in collaboration with Bandai for the promotion of the Digimon game, All-Star Rumble which comes out on XBox 360 and PS3 tomorrow. This video took John twenty days of production and over 2,500 pictures! Thanks for the fantastic work John!

John Huang (Counter656) on Facebook -

Counter656 on Twitter -

Counter656 on YouTube -

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Re-Directed - David Irvine

No video today but I think you will enjoy the artwork of David Irvine just as much!

David started his Re-Directed series around six years ago when he painted two reapers playing with a beach ball into an ocean/seashore scene. Once he posted it online, it sold immediately and things began to take off from there!

Using fun and humor as his guiding forces, David has turned out fantastic re-purposes of discarded artwork. Always keeping his eyes open for abondened pieces sitting by the curbside or gathering dust in a thrift shop, any old painting can be revived into something with new life once David gets his hands on it! If the artwork itself isn't workable, he will at least salvage the frame or glass as David hates seeing unnecessary waste and adding to landfills.

Half a decade later, David's original pieces are selling like hot cakes and you can also get his works as Throw Pillows, Tote Bags, prints and more!

Not only does David do his Re-Directed series but he also makes other fantastic things like these burnt out light bulbs re-purposed as Christmas Ornaments.

 With Christmas right around the corner, his snowmen ornaments make a fantastic gift as well!

 Find out more via the links at the bottom of the article. Happy hump day!

See The Full Album Here -

Purchase David Irvine's Artwork Here -

Purchase David's Other Creations Here -

David Irvine on Facebook -

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Free Track - Jacob Plant - Louder - Beatz Projekted Remix

Beatz Projekted hits us with a gnarly and intense Big Room remix of Jacob Plant's "Louder", taking no prisoners to give us an all encompassing, peak-time, Electro driven banger!!!

With a quick mix-in and a short but sweet synth fueled first breakdown, Beatz Projekted hits us with a sound infused, Electro punch, as we are thrown into the meat of "Louder"! As the grinding pull of leads take you away, the hard hit of kicks and bass create a warm yet crisp production of meaty goodness!

Complete with an even more epic second breakdown, and a massive up mix-out, Beatz Projekted, as always, hits us with something new and fresh, with a style still his own!!! 

Beatz Projekted on Facebook -

Beatz Projekted on Twitter -

Pomplamoose - Pharrell Mashup - Happy Get Lucky

Today we've got a kickass video from the musical masterminds known as Pomplamoose! Hailing from California, Pomplamoose consists of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn. The couple formed Pomplamoose in 2009 and since that time they have garnered quite the fan base!

Jack Conte is an insanely talented person, also going under the guise Conte for his Electro productions which are equally awesome. His creativity when it comes to composition is matched by his prowess with videos and an excellent example of that can be seen here in his video "Pedals" featuring real robots!!  -

Pomplamoose's videos in particular are mostly done in a "Video Song" style which Jack defines with two rules.

1. - What you see is what you hear -  No lip syncing for instruments or vocals!
2. - If you hear it, at some point you see it, no hidden sounds!

Their mashup of Pharrell's "Happy" with "Get Lucky" perfectly exemplifies the beauty of Nataly's voice along with what happens when two creative minds really put their heads together!

I was lucky enough to catch Pomplamoose in Boston on my birthday back in September on the small tour they recently did. If you happen to see their names coming to a city near you, I highly recommend going and checking them out!! Enjoy the tunage!

Pomplamoose's Website -

Pomplamoose on Twitter -

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ken Block - Gymkhana 5: Ultimate Urban Playground - San Francisco

Today's awesome video comes to us from Long Beach native Ken Block. One of the sickest drivers on the planet and co-founder of DC Shoes, Ken began his career in 2005 and won Rally America "Rookie of the Year" that year. Since then he has gone on to rack up some serious credits along with the most Viral Video of 2009 with his video "Gymkhana 2".

At 46 years old, Ken shows no signs of slowing down and he is about to unveil the 7th video in the Gymkhana Series so I thought this would be a great time to revisit one of my all time favorite videos. Especially having lived right outside San Fran for some time and having been to the city many times. If you've never seen "Gymkhana 5" before, you're in for a treat! Sit back, turn up your speakers and enjoy 10 minutes of rubber burning madness!

Ken Block's on Facebook -

Ken Block on Twitter -

Hoonigan Racing -

New Release - KIR356 - Vova Mey - CMN!

For KIR356 Vova Mey brings us a peak-time, Electro House floor grinder that holds enough mystery and deep atmosphere to be a perfect track for this Fall season! “CMN!” hits ears and body’s with hard 4/4 action driven by big bass and powerful leads!

Quickly getting down to business, Vova Mey leads off with a short and sweet mix in before heading into a fast paced build up, pushing and pulling with snare rolls and movement filled bass stabs as we are sent to the heart of “CMN!”!

Fat kicks, aggressive snare cracks, and one mean and nasty bassline lead the charge as Vova Mey strategically layers in triplet timed hits, pumping up the energy before heading into a lengthy second breakdown and then back to the drop as he again slams us with Electro goodness for days!

Utilizing more vocals than the original, Joe C brings the Breakbeat fury with his nonstop remix of “CMN!”! With a short lived mix in and first breakdown, he gets down and dirty, throwing us right into the gnarliness that’s held within!!

