Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Loopmasters present K-Tee Shogun Audio Drum & Bass Vol. 2

Loopmasters are back with another hard hitting sample pack from one of the most influential Drum & Bass producers in the scene today. Expect high velocity rib cracking beats and bass as Loopmasters proudly present Artist Series 103 K-Tee Shogun Drum & Bass Vol. 2. 

Since the mid 90's the name K-Tee has been synonymous with some of the best drum & bass and electronic music in the world. Captaining the Shogun Audio brand to where it is today, Keir Tyrer has led an impressive career in a scene that has swallowed up and spat out so many others. Life before Shogun though was an array of K-Tee releases on other prestigious labels such as Ram and Liftin' Spirits, working with long-time friend Stakka. Then by the late 90's K-Tee was releasing almost exclusively on Stakka's labels Audio Blueprint and Underfire, and it was during this time that K-Tee would first cross paths with local up-and-comer, Friction. 

This powerful collection of copyright free Drum & Bass samples comes in at an impressive 1.17Gb and includes 696 24Bit samples, with 129 Loops between 170 - 174 Bpm, and 567 One Shot Samples. 137 Ready to play patches are included for Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt compatible soft samplers. 

Apple Loops, Reason Refill and Ableton Live Suite versions are also available to purchase separately. In Detail expect to find, 34 Searing Bass Lines, 30 Powerful Drum Loops, 40 Atmospheric Drenched Music Loops, 86 Chest Pounding Bass Hits, 8 Multi Sampled Bass Instruments, 143 Hard Hitting Drum Shots, 65 SFX, 15 Synth One Shots, 130 Rex2 Files and 15 Aggressive Multi Sampled Synth Instruments.

Free Samples

     FREE Loops Du Jour - K-Tee Shogun Audio Drum & Bass Vol.2 by loopmasters

K-Tee Shogun Audio Drum & Bass Vol. 2

   K-Tee Shogun Audio Drum & Bass Vol2 by loopmasters

Loopmasters Website - www.loopmasters.com

Monday, July 30, 2012

Free Track - Le Castle Vania - Play Loud

Yes!!! Today we have a fantastic tune to get your week started, from Atlanta's own Le Castle Vania! Let me say that this tune has it all, funk, bass, bigness, and a otherworldly sound scape!!!

This banger will have the dance-floor in a fever as it does not stop the massive onslaught of sounds once! I could go on with how great this tune is, but Ill let you hear it straight from La Castle Vania himself!

"Hey guys! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve released any new jams for you guys. I have been locked up in the studio working on my forth coming album in between being out on tour. That’s why i decided to sit down in the studio with the specific intent of creating a new song to give away for free as a thank you to all of my fans and supporters!

Here’s what i came up with, a monster banger that I have titled (appropriately in my opinion) “PLAY LOUD”! As i said this release is 100% free for you guys all i ask as that you click the pay with a Tweet or Facebook post link below to help spread the word! After posting about the song you can download the song and put it on blast!"

   Le Castle Vania - Play Loud (FREE DOWNLOAD! See Description) by Le Castle Vania

La Castle Vania on Facebook - facebook.com/LeCastleVania

La Castle Vania on Twitter - twitter.com/LeCastleVania

Friday, July 27, 2012

New Release - KIR279 - Fisso & Spark - Usual Suspects EP

If you haven’t heard of Fisso & Spark yet, you must have your head in the sand as this Austrian duo has been ripping up the charts and the speakers! Returning to Kick It with a three track EP in “Usual Suspects”, KIR279 is another must have!

First off is “Usual Suspects” which is a funky yet driving banger with huge bass and wicked vocal bits that bob and weave throughout the tune.

Next up is “Xcellent” which is on the Techier side kicking off with massive pads and leads that ease you into the big phat Breakbeat and edit filled bass section.

“Girls Jump” is a heads down bass heavy choon that accentuates the low frequencies and keeps things interesting with lots of LFO activity! Super funky synth stabs and vocal splashes add a touch of the Old School while a dubbed out breakdown keeps things Nu Skool, wicked!

Be on the lookout for the “Usual Suspects” Remixes EP coming up next for #KIR280!

Support From

Flatland Funk - "Usual Suspects is massive!!! Has that dirty, grimey, chugging, Electro fueled bassline sure to destroy the dance-floor! Top production! 10/10 Full support!!!"

