Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free Tracks - Disco's Over - Mashups

Oh you know it's business time when we have to put two tracks in one post! These two mashups from Disco's Over are a must own, so lets get down to it!!!

The first course of mashed potatoes is Gemini Vs Far Too Loud "Fire In My Desibel". Let me just make it clear that Disco's Over takes no prisoners and comes threw the door smashing things up with this mashup!

Fifteen seconds is all you will need to be hooked on this track, huge vocals, gigantic sweeps, and with everything else right on point, it seems hard to believe that this producer from the UK is only 21 years young!

   Gemini Vs Far Too Loud - Fire In My Desibel (Disco's Over On The Pitch Bootmash) FREE DOWNLOAD by Disco's Over - Official 

Next up is a massive line up of artists crammed into one spectacular song, hitting you with Wolfgang Gartner Vs Calvin Harris & Skrillex, Disco's Over brings the bass with "Girl's Bounce on The Weekend".

Starting off big as all Disco's Over tunes do, he makes this mix in short and sweet as you are pushed into a fantastic breakdown full of classic and familiar vocals, quickly morphing into an Electro banger!

When you're downloading these fresh from the sea tunas, be sure to check out Disco's Over on his soundcloud for loads and loads of free quality tunes, you wont regret it!!!

   Wolfgang Gartner Vs Calvin Harris & Skrillex - Girl's Bounce On The Weekend (Disco's Over' Mashleg) by Disco's Over - Official

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