Friday, January 30, 2015

Free Track - Dwaine Whyte - The Darkness

Dwaine Whyte is back with another free original bass-line banger! Treading on the dark-side, and unleashing an angry onslaught of profoundly destructive sounds, "The Darkness" is a full fledged, peak-time, Dubstep thrasher!!!

Kicking it off with a quick build up Dwaine Whyte introduces a reverb saturated beat over a soft yet sharp swinging pad, with a couple more sonic textures he brings energy up smoothly before heading into the first drop of "The Darkness"!

As we are lifted up with white noise and a couple seconds of breathing room, Dwaine Whyte utilizes a fantastic sample from the move Resident Evil, a creepy little girl declares "you are all going to die down here"! As the complex slam of gnarly sounds drop, synth stabs and hard bass hit our ears, we are pulled down into "The Darkness" and certainly might not come back alive!

With an epic and atmospheric breakdown, and a mix-out even more aggressive than the first, "The Darkness" is a stunning track that any DJ regardless of preferred genre, would be getting down to in an instant!!!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Free Track - Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes - Shwann Remix

Shwann crushes it yet again!!! This time around he delivers a massive Electro charged fight anthem with his remix of Motorcycle's "As The Rush Comes", giving us a peak-time, festival fueled, club smasher!!!

Showering listeners in wonderful atmospherics, Shwann begins with a bang, unleashing vocal samples over a hard 4/4 beat and progressively building synths, sweeps, and low sub rumbles as he enters the first vocal saturated breakdown!

"As The Rush Comes" attacks speakers with an extremely gnarly drop, filling ears with a wide spectrum of sound as rolling leads and pads grind and chug along to a powerful bassline! Blending into another epic breakdown that throws us into a lengthy and interesting mix-out Shwann has once more dropped dance fire from the gods upon the world!!!

Follow the link below to grab this free track for yourself!!!!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Free Track - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama - Dwaine Whyte Remix

Dwaine Whyte gives us a special treat tonight as he drops a Dub Step infused, 170bpm, bass banger with his remix of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama"!

The gnarly thrash of guitars kicks off "Sweet Home Alabama" with a vengeance, quickly slamming listeners with a pounding half -time beat and a plethora of extreme and grinding bass stabs that sends us into an all out frenzy of sonic aggression!

With a short but sweet guitar driven breakdown, Dwaine Whyte keeps this 4 minute long track rockin and rollin, letting loose massive amounts of energy that will keep you grooving all night long!

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Free Track - Where's North? - Sonorous - Arshaw Breaks Mix

Tonight we have an extremely funky free track from Arshaw, he gives us a deep and atmospheric Breaks remix of Where's North's "Sonorous", bringing us tons of flavor and heavy beats!!!

A strange and unique half time intro filled with hard stabs, a pounding kick, and wonderful textures quickly transforms into a full on sonic assault of epic broken sounds and flavor, making one hell of a fun and interesting mix-in!

Arshaw sends us into a lfo riddled synth fueled breakdown, building things up smoothly before sending us out with the dark, 808 booming, melodic majesty that is "Sonorous"!!!  

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Free Track - Dr.Dre & Snoop Dogg - The Next Episode - Andrea Fissore Remix

Andrea Fissore, one half of the dream team Fisso & Spark hits us with a perfectly banging Deep House remix of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's "The Next Episode", delivering a fresh take on this now classic Hip Hop track for all to groove too!!!

With a splashy drum beat and a killer resonating bass-line Andrea Fissore begins "The Next Episode" with a massive amount of energy and strong vibes as he quickly drops the iconic vocals of Snoop Dogg over a full spectrum of sonic goodness as he enters a short but sweet guitar driven buildup!

As we are thrown back into down low, bass fueled, House magic, Andrea Fissore eases listeners into a vocal saturated breakdown before he leaves us with a lengthy and funky mix-out!!!

Pick this fantastic remix up today by visiting the Andrea Fissore Facebook Fanpage!!!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Free Track - Dwaine Whyte - Glitchtastik

Dwaine Whyte unleashes a gnarly Glitch Hop banger with his new creation "Glitchtastik", an almost 6 minute long journey, through a grinding land of bass-line nastiness!!!

Kicking it off with an atmospheric and large drum beat, Dwaine Whyte begins to filter in pitch-bent leads and low riding stabs, as he builds up to the first crisp drop of "Glitchtastik"!

With a short breakdown, and a myriad of hard and deep sounds throughout the meat, "Glitchtastik" is a non-stop thrill ride riddled with Dub Step esque synths and sub bass, and it will have dancers going nuts to the delicious peak-time flavor that Dwaine Whyte lays down!!! 

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Free Mix - Saam Roberts January 2015 on My Edm Radio

Saam Roberts hits us with a new House mix that will have you jacking your body to the fresh and flavorful sounds of deep and soulful music, as he mixes it up on My EDM Radio!!!

