Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Free Track - Swanky Tunes - Scratch vs Star 69 - Joe C Breaks Edit

The one like Joe C drops an epic track today, blasting us with a massive Breaks edit that anyone in their right mind would download! 

Utilizing vocals from Fatboy Slim's "Star 69" and fantastic samples from Swanky Tunes' "Scratch", he delivers a perfect combo that will have the dance floor shaking to the rhythm of "Scratch vs Star 69" until they collapse!!!

Kicking things into high gear right off the bat with a swinging Breakbeat, vocal samples, an array of stabs, and wide sweeps, Joe C quickly gets down to business adding vocals from "Star 69" and the classic leads of "Scratch" before heading into the short, and only breakdown of "Scratch vs Star 69", building up with vocals and synth stabs as he then sends us straight back into the groovy meat of this amazing tune!

Download this track for free today by going to Joe C's Soundcloud or, visit his Facebook Fanpage and give it a like!!!

Download Link -

Joe C on Twitter -

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