The one like G-Line hold’s nothing back as he brings forth the mother of all Big Room remixes! Punching dancers directly in the gut and forcing them into a heads down, hands in the air, floor stomping trance that will be almost impossible to recover from when it ends!!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites  11-24-2014

Support From

Hot Shit! - "Pretty good remix guys! Killer release!"

Wavewhore - "Original Mix is MASSIVE!!"

Isaias Gil Marin - "Absolutely a smasher dance floor!"

MBFB - "Banger!!! Real bigroom feeling!!!"

Bootz Saint - "Loving the synths here. Joe C remix s MEAN!"!/1393554

Vova Mey on Soundcloud -

Joe C on Soundcloud -

G-Line on Soundcloud -

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Free Track - Knife Party - Boss Mode - Sneaker & The Dryer Edit

The one and only Sneaker & The Dryer has just released a slamming Electro House remix of Knife Party's "Boss Mode", trading the hard pound of 808s for the intense and destructive sounds of gnarly, floor grinding bass as he kicks this edit into high gear!!!

Kicking things off with a heavy 4/4 beat, S&D quickly adds in a myriad of sounds and textures from upfront percussion, light pitch bending leads, and splashing cymbals as he generates an amazing amount of energy before sending us into the first vocal fueled breakdown of "Boss Mode"!

 Throwing us right into the meat of "Boss Mode", the Bassline Specialist drops a barrage of  layered leads and synth stabs that put listeners into pure 128 bliss! As for the second breakdown, Sneaker & The Dryer keeps the funky flow of the original hitting us with over 32 bars of Trap infused goodness before heading out again into a smooth 128bpm transition which makes for a perfect mix out of a perfect tune!!!

Pick this up for free today and be sure your not the only one without this peaktime banger!!!  

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook -

Sneaker & The Dryer on Twitter -

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Grant Stinnett - Slap Bass Master

Today we have a video from an amazing artist by the name of Grant Stinnett entitled "Born of Fire & Light".

Grant Stinnett is a rising star in the world of bass guitar with a unique and engaging style. Grant blends technical mastery seamlessly with unparalleled musicality to create a world class performance. The next generation of musical masters is embodied in Grant Stinnett's music. At 14 years old Grant picked up the bass for the first time and within months was performing in places like the prestigious Berklee College of Music Performance Center. From there, Grant's skills as a performer and educator have sky-rocketed! In recent years, Grant has toured internationally as a solo musician and has been to Brazil performing more times than he can remember!

"Grant's music is beautifully amazing!" - Victor Wooten

Grant's series of performance and educational YouTube videos has reached millions of viewers and helped educate hundreds of thousands. Grant is a published author of "Tapestry: Two Handed Tapping Techniques" "Slap Bass Mastery" and "Building Your Mind of Success: The story of a successful music student". Grant's expertise includes keynote speaking, live musical performance, musical education, and music production.

"Grant draws many colors out of the bass to make pleasing and engaging music. I think he has a bright future!" - Michael Manring

Grant Stinnett's Website -

Grant Stinnett on Facebook -

Grant Stinnett's YouTube Channel -

Friday, November 7, 2014

New Edition - Awesome Videos

Good morning Kick It Family, I hope everyone is ready for the weekend! The holiday season is starting to Kick into full swing here in the US so the party schedule is lighting up as well!

We have a new addition we are bringing to the Kick It Blog starting today! Along with all the free tunes, releases, mixes and events we post, we are going to start posting awesome videos as well. These will be random videos from around the web showcasing amazing people, most of which will have equally inspiring music in them as well! We'll link you up with the creatives behind the videos as well as to where you can get the music.

Today we are starting off with a wicked new video from Go Pro shot in 4k in Japan and its from GoPro's new weekly series, "The Adventure of Life in 4k". It features some crazy tricked out super cars and bikes as well as some epic music from Magic Sword. Enjoy the show and as always, Kick It!!

 Music by Magic Sword - 
"Kill Them All"
"Sword of Truth"
"Only Way In"
"In The Face Of Evil"

Pay what you want for these 4 songs from Magic Sword: 10% goes to charity -

Listen to more Magic Sword -

Yujiro Otsuki -

Speed Hunters -

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Free Track - Coldplay - Fix You - Christian Q & Shokstix Remix

Christian Q and Shokstix are at it again!!! This time they let loose an epic, feel good, Electro House remix of Coldplay's "Fix You", giving dancers everywhere a massive, festival fueled, hands in the air, club smasher!!!

Complete with two extremely large and atmospheric breakdowns "Fix You" is a well balanced piece of art, the beautiful and uplifting meat is complemented perfectly by vocal driven builds and the wonderful production that Christian Q and Shokstix are becoming known for!!!   

Download this fantastic track today by stopping by The Shokstix Facebook Fanpage!!!

Download Link -

Shokstix on Twitter -

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Free Track - Diplo - Express Yourself - Joe C Edit

Joe C drops an atomic Breakbeat bomb on listeners with his new remix of Diplo's "Express Yourself", showering crowds with a peak-time fallout that will have dance-floors in complete ruin all across the world!!!

Starting things off with a quick 16 bar mix-in, Joe C sends us into an upbeat build up that transforms ever so surreptitiously into vocal driven Breakbeat madness, devouring the standard intro and regurgitating only the finest sounding drums, basslines, synths, and the all around flavor that makes "Express Yourself" so damn good!!!   

Pick up this fantastic Breakbeat banger today!!! Your ears and fan-base will thank you!!! 

Joe C on Facebook -

Joe C on Twitter -