Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Free Track - Diplo - Express Yourself - Joe C Edit

Joe C drops an atomic Breakbeat bomb on listeners with his new remix of Diplo's "Express Yourself", showering crowds with a peak-time fallout that will have dance-floors in complete ruin all across the world!!!

Starting things off with a quick 16 bar mix-in, Joe C sends us into an upbeat build up that transforms ever so surreptitiously into vocal driven Breakbeat madness, devouring the standard intro and regurgitating only the finest sounding drums, basslines, synths, and the all around flavor that makes "Express Yourself" so damn good!!!   

Pick up this fantastic Breakbeat banger today!!! Your ears and fan-base will thank you!!! 

Joe C on Facebook - facebook.com/djjoecmusic

Joe C on Twitter - twitter.com/djjoec

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