Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free Track - Daft Punk - Aerodynamic - Sketi Breaks Edit

Awe yeah!!! Nothing says the weekend is almost here like a Daft Punk tune, especially when it's an edit from the UK's own Sketi!!!

Starting it off as most massive tunes do, Sketi hits you with some massive drum beats, smacking you hard with vocal samples from "One More Time", everyone in the club will go nuts over this tune, Breaks enthusiast or not, this is BIG!!!

Moving quickly past the first breakdown, Sketi's edit of "Aerodynamic" comes in with full force as a down and dirty bassline drives you to dance throughout this amazing tune!

As the second breakdown filters in, you get the full spectrum of this track! With all it's funkiness and creepy vibes to it, this tuna is perfect for all Daft Punk and EDM fans!

Be sure to stop by Sketi's Facebook page and give it a good ol' liking to get this tune for free!!! Considering the speaker pounding magnitude of it, I'm sure you won't have any qualms about doing so!

   [FREE DOWNLOAD] Daft Punk - Aerodynamic (Sketi Breaks Edit) [FREE DOWNLOAD!!] by Sketi

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Realese & Free Mix - Freefall Collective - Gangaman EP

Today we have an excellent free mix and new EP from Freefall Collective, so put those seatbelts on and get ready for the ride!

Title track "Ganjaman" is an all-out peak time stormer with bad boy vocals ruffing up classic breaks as the sirens fly and searing rave leads lock down a sizzling jump up bassline.

Kicking off with soulful warmth and an upfront, hip hop laced vocal, "Short Changed" ripples through sunshine delays and dreamlike bleeps before breaking out into all-embracing bassline menace. Torrid old school riffs whip in and out of sub bass majesty, rattling this tune straight into the festival favourites box.

Remixing album track "Inside your Mind", breaks maestros Crackerz & Jam take the beats into original Electro Breaks land. With wailing synths anchoring soaring female vocals, the album teasers are in!

   Ganjaman E.P. Out Now!! by Freefall Collective

Now onto the free mix business, and let me tell you that this mix should be perfect for the mid week hump!

Supafrequency Promo Mix #2 "Ganjaman"

01. - Zeds Dead "Rumble In The Jungle" Mad Decent
02. - Freefall Collective "Ganjaman" Supafrequency
03. - Ed Solo, Deekline & Nu Jam "Countdown" 
04. - Rack n Ruin  "Cross The Line" (feat Janai) - Party Like Us
05. - Rack n Ruin "Territory" (feat Navigator & Slarta John) - Black Butter
06. - Freefall Collective "Short Changed"
07. - Zeds Dead "Hit Me" 
08. - Rennie Pilgrem "Defy" (Afgan Headspin Remix)
09. - Schema "Move" Sub Slayers
10. - Toronto Is Broken "The Metropolis" Sub Slayers

   Supafrequency Promo Mix #2 "Ganjaman" - Mixed by Freefall Collective by Supafrequency

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Free Mix and Remix Parts - Deekline & Ed Solo - Countdown

Today we have a multitude of free sounds for you from Deekline & Ed Solo, including a remix pack for all you producers out there!!!

Rat Records releases its next bouncing bass installment "Countdown" ahead of Deekline & Ed Solo’s imminent album ‘Bounce N’ Shake’. Deekline held a remix compitition for "Countdown" and we still have all the essential remix parts for you to use!

   Countdown Remix Stem 135.02 C by DJ Deekline 

Deekline & Ed Solo, co-founders of the Breakbeat and Garage sound thought it was time to give the new generation of kids a taste of the old school. Ed's blistering production techniques, captivate the sound first heard in his early 2000 releases on Zinc's label Bingo Beats.

Deekline goes back to Breakbeat Garage roots on this one, redeveloping the iconic flavor of that era in to something fresh - with South London collective Nu-Jam on vocals, this hard hitting, floor filler will guarantee to get you bouncing and shaking all the way to the club!

Here is a free mix from Deekline & Ed Solo, they kick off the business with there new tune "Countdown", be sure to grab this powerful mix!!!  