Louise O'Donnell - "Love the new release, great work on the vocals"

Botbass - "Loving this release, "Usual Suspects" is more than a banging tune!"

Sychosis - "HUGE support for Usual Suspects and Girls Jump, massive choonage in this EP!"

Pale Penguin - "Killer stuff by Fisso & Spark as always...loving "Girls Jump!!!"

Reality Randy - "So sick, thanks again for a great release!"

Toreba Spacedrift - " Such a fantastic EP!!! "Xcellent" is a massive tune and a new favorite! Always on point with these releases!!!

Fisso & Spark "Usual Suspects" on Juno - junodownload.com/products/usual-suspects

Fisso & Spark "Usual Suspects" on Track It Down - trackitdown.net/fisso-and-spark/usual-suspects

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free Track - Wardian - Jailbreak

Oh yeah!!! Today we have a great free tune that is sure to get your feet moving from Spain's own Wardian! Kicking it off in the first 8 bars we have rough, gnarly and gritty drums that push you into wicked original synths and some very huge brass that make this tune, so damn funky!

The breakdown is full of horns, some extremely unique sweeps, and white noise the likes of which you've never heard brings you right to one groover of a tune! Big time bass comes in like an intense semi-truck driving down the autobahn, and Wardian does not stop once to pick up passengers!!! 

"Jailbreak" is going to be one tune that you wont want to miss playing this summer, whether it's at a festival or in the club, this is one amazingly funky and massive track that will get those booty's shaking!!!

   WardiaN - Jailbreak FREE DOWNLOAD!! by WardiaN 

Wardian on Facebook - facebook.com/wardianofficial 

Wardian on Twitter - twitter.com/wardian

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Release - Free Mix - Freefall Colective - Ignition Ep

The Freefall Colective are a club and festival hardened outfit that have released some classic tracks over the last 5 years that have gained worldwide support from the likes of Atomic Hooligan, Pyramid, Lady Waks, Plump DJ's, Jinxs, Annie Nightingale and XFM'S Eddie TM.

Title track "Ignition" is a 140bpm slammer of a tune with furious beats riding a rampaging bassline as sinister atmospherics tear out into driving old school leads and classic vocals. Dripping with pulsating energy, this is a heaving slice of pure rave magic.

Drum n Bass heavyweight Wikaman rips up the remix into a massive Dubstep/Breaks hybrid. Epic filth hits spacial warp and settles in for a mind bending roller coaster through frequency mayhem. Sun kissed festival grooves flood through dub fueled, reggae inspired "Truth & Rights".

Sublime roots vocals from MC Tenja burst out of jumping beats with edgy synths holding the line between sweet bliss and bass heavy pressure. Spinning ska into 2012, this is a guaranteed smile soaked!

Supafrequency Promo Mix

01. - Freefall Collective Ft. MC Tenja "Truth & Rights"
02. - Rebel MC feat Tenor Fly/Daddy Freddy/Nanci Correla "Get Ready" Rack n Ruin Remix
03. - Toronto is Broken  "Spirit Song"
04. - Foamo "Wardance"
05. - Freefall Collective  "Kermit’s Crafty Coconut" 
06. - Spyda & Dub Hooligan "Sound Alone" Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion remix
07. - Emalkay & Rod Azlan "Flesh & Bone"
08. - Hoffman & SaVannah "Fraction" 601 Remix
09. - Freefall Collective "Ignition" Wickaman Remix
10. - Liquid, Slipmatt, Ragga Twins "Third Generation" Dub Daniel Billy Bunter & Sanxion Remix
11. - Freefall Collective "Ignition"

   Supafrequency Promo Mix #1 – mixed by Freefall Collective by Supafrequency

Ignition EP on Beatport - beatport.com/#release/ignition-e-p

Ignition EP on Juno - juno.co.uk/FREEFALLCOLLECTIVE

Monday, July 23, 2012

Loopmasters/Monster Sounds Presents - Killer Acapellas

Here we have 8 awesome Full original songs written and recorded at the Monster Sounds studio by 2 talented songwriter /vocalists /topline writers. Both vocalists have loads of real studio time notched up between them having worked with many an experienced producer on some successful projects. To add more credentials to this pack the producers  at Monster Sounds,  who have top-lined, produced and engineered many vocal sessions from underground to commercial singers and rappers,  including some gold selling artists, so you know the quality is gonna be there.