If you are a Saam Roberts fan, or just a lover of House music then you are in for a treat!!! Saam drops a truck-full of his own tracks that drive away at listeners with smooth grooves and hard drops, giving us an hour long, feet to the floor, pure dance goodness, bangin mix!!!

 Saam Roberts January 2015 on My Edm Radio

01. - Ollygon "Running Away"
02. - Hayley Kiyoko "This Side of Paradise" Rogue Vogue Remix
03. - Nico Stadi "Believe" 
04. - Tork & Freya "Hearts, Spades & Diamonds" TRU Concept Remix 
05. - Jaded "Gully Creeper"
06. - Brendan Reily "Just Friends"
07. - Ed Sheehan "Don't" Don Diablo Remix
08. - Calippo "Need A Friend"
09. - 2 Tyme & Dorzi "Let's Do this" Saam Roberts Remix
10. - Saam Roberts & Absorbtion "ID"
11. - Dave Rush & Rivel "Tempesta" Saam Roberts Remix
12. - Topi & Saam Roberts "Cavern" 
13. - Saam Roberts & Topi "Order"

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Free Track - Azealia Banks- Chasing Time - Shokstix Remix

Shokstix strays away from their harder style to bring us a feel-good, bass thumping, funk fueled, House groover, with their new remix of Azealia Banks' "Chasing Time"!!!

Quickly getting into the mix, Shokstix drops beautiful and soulful vocals on-top of a myriad of smooth sounds and textures, hitting dancers with deep side-chained sub rumbles, wonderfully mixed lead synths, and a beat that contains all the punch and swing you could want!

With an epic Trance synth infused breakdown that's larger than life, and a long outro that really has some meat to it, "Chasing Time" is a perfect addition to anyone's database! 

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the Shokstix Facebook Fanpage!!!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Free Track - 3rd Prototype & Shwann - Tank

The one like Shwann is at it again!!! This time he combines forces with 3rd Prototype to bring us an all out Electro assault with their brand new track "Tank"!!!

With over 4 minutes of non-stop Big Room infused fury Shwann and 3rd Prototype give us a peak-time, balls to the wall epic! "Tank" opens up with a lengthy mix-in that is perfect for DJ's and listeners alike, a short breakdown leads us to a pitch-bent, synth driven drop, that sends us into a world of gnarliness!!!

Here's what Shwann has to say - 

"3rd Prototype & Shwann combine forces and styles in their first collab, Tank, a perfect combination of progressive melodies that cascade into an aggressive, speaker rattling electro drop that explodes through your speakers! Enjoy the free download!"   

Download Link - click.3rd-prototype-shwann-tank

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Free Mix - Discovery Radio 001 Hosted by Flash Finger

Coming at us from the South Korean DJ Flash Finger is the first installment of Discovery Radio!!! Join him as he throws down some serious Electro House fire from some of the most massive artists around the world!!!

Here's what Flash Finger has to say about this bangin mix - 

"Hello. Guys! I am Flash Finger. This is the 1st episode of Discovery Radio. It’s my honor that I can do my own radio podcast on the 1st week of 2015

There are Don Diablo, Showtek, Wiwek, Kura, Hardwell and many may more . So you guys should be ready for the 1st episode of 2015, I hope you guys enjoy my 1st episode of Discovery Radio."

Discovery Radio 001 Hosted by Flash Finger

01. - Don Diablo "Generations" 
02. - Showtek feat. MC Ambush "90s By Nature" 
03. - Wiwek & Stush feat. Stush "Ground Shake" 
04. - Azumba "Azumba" Gregor Salto Rave Mix
05. - Dash Berlin & 3LAU feat. Bright Lights "Somehow" Syzz Remix
06. - Henrix "Light" 
07. - Nicky Romero & Vicetone "Let Me Feel" Fedde Le Grand Remix
08. - Rave Radio & Zoolanda "Mugatu" Jay Karama Remix
09. - Kaskade & John Dahlback feat. Sansa "A Little More" Cobra Effect Remix
10. - Ookay & Riggi & Piros "Dafuq" 
11. - KURA "Makhor" 
12. - MAKJ "Generic" 
13. - Firebeatz "Arsonist" 
14. - Y.U.P "Get Ready" Tobirush Remix 
15. - Hardwell & W&W feat. Fatman Scoop "Don't Stop The Madness" 
16. - Blinders "Sirene" 
17. - Bisbetic & Sam Bruno feat. Sam Bruno "You Know The Deal" 

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New Release KIR361 - Sim April - Love Me - Remix by Dwaine Whyte

The Belarusian producer Sim April turns out a heart-stopping and overwhelming Electro House vocal anthem with his fresh and flavorful epic theme, "Love Me"! With a peak-time Big Room remix by Dwaine Whyte, this is as powerful as a two track release gets!!