01. - Deekline Ed Solo Vs. Nu Jam "Countdown"
02. - UFO Project "1961" Kid Digital Remix
03. - Baxta Skyline
04. - Wretch "32" Tractor Mike Delinquent Remix
05. - Deekline & Tim Healey "Tick for Tac Hotcakes"
06. - Plumps Ski  "Lo a Little Bit Smaller"
07. - Deekline Busta Rhymes ''Shorty''
08. - Mosca Bax
09. - Azzido Da Bass "Dooms Night" Stanton Warriors Remix
10. - Deekline & Hardy Hard "Can't Hide It"
11. - Martin Flex ''Lift Off the Roof'" Fog Remix 
12. - The Rapture "How Deep is Your Love Mash Up"
Ft. Original and UFO Remixes
13. - Red Hot Chili Peppers ''Other Side'' Mash Up
by A Skills with Knife Party
14. - Deekline & Ed Solo "Million Dan Reload"
15. - Fog "Lets Go"
16. - "To Close" Deekline Remix
17. - Freefall Collective "Ganja Man"
18. - Gold "Knowledge is Power"
19. - Rennie Pilgrim "Defy" Afghan Headspin Remix

   Countdown Promo Mix - Deekline & Ed Solo by DJ Deekline

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Free Track - Chudi Sandy Abili - Finally

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week, if it hasn't been too spectacular, maybe some awesome free tunage will kick start things for you!!!

Today's track comes from Canada's own Chudi Sandy Abili. Not much is known about this 20 year old producer from Winnipeg but what we do know is he's swinging big with the bassline business of "Finally"!

This Electro House jammer starts hard with synthlines and stabs of epic proportion, moving swiftly into a short breakdown Chudi then pushes things into 5th gear as a large and driving bassline sets the pace for this all out banger!

With tons of samples and different elements of sound, "Finally" is a great find to start your week off right, with a little taste of some Dubstep on the mix out, this track is a fantastic freebie!!

     Chudi Sandy-Abili - Finally (Original Mix) by Chudi Sandy-Abili

Chudi Sandy Abili on Soundcloud -

Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Track - Azealia Banks - 212 - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix

Nothing says happy Friday like a brand new tune from the one, the legend...Sneaker & The Dryer!!! Hitting you with the hard bangin free business S&D drops a spectacular remix of Azealia Banks' "212", this tune is loud, and full of dynamics like no other version of this amazing tuna!!!

Just in case your not fully aware of the prowess of Sneaker & The Dryer, here's a little information on this powerhouse producer and DJ! 

Sneaker & The Dryer is a multi genre act specializing in all things bass and has played alongside some of the biggest names in the industry including Starkillers, Charles Feelgood, Josh the Funky 1, Uberzone, The Bassbin Twins, Farace, and many more.

With releases on Kick It Recordings, Hard Granada and Held 2 Ransom under his belt and a plethora of tunes dropping in 2012 on a handful more labels, S&D is making his mark on the production world in style.With his own unique blend of House, Breaks and Bass he likes to call "Broken House", Sneaker & The Dryer has had multiple tracks chart on Beatport and TrackItDown and he also had a two week run at the #2 spot on Beatsdigital.

Having hosted events under Shoe Skool Productions and now bringing some of the biggest and best parties to New England with Kick It Recordings and Sky Artist Management, Sneaker & the Dryer is pushing the limit on all levels!!


Kicking it off with huge kicks and snappy snares, you instantly recognize this soon to be classic tune is straight from Sneaker & The Dryer! A quick and beautiful intro brings you to another short lived breakdown that drags you straight to the meat of this tune, and sweet lord is it massive!!!

After a brief mid-section,  S&D gives you another wicked and almost strictly vocal breakdown, then back to the woofers as the bassline specialist hits you with a deep, funky and driving punch to the face!

Back to one more big and nasty breakdown laced with creepy and eerie synths filtering in to give you a perfect break for this upcoming Halloween season! Closing out this amazing remix of "212" Sneaker & The Dryer doesn't let you off easy as this track continues giving your ears a fantastic spectrum of sound!

With a full and encompassing beat and a wonderful array of sounds and dynamics, I'm not really sure if there are enough rungs on the ladder for how high Sneaker & The Dryer's success will go!!!

   Azealia Banks - 212 - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix by SneakerAndTheDryer

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Free Track & Remix Parts - Rocket Pimp - Grim Reaper

Today Rocket Pimp hit us with the free business, giving us a big tune "Grim Reaper" along with samples for remixes or if you just want some new free samples!!!

This Electro banger starts off driving and hard hitting, a short mix in brings us right to another quick lived breakdown to throw you right into some Complextro madness! 