There are a multitude of different song ideas and subjects to give credible vocals with maximum flexibility for producers in all different genres. There are 4 female vocals and 4 male vocals in this pack. All vocals are suited to electronic music production, but also could be equally flipped into a more acoustic or traditional instrument based music. The pack is made up of 8 Full song ideas, compromising Verse. Chorus and in some cases the bridge parts of a song, also extra Harmony parts are added so it is  possible to build more progressive layers. In some songs there are alternative takes sung in a different style for more options. This is to give the full flexibility of either grabbing a simple one line hook to loop, or to have the tools to construct a full song with a traditional verse, chorus arrangement .

The vocals have also been double tracked (in many cases multi tracked ) this is so you can get that huge stacked sound in the chorus of your song if that’s the sound you prefer, as used by many producers. The vocals can easily be time stretched and pitch shifted of needed to suit different tracks. The parts are laid out to make them as user friendly as possible,And have been split up in the following ways.

Firstly all songs are bounced as a full acapella version, laid out in verse chorus type arrangement, there is a dry version of this acapella and also a “wet “ Effected version. The acapellas  have double tracking of the vocals and are mixed in stereo so they are a ready to drop straight in to any tune.The parts have also been supplied as totally dry individual stems, so you have total control over your vocals.

All the individual stems that make the double tracks and harmony’s are there for you to tweak your mix exactly how you want. Finally there are song “Sections “ here we have given the main blocks of each song. For example the Chorus, verse, and bridge chunks of the vocal, stacked as a fully double tracked chunk so you can re arrange the sections however you feel you want to, the reason for this is in the full acapellas there may be overlaps that would make any editing difficult so these “Sections” give you the flexibility to work however suits you . These are bounced again in dry and wet versions. 

Also as a bonus there’s a few choice adlibs  from the song writing sessions thrown in which may prove useful as song ideas or just for looping up.

   Killer Accapellas by Monster Sounds by Monster Sounds

Buy Link - loopmasters.com/label/show/32/Monster_Sounds

Friday, July 20, 2012

Free Mix - Deekline and Wizard - Live - From Brixton To Brisbane

Deekline and Wizard are by far the biggest genre busting dance producers on the scene, creating the hugely hyped debut album "Beats, Breaks and Blondes" on genre defining label Botchit & Scarper, which gained critical acclaim around the world. With this impeccable reputation of the slickest production their career has already seen them remix the biggest names in house, hip hop, breakbeat and dance including Arman Van Helden’s "My My My", Wu Tang’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s "Got Your Money", Stanton Warriors "Dip and Get Low", and the Freestylers "Boomblast". They have already captured interest from dance heavyweights notably The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, & The Chemical Brothers, as well as perform in front of crowds from the UK to the US to Australia to China and beyond.

Without losing their signature production techniques of killer vocals fused with bass heavy riffs and epic soundscapes; They have managed to encompass music that can attract the indie kid, hood rat, raver, breaker, body popper and all those beautiful booty bouncers around the globe! For that’s what these intrepid party starters are about, making sure you are on the dancefloor and shaking what your momma give ya and some more!

This is a collection of the biggest dance floor tracks from their many travels, guaranteed winners on the dance floor every time. Deekline and Wizard want to fuse the old school Miami booty vibe with the sounds of Nu Skool Breaks, Electro House, Booty Bass, Grime, Ragga and Punk Rock to form their own distinctive waist line grinding Booty Breaks racket sure to transform any gathering from festival show to intimate sweat box into an event never forgotten.

   Deekline and Wizard ‎– Live: The Mix CD - From Brixton To Brisbane " FREE DOWNLOAD " by DJ Deekline 

Deekline and Wizard on Beatport - beatport.com/artist/deekline-and-wizard 

Deekline on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/djdeekline 

Wizard on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/wizard_producer

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Release - KIR278 - Farace - Push The Beat Rock

Whoo doggie is it a hot one today! Pushing right around 100 degrees here in the Boston area and we've got a massive track from Farace that is going to bring the tempature even higher! Just released today on Beatport and all major sites, "Push The Beat Rock" is about as bad as they come!

Break out your neon and layer up your socks because Farace is bringing back a touch of the 80’s with his latest release “Push The Beat Rock”. A wicked 8-bit breakdown immediately starts to work its magic and then it’s all about the bass backed by luscious leads and the “Beat Rock” vocals driving you even harder.

