Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Re-Directed - David Irvine

No video today but I think you will enjoy the artwork of David Irvine just as much!

David started his Re-Directed series around six years ago when he painted two reapers playing with a beach ball into an ocean/seashore scene. Once he posted it online, it sold immediately and things began to take off from there!

Using fun and humor as his guiding forces, David has turned out fantastic re-purposes of discarded artwork. Always keeping his eyes open for abondened pieces sitting by the curbside or gathering dust in a thrift shop, any old painting can be revived into something with new life once David gets his hands on it! If the artwork itself isn't workable, he will at least salvage the frame or glass as David hates seeing unnecessary waste and adding to landfills.

Half a decade later, David's original pieces are selling like hot cakes and you can also get his works as Throw Pillows, Tote Bags, prints and more!

Not only does David do his Re-Directed series but he also makes other fantastic things like these burnt out light bulbs re-purposed as Christmas Ornaments.

 With Christmas right around the corner, his snowmen ornaments make a fantastic gift as well!

 Find out more via the links at the bottom of the article. Happy hump day!

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