Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Release - KIR317 - Direct Input - Laser Bounce

Kick It Recordings presents KIR317 "Laser Bounce" from Direct Input! Huge booming breaks drive through with a Melbourne style bounce that keeps the dance floor moving. This track will work wonders at a festival or club environment and has been well proven to make the crowd bounce! Pew Pew!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 09/09/2013

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Lady Waks - "Will drop this one on my radio session tonight ;)"


Beatz Projekted - "Pure killer!"

Kickflip - "Liking the sound of that Joe C Remix!"

Wavewhore - "Good builder track!"

Deformaty - "Woo, slick!"

Kwerk - "Ooooh!! This is loooovely!"

Saam Roberts - "So tight, very good stuff!! Support!"

Temazo - Big track, definitely supporting!"

Retchid - "Nice drop, flows smooth. Wicked organ!"

Jordan Clayton - "Quite simply, YES!"

Nu Stylz - "Big up Kick It!"

   KIR317 - Direct Input - Laser Bounce - Out 08/26/2013 by Kick It Recordings

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Free EP - Gentlemen Thieves - Young & Dangerous EP

We have a fantastic free EP from Gentlemen Thieves to get us threw the mid week hump today, and man is the "Young & Dangerous EP" an epic steal that all music lovers will enjoy!

Kicking things off with a massive Electro dance anthem, Gentlemen Thieves pull listeners in promptly with the opening track "Chamber", knowing full well how to start an EP off proper the grinding leads and a powerful atmosphere that encompasses all things that a club banger should be!

Hitting us hard with a steely fist of rage is the second track "Mike Tyson", with it's gnarly and driving Dubstep basslines giving even Skrillex a run for his money, it is perfectly complemented by beautiful synth work and melodies that take you to another world!    

"Fireworks" is a cheeky four to the floor smasher, that has a wonderful structure that melds Electro House with a hint of booty bumpin, Hip Hop fueled breakdowns to give listeners a unique tune that gives dancers exactly what they are looking for in today's foot shuffling dance culture!

Next Gentlemen Thieves drop the soulful title track "Young & Dangerous", giving us a tune straight from the hood, as they make hatters of Trap turn their heads and accept that at least this down to the ground track, is perfect for amping up a large crowd of people!    

Lastly Gentlemen Thieves closes this EP out right with their festival crusher "Accelerate", that features gigantic crowd noise and heart pounding Complextro riffs that send this track and EP over the edge and falls smoothly onto listeners ears, making this EP perfectly complete!

  Young & Dangerous EP by Gentlemen Thieves

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Release & Contest - Ground Level Summer Vibes EP Vol 1

Ground Level sometimes believes there's a little too much aggression in the current Breakbeat sound, so they have gone back to their roots with the "Ground Level Summer Vibes EP" series!

They will be delivering 6 fresh slabs of funk over the course of  two EPs, making the perfect soundtrack for summer BBQs, festivals and sunny days!

The first installment is here with fresh and funky grooves from Beatsmack, Fisso & Spark and brand new signing Fantastic Boyz!

Kicking things off with a hot tune from Fantastic Boyz, "2 Slick" is a excellent example of old skool, funk fueled Breaks, with a modern day twist, giving us a vocal driving banger that is sure to rock any club it comes in contact with!

Next up is Beatsmack bringing us the happy vibes of "A Jazz Thing", infusing Breakbeat flavor and jazzed up stabs with heavy leads and massive drum hits that drive listeners along into a realm of Breaks that most are unfamiliar with in this day and age!

Last and certainly not least is the fantastic Breakbeat duo Fisso & Spark bringing a laid back groover with their track "Drop The Funk", with basslines that rival anything a Jazz aficionado could bring to the table, these guys truly know how to close an EP like this out right! 

Ground Level Summer Vibes EP Vol 1

  Ground Level Summer Vibes EP 1 by groundlevel


Ground Level is also holding a contest for free XL T- Shirts!!! There will be only three winners and each winner will also receive a free CD! All that is needed to win is to answer one question correctly!!! Send your answers to to see if you've won!!!

What is Fisso & Sparks Hometown?

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Free Track - Karton - Chase It High - Left Right Remix

Today we have an upbeat jammer from Left Right with his remix of Karton's "Chase It High", and man does this D&B banger push the limits of sub pounding bass!!!

Kicking things off heavy with amens and drum rolls being thrown around like hot cakes, Left Right soon slides in the atmospheric vocals and bass stabs that make "Chase It High" such a massive track!