Rocket Pimp makes it abundantly clear when the second breakdown hits that this man knows how to fill up a dance floor, weird vocal samples make this tuna very memorable and unique!

Along with a fantastic free tune we are also lucky to have a guy like Rocket Pimp on our side giving us some amazing free samples that he used to craft this tune! Be sure to grab this original four to the floor tune and all the free goodies Rocket Pimp has provided, you'll be happy you did!


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free Tracks - Disco's Over - Mashups

Oh you know it's business time when we have to put two tracks in one post! These two mashups from Disco's Over are a must own, so lets get down to it!!!

The first course of mashed potatoes is Gemini Vs Far Too Loud "Fire In My Desibel". Let me just make it clear that Disco's Over takes no prisoners and comes threw the door smashing things up with this mashup!

Fifteen seconds is all you will need to be hooked on this track, huge vocals, gigantic sweeps, and with everything else right on point, it seems hard to believe that this producer from the UK is only 21 years young!

   Gemini Vs Far Too Loud - Fire In My Desibel (Disco's Over On The Pitch Bootmash) FREE DOWNLOAD by Disco's Over - Official 

Next up is a massive line up of artists crammed into one spectacular song, hitting you with Wolfgang Gartner Vs Calvin Harris & Skrillex, Disco's Over brings the bass with "Girl's Bounce on The Weekend".

Starting off big as all Disco's Over tunes do, he makes this mix in short and sweet as you are pushed into a fantastic breakdown full of classic and familiar vocals, quickly morphing into an Electro banger!

When you're downloading these fresh from the sea tunas, be sure to check out Disco's Over on his soundcloud for loads and loads of free quality tunes, you wont regret it!!!

   Wolfgang Gartner Vs Calvin Harris & Skrillex - Girl's Bounce On The Weekend (Disco's Over' Mashleg) by Disco's Over - Official

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Release - KIR281 - Direct Input - Psy Bot

Direct Input is back again and he’s bringing the tripped out business with him for KIR281! “Psy Bot” is just what you’d expect from the name… full of acid, bleeps and squeaks and backed by super chunky kicks that drive the message home. Stellar synth work and constant change ups will keep your ears intrigued from beginning to end!

On the flip-side is Direct Input’s 140 BPM Breaks Mix which lays things back a step with deep pulsing low ends, killer grooves and a smattering of Amen’s. The stripped back mid-section is the stuff dreams are made of, LSD filled dreams that is!

Support From

Flatland Funk - "Psy Bot has some excellent builds full of big energy, will work excellent on any dancefloor. Support!"

Botbass - "Direct Input killing it again! Psy Bot is so sick!"

Diistortiion - "Both mixes are quality. Nice release!"

The Beatyard Blog - "So glad to see there's still a place for this sound! Nice work!"

Dylan Kennedy - "Lots of energy in this one. Loving the 140 breaks mix, very cool sounds :)"

Bass Reflections - "Great release.  Love both the original and the remix.  Will be supporting.  Great bass and infectious leads as usual!"

   KIR281 - Direct Input - Psy Bot w/ 140 Breaks Mix - OUT 08/21/2012 by Kick It Recordings

Direct Input "Psy Bot" on Juno -

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Mix - Kick - in Btz Ramp Show Vol. 7 w/ Sneaker & The Dryer

That's right!!! Today we have the newest Kick - in Btz Ramp Show, and as always Sneaker & The Dryer have jam packed this mix full of funkiness, fun, and some fantastic feet to the floor bangers!!!

As customary to any of these massive mixes that S&D have put out, this one is no different kicking things off with a hilarious intro guessed it...weed! Moving right into a perfect first tune the bassline specialists hit you with a groovy summer fueled track with samples from Public Enemy.

Along with mixing all the biggest tunes that these guys are known for, this Ramp Show seems to offer a more dimensional look into the rising stars that are Sneaker & The Dryer.

If all the complex and dynamic mixing isn't enough for you on this one, S&D close things out with one of the biggest festival tunes to have come out in recent years, a version of Miloko's "Sing It Back" produced by the bassline specialists themselves!!! Don't miss this one...and...KICK IT!!! 

