Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Release - Free Mix - Freefall Colective - Ignition Ep

The Freefall Colective are a club and festival hardened outfit that have released some classic tracks over the last 5 years that have gained worldwide support from the likes of Atomic Hooligan, Pyramid, Lady Waks, Plump DJ's, Jinxs, Annie Nightingale and XFM'S Eddie TM.

Title track "Ignition" is a 140bpm slammer of a tune with furious beats riding a rampaging bassline as sinister atmospherics tear out into driving old school leads and classic vocals. Dripping with pulsating energy, this is a heaving slice of pure rave magic.

Drum n Bass heavyweight Wikaman rips up the remix into a massive Dubstep/Breaks hybrid. Epic filth hits spacial warp and settles in for a mind bending roller coaster through frequency mayhem. Sun kissed festival grooves flood through dub fueled, reggae inspired "Truth & Rights".

Sublime roots vocals from MC Tenja burst out of jumping beats with edgy synths holding the line between sweet bliss and bass heavy pressure. Spinning ska into 2012, this is a guaranteed smile soaked!

Supafrequency Promo Mix

01. - Freefall Collective Ft. MC Tenja "Truth & Rights"
02. - Rebel MC feat Tenor Fly/Daddy Freddy/Nanci Correla "Get Ready" Rack n Ruin Remix
03. - Toronto is Broken  "Spirit Song"
04. - Foamo "Wardance"
05. - Freefall Collective  "Kermit’s Crafty Coconut" 
06. - Spyda & Dub Hooligan "Sound Alone" Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion remix
07. - Emalkay & Rod Azlan "Flesh & Bone"
08. - Hoffman & SaVannah "Fraction" 601 Remix
09. - Freefall Collective "Ignition" Wickaman Remix
10. - Liquid, Slipmatt, Ragga Twins "Third Generation" Dub Daniel Billy Bunter & Sanxion Remix
11. - Freefall Collective "Ignition"

   Supafrequency Promo Mix #1 – mixed by Freefall Collective by Supafrequency

Ignition EP on Beatport - beatport.com/#release/ignition-e-p

Ignition EP on Juno - juno.co.uk/FREEFALLCOLLECTIVE

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