Fluttering around our ears, Sim April eases in light and swinging leads and pulsating vocal chops behind a crisp kick as he smoothly adds splashing snares and high hats driving listeners into the first beautiful breakdown of "Love Me"!

Pianos and off kilter vocal melodies are the name of the game in this first breakdown as an entrancing atmosphere takes our minds away and haunting female vocals are unleashed. As things get heavy with a solid drum build up we are quickly thrown into a hands in the air groove that has all the makings of a festival fueled modern ode!

With bending leads and wide Trance synths, Sim April pushes "Love Me" to the limits hitting dancers with waves of euphoria and washing them clean with pure audio bliss whilst giving the world a graceful requiem for all to dance to!!

Dwaine Whyte steps up on remix duties and drops a massive bomb with his Big Room, balls to the wall, bass thumping remix of "Love Me"! Slapping crowds with a gigantic blast of raw energy as he chops vocals and saturates every nuance of sound with powerful reverb and color taking "Love Me" into the stratosphere of peak-time gnarliness!!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 01-19-2015

Support From

Cally & Juice - "Thumbs up for the Dwaine Whyte Remix"

Magnus Johanson - "Like the Original best!"

Toreba Spacedrift - "Awesome!"

Dave Jacob - "Very nice track!"

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Free Track - Beatz Projekted - Sank

Beatz Projekted releases his first track of 2015, stepping his game up once again by delivering a peak-time, Electro House, sonic saga, thrusting listeners into the adventure that is "Sank"!!!

Opening in the most epic way known to man, Beatz Projekted unleashes furry of layers, smashing us with massive snare hits, hard synths, and an unreal progression of notes that combine to form a fight anthem that will be beating up clubs across the world!

Building up to a gnarly and straight up nasty drop, "Sank" transforms into a reverb saturated, bass pumping monster, filling our ears with superb sounds, driven by unique textures. and atmospherics!

With a beautifully produced and lengthy breakdown, a mix-out that has all you could want in smooth transitions, and energetic vocal samples placed throughout, Beatz Projekted makes rest assured that "Sank" is a perfect way to kick off the New Year proper!!!    

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Free Track - A Man About A Dog - Corned Beef & Valium - Father Funk Remix

Bringing the smooth and funky flavor today is the one like Father Funk with an energetic Ghetto Funk remix of A Man About A Dog's "Corned Beef & Valium"

He lets loose a myriad of dirty bass stabs that wobble and phase out, pushing a hard groove that's backed by saxophones, pianos, guitars, and unique scratching and sampling of sounds that will have your feet happy all night!!!

Here's what Father Funk has to say about this upbeat floor filler -

"My remix of A Man About A Dog’s “Corned Beef & Valium” - previously heard in my “Funk Aerobics” mixtape. These guys are good friends of mine and have a great thing going so I’ve had a lot of fun working on this, been playing it out all summer and trust me - it kills it! Big ups to DJM for popping round and re doing some of the cuts, sounds fresh dude! :)"

Also Father Funk gives the choice of downloading a WAV or MP3, so grab it today!!!  

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Free Track - Dwaine Whyte - Get Back

The one like Dwaine Whyte drops a perfect track to get you in the mood for a brand new year with his Glitch Hop banger "Get Back"!!!

Starting off with otherworldly vocal chops, Dwaine Whyte quickly adds gnarly bass stabs and deep drum hits before heading into the first breakdown of "Get Back", setting listeners up for a balls to the wall anthem, that will have everyone on their feet!!!

The push and pull of grinding leads over heavy sub bass drives away at our ears, as a broken beat sends bodies into a frenzy of jacking and extreme headbanging, with a second breakdown that comes and goes as quickly as the first, Dwaine Whyte makes sure that "Get Back" is a non stop thrill ride that will have the whole club moving from square one!!!  

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Free EP - BoTBass - Polychromatic EP

BoTBass delivers a stunning New Years present by releasing his EP "Polychromatic" for free!!! Not only does he give us a genre bouncing, 8 track, peak-time album, he's also added two previously unreleased tracks onto the already fantastic New Years package!!!

Here is what BotBass has to say about this now free to download album - 

"The Colombian producer BoTBass presents: A brand new EP called Polychromatic.This truly inspirational album includes 8 new electronic tracks of different styles and subgenres such as Dubstep, Chillstep, Trap, Moombahcore, Electro House and Drum and Bass.

The Polychromatic EP is some of the best work from the new upcoming producer of South America and has been critically claimed as his largest project to date and possibly the most important work of his career. He has dedicated a full year’s hard work and determination into this album throughout the year (2013). The music speaks for itself, and is guaranteed to take the mind on a journey to unexplored sound dimensions throughout the entire album."

Pick this up today by visiting the link below to start the year off proper!!!!

Download Link -

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