Monday, November 17, 2014

Fast Fingers - Jon1st - PLX-1000 Performance

Holy fast fingers and dope beats Batman, it's Jon1st and he's here to put Pioneer's brand new PLX-1000 turntables through their paces.

Champion of the 2013 DMC Online Competition, Jon1st is described as a "Dj's Dj". Currently a resident at DROP in Leicester, Under The Counter in Birmingham and Soundcrash in London, Jon1st is making a seious name for himself since his judge stunning set for the DMC.

Not only can Jon1st scratch and juggle with the best of them but his savvy mixing skills have had him as a guest on numerous radio shows from names like the legendary Solid Steel Podcast, The Foreign Beggars Par Excellence show and many more.

When he's not in the club working his magic, Jon1st is out on the road hitting the festival scene having played all kinds of big events from Bestival and Shambala to The Big Chill and Strawberry Fields.

Check out what Jon1st can do behind the decks in the video below and find out more via the links at the bottom.

Jon1st Website -

Jon1st on Twitter -

PLX-1000 Truntables -

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