Crowd tested and already picking up big support, this is a must have so head on over to your favorite digital site and grab it for yourselves!

Support From

Fisso & Spark - "Big tune from Farace! Will support!"

Wavewhore - "Killer tune... driving funky energy and well crafted sounds... def the dopeness!"

Flatland Funk - "Farace has got to be one of the most creative producers out there!! Push The beat Rock is absolutely crushing and perfect for peak time sets, we will definitely be supporting this!"

Sneaker & The Dryer - "This track rocks crowds everytime I drop it, definitely a must have!!"

Hoffman - "Yeah man, slammin! Best track you guys have sent me so far!!! Wicked!"

TJFX - "Loving the Electro House flavor from Farace. Will be using this for sure!!!"

Bass Reflections - "Heavy beats and bass! Very good as usual... will support you guys on this one... keep putting out the fire!"

Silent H - "Tasty, very tasty :)"

Deformaty - "Hell yes!"

Aaron Jackson - "Amazing tuneage!"

Reality Randy - "This is sick! Can't wait for the next Kick It Release!"

   KIR278 - Farace - Push The Beat Rock 07/17/2012 by Kick It Recordings

Farace "Push the Beat Rock" on Juno Download - junodownload.com/products/push-the-beat-rock

Farace "Push The Beat Rock" on Track It Down - trackitdown.net/track/farace/push-the-beat-rock-original-mix

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Release - Invader! - OMG WTF HAX EP

Royal One Records latest release sees Invader!’s Electro House tune getting the remix treatment from the mighty Blatta & Inesha. Invader! has previously released on Royal One Records and Heavy Artillery Recordings and done official remixes for bands like The Anix, Ketura and Aerodrone! 

This big time EP features three original tracks and one very far out remix! Be sure to pick up the "OMG, WTF, HAX EP" as well as all the free tuna that Invader! has to offer on his soundcloud!

With an unparalleled sound in the realm of digital music Invader!'s style of Electro House and Blatta & Inesha style of Electro Techno can boast pages of accomplishments in just about every aspect of the music world.

Surging to the very top with their productions Blatta And Inesha have won over and set the mood for an entire generation of clubbers, which they have definitely done for this EP coming out on US label- Royal One Records.


Invader! on Soundcloud for free music - soundcloud.com/invadermusic

Invader! on Facebook - facebook.com/invadermusic

Thursday, July 12, 2012

2 Free Tracks - Kamen - Body Work & Lets Go

Yes that's right, not one free tune today, but two massive remixes that could quite possibly be some of the biggest tracks to be released this year!!! No one knows anything about Kamen, the only thing I have been able to find out is these remixes of Morgan Page's "Body Work" and Calvin Harris Ft. Ne-Yo "Lets Go" are sweet and slammin club material!

First up is the Kamen remix of "Body Work" which holds its own even compared to the original, amazing quality and a fantastic sound scape make this song seem bigger than life. Full drums and thick synths make the beginning of this song hit your pop gland right where it's good and the breakdown takes no prisoners, with the hugely catchy vocals that lead you right into a big Electro bass line, you have to play this out to experience its full majesty!

   Free Track!! - Morgan Page "Body Work" KAMEN Remix by Kamen Official 

Next we have Kamens remix of Calvin Harris Ft. Ne-Yo "Lets Go", trust me when I say that this track can take you wherever you want to go, right off the bat your hit with an anthem unlike any other remix of this song, and the journey it takes you on is unimaginable! Within 8 bars Kamen slides in the vocal goodness, slamming drums and synth lines the size of skyscrapers and some amazing sounding white noise that keeps the energy at max capacity!

   Free Track!! - Calvin Harris feat Ne-Yo "Lets Go" KAMEN Remix by Kamen Official 

Do not underestimate or miss your chance to pick up these tunes! These songs have been club tested, raver approved, and have been tearing up clubs all over, and with festival season at hand there is no substitute for these songs or the madness that they bring to a set!!!

On a side note, Kick It Recordings would like to thank everyone for helping us reach over 100,000 views on this blog!!! You keep checking back, and we will keep you up to date on everything Kick It and everything big and bangin!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Kamen on Facebook - facebook.com/KAMENOFFICIAL

Kamen on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/kamenofficial

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Free Track - Bingo Players Vs Basment Jaxx - D!ner Alert - Chamber Vs Apesh!t Bootleg

Yes, thats right!!!! Chamber and Apesh!t bring the funk with a free bootleg of "D!ner Alert", and let me tell you that this awesome freebie delivers the goods without fail! 