Kick - in Btz Ramp Show Vol. 7

01. – Intro
02. – Public Enemy “A Skillz Remix” Afromode Re-Edit
03. – Madeon “Icarus” Extended Mix w/ “Hands Up” Acapella
05. – Wolfgang Gartner Vs Calvin Harris & Skrillex “Girls Bounce on the Weekends”Discos Over Shoulda Been There Bootleg
06. – Backslap “Moombah Dub”
07. – Zedd “Stars Come Out” Datsik Remix (Farace 115 Edit)
08. – Levianth & Cyber Candy Ft. Grace Perry “Dirty N’ Loud” Audio:Hertz Remix
09. – Chris Quirk “Crying Game” Syncronice Remix
10. – Cyberpunkers “Dungeon” Far Too Loud Remix w/ “Are You All With Me” Acapella
11. – Kaskade & Dada Life Ft. Dan Black “Ice”
12. – Ivan Miranda “Our Moon” Danny Balze Remix w “After Party” Acapella
14. – Devon Martin “Iron Price” w/ “Get The Funk Out” & “Bom Bom Bom” Acapellas
15. – Le Castle Vania “Play Loud” w/ “Shake The Room Acapella”
16. – Wendel Kos & Rockcity “Take Me Away” Sneaker & The Dryer Edit

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Free Track - Deformaty & Lightspeed - Just Calm Down Ft. WKUK

Coming at you straight from Portland is Oregon's own Deformaty, hitting us with the free business today, "Just Calm Down" is a massive and very fun tune that you will for sure be adding to your arsenal!

Kicking in the door from the get go, Deformaty and Lightspeed waste no time moving quickly to a fantastic breakdown full with large synths, grinding sweeps, and some hilarious vocal samples.

The key word to describe the rest of this fresh tuna is driving, driving drums, driving vocal bits, and a full on nasty driving bassline!!! Don't miss out on this amazing four to the floor track from Lightspeed and Deformaty, you're feet will appreciate every second of it!

   Deformaty & Lightspeed - Just Calm Down Feat. WKUK [FREE DOWNLOAD!] by Deformaty

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Track - Favright - Funcats

Oh do we have a fun little banger for you today, Favright hits us with an extremely big free tune that's sure to get those feet moving!!!

"Funcats" starts out as most massive tunes do with big drums and some hard hitting sweeps. Within 30 seconds this powerful tune is already in full force, huge stabs slam right in too show you that this tuna is large and in charge!!!

Favright holds nothing back, with dreamy synths and grinding bass this is sure to be in your database for a long time to come, don't miss out on this amazing free action!!! KICK IT!!!

   Favright - Funcats [FREE] by Favright

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Monday, August 13, 2012

New Release - KIR280 - Yreane - Double Talking Jive

Keeping your summer rocking with nothing but bangers, Kick It is back again with the return of Moscow’s own Yreane for KIR280!

If you like big Breaks, loads of Amens and heads down in your face bass, then Yreane has got just what you need. “Double Talking Jive” blurs the lines between Breakbeats and Electro House merging the two into one dancefloor friendly sub frequency stormer with just a bit of Tech added in for good measure, wicked!

Kid Panel is up first on remix duties and he knocks it out of the park keeping the crossover theme going while incorporating new stabs and leads that give “Double Talking Jive” even more of an Electro feel. Wicked edits, chunky low ends and a killer breakdown, what more could you want! Not to mention that just three days after being released, the Kid Panel remix is already at #83 on the Beatport Top 100 Breaks Chart!

Next up is Mike Vee who takes things straight into the land of 4/4 with his Tech Anthem mix. Wicked leads, funky stabs and just enough of the original make for an awesome remix, top stuff!

Support From

Far Too Loud - "Kid Panel remix sounds biiig, cheers!"

Fisso & Spark - "Awesome release guys! Will support this for sure!

Wavewhore - "Nice release... Kid Panel remix is rockin!"

Mesmer - "Yreane in top shape, great original, Kid Panel Remix is my fav, top release guys!"

Home Alone - "Original is mental with those heavy guitars. Loving the Kid Panel remix, possibly my favorite on this package. Great remix from Mike Vee also!"

Flatland Funk - "DIRTY DIRTY BASS FOR YOUR FACE!!! This EP is top notch! Just in time for festival season. Will Drop!"

Dr. Fish - "Thanks very much for this guys! Loving the Kid Panel remix. Quality. Sounding BIG!!! Will be supporting this at my upcoming shows and on a new mix."

Kwerk - "LOVING THIS ORIGINAL ! Yreane never disappoints !!  ! Kid Panel remix is top notch too ! I will be hammering both of these !!"

