Monday, November 10, 2014

New Release - KIR356 - Vova Mey - CMN!

For KIR356 Vova Mey brings us a peak-time, Electro House floor grinder that holds enough mystery and deep atmosphere to be a perfect track for this Fall season! “CMN!” hits ears and body’s with hard 4/4 action driven by big bass and powerful leads!

Quickly getting down to business, Vova Mey leads off with a short and sweet mix in before heading into a fast paced build up, pushing and pulling with snare rolls and movement filled bass stabs as we are sent to the heart of “CMN!”!

Fat kicks, aggressive snare cracks, and one mean and nasty bassline lead the charge as Vova Mey strategically layers in triplet timed hits, pumping up the energy before heading into a lengthy second breakdown and then back to the drop as he again slams us with Electro goodness for days!

Utilizing more vocals than the original, Joe C brings the Breakbeat fury with his nonstop remix of “CMN!”! With a short lived mix in and first breakdown, he gets down and dirty, throwing us right into the gnarliness that’s held within!!

The one like G-Line hold’s nothing back as he brings forth the mother of all Big Room remixes! Punching dancers directly in the gut and forcing them into a heads down, hands in the air, floor stomping trance that will be almost impossible to recover from when it ends!!

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All Other Sites  11-24-2014

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Hot Shit! - "Pretty good remix guys! Killer release!"

Wavewhore - "Original Mix is MASSIVE!!"

Isaias Gil Marin - "Absolutely a smasher dance floor!"

MBFB - "Banger!!! Real bigroom feeling!!!"

Bootz Saint - "Loving the synths here. Joe C remix s MEAN!"!/1393554

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