"D!ner Alert" starts it off with a massive beat, the kick drum slams in and keep the energy moving right off the starting line, bringing you into some classic vocals that we all know and love. After the classic breakdown, funky stabs go to work, bringing you one step closer to the full groove of this tune!

With space and room being key in this track, everything has area to breathe and function to give you funk in full effect. You don't want to miss this huge tuna from the sea, catch it, prep it, and play it over and over again!!!

   Bingo Players Vs Basement Jaxx - D!ner Alert (Chamber Vs Apesh!t Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD LINK] by DJ Chamber

"D!ner Alert" Download Link - tinyurl.com/dineralert

DJ Chamber on Facebook - facebook.com/DJChamber 

Apesh!t on Facebook - facebook.com/ApeshitOfficial

Monday, July 9, 2012

Free Track - Chrizz Luvly - Demon (Original Mix) Dirty House Army

There is no better way to start your week off then a free Chrizz Luvly tune!!! Chrizz Luvly's new track is an anthem to start your day to, massive bass, big drops, groovy stabs and all the essentials that you expect from the unstoppable force that is Chrizz Luvly!

The only thing that this banger could be lacking is vocals, but the Brazilian dance king makes up for it in a big way with fantastic synthesizers filling out the piece. There's not much to say about this amazing producer, almost every release is a dance floor smasher, so I'll just let the music do the talking!


Chrizz Luvly on Facebook - facebook.com/ChrizzLuvly

Chrizz Luvly on Twitter - twitter.com/ChrizzLuvly

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Release - KIR277 - OLMEC - Percussive Punk w/ Remixes by Monk3ylogic and Botbass

Ah yes, it's that wonderful day known as Friday again. The weekend is upon us and we have just what you need to keep your summer bumpin and full of bass, KIR277 which just dropped today on all major distributors!

This time around we have a completely funky and massive release from the one like OLMEC! Bringing the energy with his new Electro House banger “Percussive Punk” which features constantly changing stabs, FX, and synths, all moving you towards the madness and largeness of OLMEC’s newest release on Kick It Recordings!

First up on remix duties is the UK’s own Monk3ylogic! Their Psy Breaks remix is a fantastic take on the original which has already received a Feature on Track It Down!! Big, dark and always progressing while giving you some very amazing grooves, they take things into almost Complextro territory! What more could you would want in a peak time remix from Monk3ylogic!

Last but not at all least we have Botbass from Columbia spicing things up a bit with a funkier Electro House take on the original. The Botbass remix never lets up and the driving bass keeps you moving throughout the entirety of the track! Whatever your into, this release can cater to your bassline needs!

Support From

Track It Down.net Feature - "Monk3ylogic blow our minds again! Proper outdoor trippy breaks in your face!"

Far Too Loud - "Always like a bit of OLMEC's stuff!"

Ashley Slater - "Fucking nuts. Love the original mix."

RuN RiOT - "Mad for the Botbass remix!"

Fisso & Spark - "This release is awesome! Loving Monk3logic Remix!"

Wavewhore - "Feeling the original on this release." 

Dr. Fish - "Olmec is sick. Loving this original. Great groove and fat fat bassline! Top stuff. Very very much liking what the Monk3ylogic boys have done for there remix. This is super fat. Loving the whole Electro, Psy, Dubstep bassline action going on. Will be supporting these two for sure." 

Sneaker & The Dryer - "Fantastic release right here. I've dropped all three of these and they each work a treat depending on what your looking for!"

Dylan Kennedy - "Botbass remix is nice! Nice release!" 

Seffi B - "Fantastic Release, all three tracks will be featured on my show!" 

Isaias Gil Marin - "The remixes are hugeeee!"

   KIR277 - OLMEC - Percussive Punk w/ Remixes by Monk3ylogic and Botbass 07/06/2012 by Kick It Recordings

OLMEC "Percussive Punk" on Juno - junodownload.com/products/percussive-punk

OLMEC Percussive Punk on Track It Down - trackitdown.net/track/olmec/percussive-punk-original-mix

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Free Mix - Kick in Btz Rampshow Vol 6 with Sneaker & The Dryer

Yes that's right, just in time to go along with excellent summer weather we have the brand new Kick - In Btz Rampshow for you!!! This is the biggest and baddest Rampshow that S&D has made to date, featuring some new tunes, some funky bangers, and some massive classics this mix will become your soundtrack for any summer activity! 