With a vocal fueled first breakdown that builds up to the driving dance madness in the meat of "Chase It High", Left Right makes sure to infuse grim and heart stopping bass drops in a way that can only be described as gnarly as this amazing producer takes listeners on an epic journey!

  Chase It High by Karton (Left Right Remix) by DrumNBass.NET

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Left Right on Facebook -

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Free Mix - Deekline - Boomtown Fair Arcadia Set

Nothing get's the weekend going in the right direction like a free mix, and the one like Deekline delivers a gnarly set that's power you have to hear to believe! 

Deekline takes to the mighty Arcadia Stage at Boomtown with a fiery onslaught of filthy dirty bangers, bringing us on a 49 minute journey that leaves listeners with a lasting impression as if they were there seeing it live!   

If you've been looking for a new, extremely tasty, Breakbeat fueled, booty bumpin mix, then look no further!

Deekline "Boomtown Fair Arcadia Set"

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Free Track - Toreba Spacedrift - Bring That Funk - Deformaty Remix

Today we have a fantastic remix in association with Kick It Recordings of Toreba Spacedrift's upcoming release "Bring That Funk", straight from the Breakbeat master Deformaty, and man, the funk is strong with this one!!!

A massive Breakbeat kicks things off as Deformaty builds up to the first breakdown dropping grinding leads and the signature funk fueled vocals that make "Bring That Funk" such a memorable track, offering a harder and more club friendly version of Toreba Spacedrift's glitched out, Hip Hop infused original!

Deformaty slides listeners into the first breakdown with heavy focus on the Spacedrifter's vocals, utilizing sweeps and low ridding synths that push "Bring That Funk" to another level, right before falling off a cliff into meaty bassline goodness! 

The driving and intense power of Deformaty's sub pounding bass is a perfect complement to the myriad of vocal samples that are stuffed into "Bring That Funk", giving us an all out floor smasher that all Breakheads can get behind, making this a track that even Toreba Spacedrift is blown away by!

  Toreba Spacedrift - Bring That Funk (Deformaty Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Deformaty

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Monday, August 19, 2013

New Release - KIR316 - Vova Mey - Time For The Kick - The Remixes

With KIR316 comes two fantastic remixes of the pounding driver Vova Mey’s “Time for The Kick”, Farace brings the Breakbeat flavor and Saam Roberts gives us a hands up Electro House smasher!

Farace kicks it hard as his grinding basslines take you away to a land filled only with peak-time dance action, and in his land it’s always “Time for The Kick”! Complete with massive breakdowns, non-stop movement and a beautiful composition; this down to the floor, get low remix will have booty’s dropping for days!

Secondly we have Saam Roberts unleashing an Electro Trance triplet infused remix that screams to be played in a large club! Saam Roberts makes the crowd work as he pushes listeners forward on an epic journey with breakdowns that drive listeners harder that most tracks do in their entirety!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites - 09/02/2013

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The Crystal Method - "Great Track!"

Lady Waks - "Nice one!"

Hot Shit! - "Top work! Full support!"

Deformaty - "Love it!"

Temazo - "Like a mad mix of breaks and electro!"

Kwerk - "Yet another sterling tune from the big man, Farace ! All over this. And Saam Roberts to top it off !! This lad is going far ! Big release !!"

Sychosis - "The Farace Remix is just massive! That bassline is full on heaviness. It thumps!"

Skeletron - "Love the drop!"

DJ Asyk - "Am all over the Farace remix of this, epic track, solid, powerful, bangin' breaks at it's finest!!"

Distorsion Recordings - "Nice remix from Farace!"

DJ Exzile - "Banging!"

   OUT NOW!! KIR316 - Vova Mey - Time For The Kick - The Remixes w/ Farace and Saam Roberts Remixes by Kick It Recordings

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Free Track - Bonnie McKee - American Girl - Oliver Remix

Closing out the week proper, today we have a free tune from Oliver with their remix of Bonnie McKee's "American Girl", giving us a Progressive Electro House track that's catchy vocals and melodies will have you grooving all night long!

To kick things off Oliver drops a massive drum beat, as synths and sweeps pull listeners along throwing them into a vocal fueled breakdown, backed by harmonious leads that make "American Girl" a peak time banger!

Nothing is left up in the air as Oliver shows their precision and talent crafting a beautiful track that accompanies Bonnie McKeey's vocals perfectly, making "American Girl" an excellent steal for those weekend gigs!!!