Pale Penguin - "Kid Panel remix is absolutely amazing!!!! Full support!!"

Llupa - "Sweet original track nice to see more from Yreane. Diggin' the Kid Panel remix, lots of cool production twists in it, also like the Mike Vee one too. Will get some good rinsing out of these :)"

Bass Reflections - "Great release!  Really loving the original... Yreane is killing it lately!  Great bass and moving drums... will be supporting this as usual.  Great job again Kick IT!"

Dylan Kennedy - "Kid Panel takes the cake on this one. Such a grimey break, I love it!"

   OUT NOW!! KIR280 - Yreane - Double Talking Jive w/ Remixes by Kid Panel and Mike Vee by Kick It Recordings

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Track - Moloko - Sing It Back - Sneaker & The Dryer Edit

Happy Friday everyone, believe me that this is a happy Friday indeed because we have a brand new tune from Sneaker & The Dryer that is going too blow all your other tuna out of the water!!!

New England's Sneaker & The Dryer gives us a fresh look at an amazing classic, as he revamps and brings life to Moloko's "Bring It Back" well still maintaining that groovy and funky feel that makes us love this track!

The 9 minute epic starts off full and bumpin with big drums, guitar, big synths, and some large crowd noise, with bass already filtering in within 8 bars, S&D sets you up for one hell of a ride!!! 

As the vocals come in you start to realize that you've never heard any remix of this tune with such a massive and live feel, primarily because The Bassline Specialists use a live performance of "Sing It Back" along with some bits of the original and a plethora of sounds crafted and molded by Sneaker & The Dryer this song can't be beat!

Sneaker & The Dryer's edit of Moloko's "Bring It Back" is sure to go down in every DJ's book for festivals and big events, and I am 100% sure that this song will be some peoples secret weapon for years and years to come, whether its for those massive shows or closing out your set in a way people won't forget, you will kick yourself in the butt if you don't grab this tune right now!

Be prepared next week for a boatload of free tunes coming your way!!! Who knows maybe we will have to put two tracks on some posts next week, have an excellent weekend, and always KICK IT!!!

   Free Track - Moloko - Sing It Back - Sneaker & The Dryer Edit by SneakerAndTheDryer

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Free Track - Disco's Over - What The Funk!?

Today we've got a very awesome funk filled Electro House banger from the UK's own Disco's Over, and this tune brings the groove like a knife in hot tar!!!

Before you get 10 seconds into this groover of a track, you already are hit hard with stabs that sound as if they are talking to you, not your normal "Talking Bass" sounds, but something much more interesting and unique! 

Disco's Over then takes it to the next level as a massive synth line filters in to give you a small hint of whats to come, as we move closer to the breakdown fantastic vocal samples declare that this tune will "fuck your face"!!!

With "What The Funk!?" slamming into a full on banger that has more original flavor than most tuna at a sushi bar , you're going to be digesting this funk from the sea for many days to come!!! 

   Disco's Over - What Da Funk!? (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Disco's Over - Official

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Free Track - Farace - Run Away Ft. Kristen Campbell

 Alright everyone, first off I would like to apologize for the lack of posts in the past week or so, the Kick It Family has just returned from an amazing festival in Maine, and I'm ready to share some fantastic free business with you today from the one like Farace!!!

"Run Away" is a massive Drumstep anthem that is a perfect freebie for those amazing end of Summer festivals, big drums, dirty synths, huge movement, and vocals the likes of which you've never heard!!!

Kicking it off with creative lyrics, and some very huge and all encompassing stabs, the sound-scape of this fresh tuna hits you hard straight from the beginning. Wicked drums start to filter in on this epic monster pushing you closer and closer to the massive drop that crescendos like a roller coaster cart about to take that first gigantic plunge into the abyss!

Farace and Kristen Campbell come together to make another floor stomping track that will have every producer trying to get thier hands on these killer vocals! There is no telling where the world renowned producer and DJ - Farace will go next, but it seems as though every tune this man puts out is FIRE!!!!! 

Don't forget to get the fantastic Liquid remix of this tune also, you won't regret it!!!!! KICK IT!!!!!!!!!

   [FREE DOWNLOAD] Farace - Run Away feat Kristen Campbell (Original Mix) by farace

Download Link - Farace Run Away Ft. Kristen Campbell

Farace on Facebook -