Saturday, November 8, 2014

Grant Stinnett - Slap Bass Master

Today we have a video from an amazing artist by the name of Grant Stinnett entitled "Born of Fire & Light".

Grant Stinnett is a rising star in the world of bass guitar with a unique and engaging style. Grant blends technical mastery seamlessly with unparalleled musicality to create a world class performance. The next generation of musical masters is embodied in Grant Stinnett's music. At 14 years old Grant picked up the bass for the first time and within months was performing in places like the prestigious Berklee College of Music Performance Center. From there, Grant's skills as a performer and educator have sky-rocketed! In recent years, Grant has toured internationally as a solo musician and has been to Brazil performing more times than he can remember!

"Grant's music is beautifully amazing!" - Victor Wooten

Grant's series of performance and educational YouTube videos has reached millions of viewers and helped educate hundreds of thousands. Grant is a published author of "Tapestry: Two Handed Tapping Techniques" "Slap Bass Mastery" and "Building Your Mind of Success: The story of a successful music student". Grant's expertise includes keynote speaking, live musical performance, musical education, and music production.

"Grant draws many colors out of the bass to make pleasing and engaging music. I think he has a bright future!" - Michael Manring

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