  American Girl (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Free Track - Felix Cartal & Clockwork Ft Madame Buttons - The Fire - Christian Q & Shokstix Remix

Hitting us with the Electro House heat today is Christian Q and Shokstix with their powerful remix of Felix Cartal and Clockwork's "The Fire", that's vocals alone will have crowds going nuts!!!

Moving along fast Christian Q and Shokstix compose a quick mix-in with large drum hits and movement driving listeners into the vocal fueled first breakdown before sending us head first into bassline madness!!!

The epic vocals from Madame Buttons put "The Fire" in the peaktime category, Christian Q and Shokstix make sure to back up these amazing vox with gnarly and grinding bass leads that will and can move crowds over 4000 strong, making this a perfect track for the end of summer!  

  Felix Cartal & Clockwork ft. Madame Buttons- The Fire (Christian Q & Shokstix Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD! by shokstix

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Free Mix - The Farace Show - Episode 016

Oh yes it's that time again, the one like Farace drops the new episode of the speaker bangin Farace Show, and the massive energy that he creates cant be overstated!

Episode 016 is jam packed with amazing new releases from Kick It Recordings and Farace, enticing listeners and setting fire to their pallets with current tracks that no DJ should be without!

With Deadslim's remix of the chart topping "God Particle" from Deformaty, and Farace's own "Pop Dat" featuring Chayo Nash, that is currently gaining massive support and killing the Beatport top 100 Breaks chart, this is one Farace Show to download and it's an excellent way to find new and unique tracks!

Complete with bangers from Deenk, FetOo, Krafty Kuts, and A. Skills, Farace stays true to his slogan of offering us the best in Electro House, Breaks and Bass Music, making listeners excited for the next episode of The Farace Show!!! 

The Farace Show Episode 016

01. - Deenk "Flipside" 
02. - Dirty Trash "Dancing Plague of 1518" Farace Remix 
03. - Shade K "Temptation" 
04. - ANiMAL-MUSiC "Kingdoms" 
05. - Robert Firth & Aleex Nodner "EPMM" 
06. - FetOo "Funk Off" Nicolas S Remix
07. - Martin Garrix "Animals" Farace & Dave Berg ReEdit
10. - Krafty Kuts & Tim Delux "Work That Body ft Mike G" Farace & Dave Berg Remix
11. - Benver "Shifting Colors" Seva Remix
12. - A. Skillz & Krafty Kuts "TrickaTechnology" 2013 Remix

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Release - KIR315 - Night Bandit - This Just In - Remixes by MBFB and Deformaty

Hitting us with the gnarliness, the one like Night Bandit steals our attention with his madness infused D&B epic, “This Just In” bringing a track unlike any other we’ve heard to the table!

Night Bandit packs so many sounds and change ups into “This Just In” that it becomes difficult to list them all. Instruments include shredding guitars, atmospheric pianos, heavy metal double bass kick drums, and brain bashing basslines and if that wasn’t enough, Night Bandit also makes use of vocal samples from Anchorman prolifically stating, “News team assemble!”, and they are sure to jump on the Night Bandit news wagon!

First up on remix duties is the duo MBFB who give us an Progressive fist pumper with violin driven breakdowns and uplifting synths that really set this remix apart from the original. With their combined talent, MBFB give swarms of people what they want and turns “This Just In”, into a festival fueled banger!

You know when Deformaty is on a remix that he’ll be giving us an unparalleled peak time Breakbeat driver, and man does he deliver on his remix of “This Just In”! Using all the synths, pianos, and big sounds that make the original so large, Deformaty’s Breakbeat heat grows out of control and spreads like wildfire onto the dance floor as the big bass and broken beat mass amounts with flavor!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 08/26/2013

Support From

Farace - "All the mixes are wicked! Original is just crazy though! Full Support!"

Hot Shit! - "Phenomenal!!'

Beatz Projeketed - "Damn this is EPIC!"

Wavewhore - "Deformaty Remix sounding nice!"

Sneaker & The Dryer - "The original is just pure madness and both remixes are killer!"

Kwerk - "Holy mother of awesome !!!!! Deformaty never fails to blow me away !!!! HUGE TUNE, HUUUUGE REMIX !!!!"

Saam Roberts - "if I had to pick my favourite from the three it would be the MBFB remix but I'm becoming somewhat addicted to their stuff! This mix is no different, right up my street"

OLMEC - "Deformaty smashing the remix again!!"

Foxbeat - "Oh my god!!!! Sick mate, Metalcore!!"

Jordan Clayton - "This track is so good!"

Retchid - "Oh damn this is nasty!!"