The bass line specialist kicks off the mix with a special intro from the man himself, and then fades into a hilarious intro that leads you right into this mega mix!

The business starts funky and quickly turns big as Sneaker & The Dryer drops the bass bomb and blows up your speakers with tracks from Dada Life and Swedish House Mafia. The "Kick - In Btz Rampshow Vol. 6" never lets up once, packed with more tunes from Knife Party, David Guetta, and Zedd, you can't deny your feet or ears this experience!  

Kick - In Btz Rampshow Vol. 6

01. – Intro
02. – Featurecast “Dangerously Happy”
03. – Dada Life “Cookies with a Smile”
04. – Swedish House Mafia “Antidote” Swedish House Mafia Dub
05. – Dada Life “Happy Violence” Dub Mix
06. – David Guetta Ft. Nicki Minaj “Turn Me On” Laidback Luke Remix
07. – Zedd Ft. Matthew Koma “Spectrum”
08. – Krewella “Feel Me”
09. – The Kickstarts & Flip Inc. “Hype” w/ Q-Tip Acapella
10. – Dada Life “Happy Hands & Happy Feet” Phatzoo Remix
11. – Dada Life “Rolling Stones T-Shirt” Cazette Remix
12. – Deadmau5 “Ghosts N Stuff” Beef Theatre Remix
13. – Knife Party “Rage Valley” Sneaker & The Dryer Edit
14. – J-Trick & Reese Low “I’m So Hot” Tonic Remix
15. – Michael White “Secrets of the Arpeggiator” Eric Farias Remix w/
         Candi Stanton Acapell
16. – Plastik Funk & Tujamo “WHO” w/ Barry White Acapella
17. – Zedd “Slam the Door”
18. – Bingo Players “L’Amour” w/ Afroman Acapella
19. – Basement Freaks Ft. Lozen “Records in the Crate” Nynfus Corporation 

   Kick-in Btz Ramp Show Vol. 6 w/ Sneaker & The Dryer by SneakerAndTheDryer

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook - facebook.com/sneakerandthedryermusic

Sneaker & The Dryer on Twitter - twitter.com/sneakerandthedryr

Ramp Shows Blogspot - ramp-shows.blogspot.com

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free Track - Dub Pistols - Countermeasure

Today we have a free track that's been featured on Rolling Stones Daily Download from London's own Dub Pistols! "Countermeasure" is a massively funky tune with a big Breakbeat, clear and focused vocals/lyrics, and a plethora of amazing horns and groovy brass instrumentation!

Their new album "Worshipping The Dollar" is out now, and for anyone that follows this blog it is a must own album! Here are a few words from Barry Ashworth about the album!

"The new album "Worshipping The Dollar" is different to previous albums in that it’s the first time I've written any drum & bass, we just started doing it live and the reaction was massive so I just took that into the studio."

"There’s a bit more politics than normal but with the collapse of the banking system the rioting in the UK and the fact it was approaching a jubilee year everything felt like 1977 all over again and the rise of punk, I felt like if ever there was a time to put politics back into music now was the time to do it." 

Countermeasure Download Link - rollingstone.com/music/news/countermeasure-by-dub-pistols 

Dub Pistols Website - dubpistolsmusic.co.uk/

Monday, July 2, 2012

Free Track - Chase & Status - Time Ft Delilah - Audio Hertz Remix

I'm sure everyone remembers the massive tune from Chase & Status "Time Ft Delilah", but what you might not remember is that Audio Hertz made a massive Electro House remix over a year ago and it is now available as a limited time download!

This banging remix starts it off with the very familiar synth progression and a funky four to the floor beat to breathe new life into this fantastic track. 

Vocals start filtering in as the song picks up the pace to lead you into an all vocal breakdown that builds up with big kicks and some original sweeps before throwing you head deep into powerful drop that brings everything together in this great freebie from Audio Hertz!

Please be sure to not miss this once in a lifetime chance to get this amazing remix, let me be the first to tell you that you wont regret playing this one in the club this week!!!

   Chase & Status - Time ft. Delilah [Audio:Hertz Remix] FREE DOWNLOAD by Audio:Hertz

Audio Hertz Website - www.audio-hertz.co.uk/

Audio Hertz on Facebook - facebook.com/audiohertzuk