Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Free Track - Au Seve - Stanton Warriors Re Bash

You like em fresh, well we do to, and Stanton Warriors just released a brand spankin new tune about six hours ago, and there remix of "Au Seve" is going fast with almost 1000 downloads already!!!!

Hitting us with the Breakbeat action, Stanton Warriors pull no punches on this amazing track, as massive reverb and flowing sweeps fill up this tune with an amazing atmosphere, and a beat that can only make you booty shake it up on the dance floor!!!

The breakdown is mostly filled with the fantastic vocals that make this tune instantly recognizable, as for the rest of the track, it is mean and BIG!!! The meat of "Au Seve" is packed with huge bass and even larger drums that should make this an excellent track to play in the club!!!

Get it well it's hot because everyone will be dropping this tune when the weekend finally hits us!!!

   Au seve (Stanton Warriors Re Bash) by Stanton Warriors

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