Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Archery Trick Shots - Dude Perfect

Robin Hood had better step up his game, Dude Perfect are here with some insane archery trick shots!

Ok, I admit, the background music is not exactly the type of stuff we would normally have on the Kick It Blog but if you really can't handle the Country, just mute it! You'll still be be able to enjoy the video for what it's worth.

From actually curving a shot and still hitting a target to nailing the world's longest shot with a bow from a ridiculous length, these guys hit some killer shots and use creativity to keep things interesting.

My personal favorite is the basketball on the arrow into the hoop but there are quite a few badass hits made!

Dude perfect have a ton of other entertaining stuff on their YouTube channel as well so check em out!

Dude Perfect on YouTube - youtube.com/dudeperfect

Dude Perfect Website - dudeperfect.com/

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