Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Release - KIR326 - Gena Volgarev - Nezhdan - Remixes by Deformaty and Rino Key, Dave Jacob & Huve

Bringing the Electro heat hard and fast, Gena Volgarev drops "Nezhdan", a refreshingly unique and uplifting track that will have people smiling, just as much as it will have those feet moving! With its complex but minimal sound, "Nezhdan" is a shining example of how electronic music has not lost its roots in anyway, and that listeners can still be surprised by original and jaw dropping business!

Kicking "Nezhdan" off with a saturated four to the floor beat, Volgarev soon filters in Olympic sized synths and good time zaps and shakers before unleashing fully, with beefy leads and cracking snares!

Building up with no breakdown "Nezhden" goes completely quiet for a split second before sending us into Complextro like madness that is still simple and full of the dynamic atmosphere that makes it such a powerful track!

With raw energy driving at the heart of "Nezhden" and only a few short build ups, Gena Volgarev knows full well how to make a peck time banger, while still maintaining an original and flavorful sound!

First up on remix duties is the Breakbeat king and aficionado Deformaty, and naturally he brings us a Breaks remix of "Nezhden" that is the definition of perfect when looking for a broken remix of this excellent tune!

With added vocal samples and grinding baselines that would give any producer a run for their money, Deformaty shows his growth and prowess when given a chance to add his unique take on a track, and he goes above and beyond the definition of doing justice to " Nezhden" as he slams this one out of the park! Complete with cheeky breakdowns and full on dirty leads, Deformaty gives the Breaks heads just what they want, and more!

Lastly we have a very special remix from Rino Key, Dave Jacob & Huve that you'll just have to wait to hear, and believe me when I say that you’ll be blown away with what these guys came up with!

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All Other Stores 11/18/2013

Support From

Hot Shit! - "Pretty sick release Deformaty Breaks Style is sick !! .. The big room is pretty good too! Original not bad we like it! Full support!"

Audio:Hertz - "Deformaty, Deformaty, Deformaty every time....this guys is seriously doing the business with everything he touches right now!!!"

MBFB - "Rino Key, Dave Jacob & Huve Remix is my favorite on this EP!"

Kwerk - "Yet another full-on, storming release. Deformaty SMASHES this one out of the park. Full support on this banger!"

Wavewhore - "Deformaty Remix is sick!!!"

Saam Roberts - "Deformaty remix is absolute boss! The guy is simply on FIRE!"

Gene K - "This is an awesome release !!!! All mixes are awesome but the Rino Key, Dave Jacob & Huve is out of the park!!!"

Ed Russell (MBN) - "Love it. From the opening triplet based 4/4 pattern to the awesome cut up bass. Lovely!"

Llupa - "Deformaty mix is tight!"

Dad's Disco - "First class tune!"

Don Marco - "I love the bassdrum in the Rino Key, Dave Jacob & Huve Remix!"

Dj Asyk - "Wow!! Crazy yet absolutely frickin' awesome!! Love the original mix soooo much I listened through 3 times straight but then heard the Deformaty remix, dude goes & takes it to a whole new level.."

Blacklist - "Deformaty remix is pure HEAT! In my crate for sure! Will also be supporting the original. Wicked tunes guys!"

Radio Corsaro - "Beatiful remix Progressive Electro!! :) Insert to playlist!! Thanks!"

   KIR326 - Gena Volgarev - Nezhdan - Remixes by Deformaty and Rino Key, Dave Jacob & Huve - 11/04/2013 by Kick It Recordings

Gena Volgarev on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/genavolgarev

Deformaty on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/dj-deformaty

Rino Key on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/rino-key

Dave Jacob on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/dave-jacob

Huve on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/huveee

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