Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free Track - Dub Pistols - Countermeasure

Today we have a free track that's been featured on Rolling Stones Daily Download from London's own Dub Pistols! "Countermeasure" is a massively funky tune with a big Breakbeat, clear and focused vocals/lyrics, and a plethora of amazing horns and groovy brass instrumentation!

Their new album "Worshipping The Dollar" is out now, and for anyone that follows this blog it is a must own album! Here are a few words from Barry Ashworth about the album!

"The new album "Worshipping The Dollar" is different to previous albums in that it’s the first time I've written any drum & bass, we just started doing it live and the reaction was massive so I just took that into the studio."

"There’s a bit more politics than normal but with the collapse of the banking system the rioting in the UK and the fact it was approaching a jubilee year everything felt like 1977 all over again and the rise of punk, I felt like if ever there was a time to put politics back into music now was the time to do it." 

Countermeasure Download Link - rollingstone.com/music/news/countermeasure-by-dub-pistols 

Dub Pistols Website - dubpistolsmusic.co.uk/

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