Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pomplamoose - Pharrell Mashup - Happy Get Lucky

Today we've got a kickass video from the musical masterminds known as Pomplamoose! Hailing from California, Pomplamoose consists of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn. The couple formed Pomplamoose in 2009 and since that time they have garnered quite the fan base!

Jack Conte is an insanely talented person, also going under the guise Conte for his Electro productions which are equally awesome. His creativity when it comes to composition is matched by his prowess with videos and an excellent example of that can be seen here in his video "Pedals" featuring real robots!!  - youtu.be/mZ02alEkbLw

Pomplamoose's videos in particular are mostly done in a "Video Song" style which Jack defines with two rules.

1. - What you see is what you hear -  No lip syncing for instruments or vocals!
2. - If you hear it, at some point you see it, no hidden sounds!

Their mashup of Pharrell's "Happy" with "Get Lucky" perfectly exemplifies the beauty of Nataly's voice along with what happens when two creative minds really put their heads together!

I was lucky enough to catch Pomplamoose in Boston on my birthday back in September on the small tour they recently did. If you happen to see their names coming to a city near you, I highly recommend going and checking them out!! Enjoy the tunage!

Pomplamoose's Website - pomplamoose.com/

Pomplamoose on Twitter - twitter.com/pomplamoose

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