Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Release - VovKING - Stimulator

If you don't know who VovKING is by now, where have you been?? Hailing from the Ukraine, Vova VovKING is one of the nuttiest dudes I have had the pleasure of coming in contact with and his tunes just keep getting better and better. Recently VovKING collaborated with Kiss FM show host and long time producer, Tapolsky on two Moombahton tracks that I am really feeling and I have been dropping left and right. More like slow Electro in my personal opinion, make sure to check out "Moombahton in the Xata" and "Skype" from Tapolsky and VovKING, their the shizzle!

Just putting out their fourth release, Toast Club Recordings see's VovKING churn out a full on belter of a tune making all the crazy sounds that the kids, and myself love. "Stimulator" features a big phat breakbeat and heavy filtered bass that lead you into more of an Amen section before the main bassline with wicked talking stabs and just the right amount of wobbles takes control of your body. Vocal bits reminding you what you should be doing and when percolate throughout and a huge dubby bit keeps things interesting, must have tuna!

Splitloop are back on remix duties and while they reign things in a bit, their rendition of "Stimulator" is banging as well and will work even during peak points in your set. More aimed at the less ADHD afflicted of you out there, Splitloop retain the overall feel of the original while toning things done just a bit and adding in a touch more musicality. Super groovy with plenty of energy to go around this is another one you should be adding to your virtual bag.

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   VovKING - Stimulator [Toastclub Records] by VovKING

   VovKING - Stimulator (Splitloop Remix) [Toastclub Records] by VovKING

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