Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Free Track - Disco's Over - What The Funk!?

Today we've got a very awesome funk filled Electro House banger from the UK's own Disco's Over, and this tune brings the groove like a knife in hot tar!!!

Before you get 10 seconds into this groover of a track, you already are hit hard with stabs that sound as if they are talking to you, not your normal "Talking Bass" sounds, but something much more interesting and unique! 

Disco's Over then takes it to the next level as a massive synth line filters in to give you a small hint of whats to come, as we move closer to the breakdown fantastic vocal samples declare that this tune will "fuck your face"!!!

With "What The Funk!?" slamming into a full on banger that has more original flavor than most tuna at a sushi bar , you're going to be digesting this funk from the sea for many days to come!!! 

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