DeadSlim - "Oh my shit!!"

KAMEN - "Holy shitake mushrooms Batman!!"

Shaun of The Bass - "Such a sick tune!!"

Retes Volo - "Crazy shit mate, such intensity! Dig this arrangement and the killer mix down, keep up the good work mate!"

FR33 Music - "HOLY FUCK this shit GOT SERIOUS ,HOT AS FUCK MAN! ! ! nice break-beat!"

Razor Tag - "I'm feeling this d and b vibe, very tight mixdown!"

Diskonekted - "The guitar man the guitar is what I love! The track takes me trough a wonderful trip. I love it!"

   KIR315 - Night Bandit - This Just In w/ Remixes by MBFB and Deformaty - OUT 08/12/2013 by Kick It Recordings

Night Bandit on Soundcloud -

MBFB on Soundcloud -

Deformaty on Soundcloud -

Monday, August 12, 2013

Free Track - Beatz Projekted - Battleship - Metaphix remix

Hitting us with another free remix of the slamming track "Battleship" from Beatz Projekted, the one like Metaphix brings us an Electro House banger that's upbeat and entrancing, with peak time synths and heart stopping baselines, this track is sure to get crowds pumped up no matter what the size of the venue, and the bigger the club the better, considering this is an all out assault on our ears!

Starting things off heavy Metaphix drops a massive drum beat, complete with large stabs and movement that throws listeners into the destructive world of "Battleship" and takes no prisoners as we are swept away to a battle of epic proportions!

With a quick breakdown that drives and pulls our ears along, Metaphix soon gets to the meat of "Battleship" and its slamming energy and grinding bass throw this track over the edge and into an ocean of beautiful soundscapes and atmosphere to make this one hell of a free tune!

Be sure to check out the full release of "Battleship" on Beatport to make sure your not missing out on this fantastic original track or any of the official remixes that make it such a powerful release!

  Beatz Projekted - Battleship (Metaphix Remix) by Metaphix

Metaphix on Youtube -

"Battleship" Release -

Monday, August 5, 2013

New Release - KIR314 - Farace - Pop Dat Ft. Chayo Nash

KIR314 crashes through the door and smashes the floor as the one like Farace and Chayo Nash bring the Breakbeat heat and get body’s poppin with “Pop Dat”! With Chayo Nash spitting smooth and fluid like vocals and Farace ‘s gnarly production, the expression “like a boss”, can only be used as an understatement for this fantastic track!

Kicking off heavy with a phat Breakbeat and dark leads, Farace soon adds saturated booty bouncing synths and Chayo’s vocals demanding that everyone pop dat! Driving and powerful through, the meat of “Pop Dat”, it’s all over when Chayo drops the spine tingling first verse, love at first listen! With its massive atmosphere, heart pounding basslines and catchy and moving vocals, it’s hard to deny the power of “Pop Dat”!

Dave Berg…what can be said about this party animal… other than he knows how to give listeners and dancers exactly what they want and his remix of “Pop Dat” is no exception! With raw driving energy, Berg drops a hard Breakbeat with grinding bass action to kick “Pop Dat” into high gear. With synth stab fueled breakdowns and making use of all Chayo’s vocals, Dave Berg hits this one out into space and into another realm of sound!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites - 08/19/2013

Support From

Ashley Slater (Kitten & The Hip) - "Grover loves the first track!"

Beatz Projekted - "Cool remix from Dave Berg!"

Hot Shit - "Fantastic work like always !!!"

Wavewhore - "Nice tunes... both the original and the remix are party rockers!"

Kwerk - "F*******CK !!! This tune ! Those lead stabs..... HOOKED !!!"

Temazo - "TUNE!!"

Saam Roberts - "All over this man!"

Breaking News - "Big tnx for promo! Good tune, love original!"

Dylan Kennedy - "Nice production!"

Thirst 4 - "Killer track. Love the Dave Berg Remix, huge!"

Active Gear - "A Good Solid tune from Farace, Both mixes are good, but I think Dave Berg RMX is for me :)"

Petey - "The original is too dope! Sweet vocals too!"

Thomas Crowne - "Solid remix...def got my head bobbin. Got that funk to it, and the breakbeat is just sick!"

Felix House & Max Kartel - "Great Breakbeat, very catchy flow!"

   KIR314 - Farace - Pop Dat Ft. Chayo Nash w/ Dave Berg Remix - OUT 08/05/2013 by Kick It Recordings

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Dave Berg on Soundcloud -