Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Free Track - Deformaty & Lightspeed - Just Calm Down Ft. WKUK

Coming at you straight from Portland is Oregon's own Deformaty, hitting us with the free business today, "Just Calm Down" is a massive and very fun tune that you will for sure be adding to your arsenal!

Kicking in the door from the get go, Deformaty and Lightspeed waste no time moving quickly to a fantastic breakdown full with large synths, grinding sweeps, and some hilarious vocal samples.

The key word to describe the rest of this fresh tuna is driving, driving drums, driving vocal bits, and a full on nasty driving bassline!!! Don't miss out on this amazing four to the floor track from Lightspeed and Deformaty, you're feet will appreciate every second of it!

   Deformaty & Lightspeed - Just Calm Down Feat. WKUK [FREE DOWNLOAD!] by Deformaty

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